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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Yoga

Writings by Alok Pandey on Yoga

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He deserves his place among the line of spiritual masters who came to destroy the old world order, but destroying is one thing and building a new world is quite another.
If the Divine were to judge then there would be no hope for anyone. Even the highest human goodness is almost always motivated by selfishness or for some personal gain, here or hereafter.
While it may be gratifying to see the word yoga enter the mainstream, a little elaboration of this ancient mystic practice is warranted.
What then is our role if any, we may ask. According to the Gita, as long as we remain subject to the play of nature as indeed most are, there is very little role so to say.
All the so-called major events of our life that are traditionally given so much value are hardly of consequence. Their importance derives from what we inwardly are and can become.
To each his way and his method but the most effective method is to form a real and direct relation with the Divine through faith, bhakti, consecration, service and surrender.
Psychic being is the name given in this yoga to the evolving soul in man. It is the indestructible divine element in man that passes from life to life through the doors of death
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Consciousness is not only a power through which we become aware of anything but also the power to create and build and destroy or rather absorb back all into itself.