A Strong Son of Lightning (LP03)

This poem reveals to us the coming of the Divine in a human frame. It is a Vedic imagery of the birth of Agni which upholds the Divine Will of the future.

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Receptivity and Aspiration

Aspiration in everyone, no matter who it is, has the same power. But the effect of this aspiration is different. For aspiration is aspiration: if you have aspiration, in itself it has a power.

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An Integral Approach to the Integral Yoga (HH 077)

A misconception exists on the role of prayers, worship and certain forms of external expressions usually associated with the ritualistic aspects of religion. From a spiritual point of view the attitude is more important than the external action. At the same time there is also a need for the outer and external being to participate in the movement of Yoga.

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VI. THE GITA. Asceticism and Renunciation (II)

Renunciation means renunciation of desire, renunciation of selfishness. And to learn that renunciation one need not take refuge in solitude. That lesson has to be learnt through work in the field of work; work is the means to climb upon the path of yoga.