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The Divine Beyond All Conceptions (HH 084)

All genuine yogic experience affirms that the Divine Consciousness or the Divine state of Being is beyond the dualities such as those of good and evil, virtue and vice, pleasure and pain. But then man in his early approaches towards the divinity he seeks must necessarily pass through this duality. As experience dawns one upon another he draws closer to this great Realisation that the Divine is everything.

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The Ego and Self-Giving (1)

This sense of one’s own person becomes a kind of cage, a prison which shuts you in, prevents you from being true, from knowing truly, acting truly, understanding truly.

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What is Harmony

As to harmony with the world around us, it is easier to achieve it with inanimate objects and plants and animals than man. Collective harmony is a thing that only the Divine can realise. Meanwhile, in our relationships with people, we must have universal goodwill for all.

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VI. THE GITA. Sanjaya’s Gift of Divine Vision (VIII)

That India has undergone a downfall in the Kali age no one can deny. But God never descended on earth to bring about a downfall. The Incarnation is for saving the Law, the world and men. Particularly in the Kali age does God incarnate Himself in full.

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Attachment and Love

To be attached is to remain tied to the ordinary earth nature. To love is to soar upwards, ever upwards beyond the highest heavens, beyond even the gods.

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Mental Resistance to Change (HH 083)

Each plane and part of the being offers its own resistances as we move through the vast and complex journey of the Integral Yoga. Matter responds with dullness and inertia, obscurity and tamas while the vital with impatience and restless impulsiveness. The mind too offers its own resistance to the transforming action of the Grace.