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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Yoga

Essays and Letters by Dr Alok Pandey on Yoga

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Sri Aurobindo had not come to establish once again the Krishna world upon earth. His gift of the Gita still ranks and would continue to rank among the greatest of world-scriptures. Yet this was not enough.
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The real purpose of the Divine descents is to release the hidden Divine Consciousness hidden in the depths of matter so that a progressive divine manifestation can take place. The chosen place for this progressive divine manifestation is the earth with India as the spiritual epicentre at least for the present cycle.
The way to enter the inner atmosphere of the Ashram is through faith, sincerity of aspiration, true will to surrender and for these the outer Ashram becomes a royal doorway to enter and facilitate Sri Aurobindo's yoga.
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It has always been known that the original temple of the Divine is within us. The outer temples are symbolic representations of certain inner realities.
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It takes great courage and determination as well as patience and perseverance to cultivate this indispensable quality and one can never have enough of it.
Let us hope and pray that the souls of nations trapped in their armour of the ego are freed and each nation gives its own unique positive gift to the world.  
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The effect of philanthropy depends upon the state of consciousness with which a philanthropist gives.
Though there is a fixity in the cosmic scheme and the cosmic consciousness moves along the lines determined by the Cosmic Divine, there is another Transcendent status of the Divine wherein entirely new possibilities can be brought into play.
The lasting comfort is never found in the environment. It is an inner state and comes with a certain kind of inner acceptance of present limitations combined with an inner aspiration to bring about the needed change.
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His Beauty and Light and Love dwells in everything including that which we, in our superior pride sometimes or the sense of vanity, abhor and condescend.
... it is best to follow the maxim, to each his own path. At the same time one respects the right of others to follow their own way without deviating from the truth one has seen and felt within oneself.
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... one can concentrate upon the Name and Form of the Divine Mother preferably in the heart (centre of the chest), in the head crown or even above the head.