Everything is a Choice (HH 073)

A continuation of the theme of a Near Death Experience, which explores the issues regarding the validity of the experiences, the inner causes of illness and spontaneous remissions of cancer.

Beyond the Walls of Death (HH 072)

The present talk is based on a Near Death Experience (known as NDE) of Anita Moorjani. In this video she shares her experiences. While NDEs have been reported since long, this one is perhaps the best documented evidence that has been scientifically corroborated as well.

The New Creation: The Confusion is there to Teach Us (HH 070)

The New World is there and yet we see a mounting confusion amidst humanity. What are the deeper reasons for this confusion? What is the way, the attitude we must take towards it? This talk explores some of these aspects of the confusion that preceeds the hour of the New creation. 

Yoga of the Body Part 27: The Dance of Krishna and Kali (HH 068)

‘Two are the measures of the cosmic Dance’. The dance of Krishna, the dance that accompanies and brings with it the Delight of creation, and the dance of Kali, the dance that brings the delight of destruction, the passing away of all that has outlived its purpose. They are two facets of the One Reality

Yoga of the Body Part 19: Creativity and Health (HH 060)

Creativity and Health is a rather new area that is being explored of late with regard to its power in the healing process. Recent studies show that the value of creativity goes beyond mere treating psychological conditions. The present talk explores some of these areas.

Yoga of the Earth: Action of the Will (HH 057)

The more we quieten the consciousness by removing from it the element of desire and doubts and ignorant conceptions, the more the Divine Will begins to act within and through us. The present talk is focused upon the action of the Divine Will.

Yoga of the Body 16: The Role of Will (HH 056)

Will is the switch that turns on the other members giving them force and momentum. It is the power that runs through the warp and woof of life. Of course to be truly effective, we must learn to distinguish it from wishful thinking, wants and desires. These are ‘willings’ that come to us from the atmosphere and not the true will, not the will of our being. <>