TE 293 The Moment of Transition

The Moment of Transition (TE 293)

This webinar is centred around the process of transition from our present humanity to the superhumanity of tomorrow as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, with emphasis on the role of the younger generation.

Krishna cc

Krishna (TE 288)

This talk is about Sri Krishna’s message and how Sri Aurobindo has carried it further to its logical conclusion. The talk also includes Sri Aurobindo’s sonnet on Krishna.

The Divine Sacrifice cc

The Divine Sacrifice in Matter (TE 287)

Today’s talk touches upon certain key aspects of Evolution and the importance of 17th November. We also touch briefly upon Adhikarbhed (readiness for Yoga) in the light of the message received on 17th November 2020.

TE 285 Decision making cc

Decision Making (TE 285)

This talk touches upon various aspects of decision-making such as choices and their consequences; making a conscious choice; ego-driven and true individual-driven impulsions; immediate and long term results of our actions. Some practical advices on making a decision are also given.