TE 281 Two Early Sonnets of Sri Aurobindo

Two Early Sonnets of Sri Aurobindo (TE 281)

Sri Aurobindo wrote these poems in Baroda in 1901-1902 in a notebook, which was seized by the British police when Sri Aurobindo was arrested in 1908. This made it impossible for him to revise or publish them later.

TE 280 Difficulties as Opportunities

Difficulties as Opportunities (TE 280)

The webinar, organised by The Mother’s International School, Delhi Branch of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, is about trying to understand the roots of difficulties and ways to deal with them.

TE 279 The Integral Transformation

The Integral Transformation (TE 279)

The touched questions include what is transformation, why is it needed, how does it happen, when and where it is to be done, what is the the Power that would execute it, how to participate in the process.

TE 276 Relationships

Relationships (TE 276)

Relationships can be seen along the dimensions of consciousness and from an evolutionary perspective. This talk is centered around this idea of an evolutionary relationship.  

The Future of Humanity 1

The Future of Humanity (TE 273)

This talk given as part of a webinar organised by Utkal University touches upon the future of humanity in the context of the widespread shuffle we see going on all over the world.