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The Ego and Self-Giving (2)

The more you give yourself to the Divine the more He is with you, totally, constantly, at every minute, in all your thoughts, all your needs, and there is no aspiration which does not receive an immediate answer.

LP10 Nirvana and Surrender

Nirvana and Surrender (LP10)

This talk is centred around one of the major experiences of Sri Aurobindo with Lele Maharaj in Baroda. Today’s poems include Adwaita,  Parabrahman, Nirvana and Surrender (their full text is listed inside). 

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Our Journey to the Light

We as souls have come from a supernal Light into this world of darkness to colonize and transmute Matter’s Night. That is why despite everything we keep nurturing within us the dream of a perfect world. From the Light we come, and to the Light we go.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Puja Days in the Ashram

Of course, the integral yoga does not depend upon observing or not observing these events, yet the Divine Mother uses every little door as an opening through which the Divine can enter a sadhak’s consciousness and work within it.


The Golden Path of Yoga (TH 112)

Though there is no hard and fast rule followed in integral yoga, yet the swiftest and safest way is self-giving. Give all you have, give all you do and lastly give all you are – this is what is asked in the path of supramental yoga.

CWSA 08 Karmayogin 1

Works of Sri Aurobindo: Karmayogin (CWSA 8) 1

Karmayogin was launched by Sri Aurobindo on the 19th June 1909 six weeks after his acquittal from the Alipore trial case. The person who came out of the prison was a Jivanmukta and Karmayogi. The name of the journal that he now launched was perfectly apt.