Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Our Journey to the Light

We as souls have come from a supernal Light into this world of darkness to colonize and transmute Matter’s Night. That is why despite everything we keep nurturing within us the dream of a perfect world. From the Light we come, and to the Light we go.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Puja Days in the Ashram

Of course, the integral yoga does not depend upon observing or not observing these events, yet the Divine Mother uses every little door as an opening through which the Divine can enter a sadhak’s consciousness and work within it.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

What is Harmony

As to harmony with the world around us, it is easier to achieve it with inanimate objects and plants and animals than man. Collective harmony is a thing that only the Divine can realise. Meanwhile, in our relationships with people, we must have universal goodwill for all.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Attachment and Love

To be attached is to remain tied to the ordinary earth nature. To love is to soar upwards, ever upwards beyond the highest heavens, beyond even the gods.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

When we are feeling helpless

The perpetual wheel of destiny that carries our lives in a cosmic pool of chance and uncertainty can be very frightening. This is especially so for a man who believes that he can control and micromanage all the events and circumstances of his life.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Speaking of the Divine

But what is the Origin of THAT of which nothing can be said? Well, regardless of whether we call IT a shunyam or God or Divine or Nothing the question would still stand.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Of Past Dawns

We should be careful in resurrecting the past to keep its spirit intact lest it is stifled once more in the forms that the Time Spirit has broken.


Living Words (4): A Word of Caution

… very often we bind ourselves to the letter and not the spirit, the outer sense rather than the deeper inner meaning, the mental understanding rather than the truth being revealed to us.


Living Words (3): The Word of Infinity

The Supramental Truth is the truth of the Infinite. It cannot be bound or limited by any one-sided formula or understanding of things, or any process or technique for which we may be eagerly looking for.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

The Planes of the New Creation

The New Creation begins with the Supermind.  All below it including the splendour of the Overmind belongs to the old Creation as the perfect perfection is missing there.