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At the Feet of The Mother

Tuesday Talks

Yoga means union with the Divine. Yoga of the body, of the very cells to realize union with the Divine Perfection. We shall trace this most fascinating journey of the incarnate Divine upon earth.   
Will is a power of our being. It can be developed. Faith is a greater and more enduring power when true and arising from the depths of our being. It is a gift of Grace and needs to be treasured. The present talk is based on a portion from the Synthesis of Yoga titled ‘Faith and the Divine Shakti’.
The Mother: There are certain words whose resonance in the physical world is the perfect vibratory materialisation of the more subtle vibration produced by the thought in its own domain.
Evolution of man and of sadhana is from the gross to the subtle, from the small and limited to the vast and universal. For each stage of human evolution there is a yoga appropriate to that stage. The Middle Path is avoiding both extremes in our application of the Yoga.
All genuine yogic experience affirms that the Divine Consciousness or the Divine state of Being is beyond the dualities such as those of good and evil, virtue and vice, pleasure and pain. But then man in his early approaches towards the divinity he seeks must necessarily pass through this duality. As experience dawns one upon another he draws closer to this great Realisation that the Divine is everything.
Each plane and part of the being offers its own resistances as we move through the vast and complex journey of the Integral Yoga. Matter responds with dullness and inertia, obscurity and tamas while the vital with impatience and restless impulsiveness. The mind too offers its own resistance to the transforming action of the Grace.
One of the questions that arises in the mind of a sceptic is that if God is the sole Reality then what really prevents us from knowing that That Reality as naturally as we breathe or think or feel. This talk is based on two Mother's conversations separated by nearly 52 years.