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At the Feet of The Mother

Tuesday Talks

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One way out of the mental maze in which we are caught is from the Tao philosophy. Another way is the way of the Gita. The Mother takes up this issue and gives us a very practical and synthetic way towards this goal.
The coming together of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was the starting point for the manifestation of this New World. The New Idea was started as a first step in this great ascent.
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The Mother’s arrival to India and Her meeting Sri Aurobindo is an event of momentous significance.  We are taking a closer look at its deeper meaning and importance to earth and men.
Nolini da (Shri Nolini Kant Gupta) ranks among the foremost disciples of Sri Aurobindo. We take up one of his essays on the New Humanity, of which he was surely one.
Certain events in our recent times may well indicate to us the working of the New Consciousness and the coming of the New Age. Yet humanity has to cover a large ground before we can be ready for the Promise of the Future. (2014)
Audio in English
The Mother: "Everyone is born with ... (what can I call it?) some special twist ... that's what remains last of all. With our idiotic human logic, we think, "That's what should go first," but it's not true: it's what goes last!"