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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Yoga

Writings by Alok Pandey on Yoga

Ordinarily, motivation comes from the Desire-self and takes various forms in our thought and feelings such as ambition, lust, greed, wishes for various objects and hungers of various kinds.
Another year has arrived, hopefully on the wings of change. In a certain sense, New Year is a convention hiding within it the truth of the cyclic movement of Time.
Even as we step into the New Year, it will be good to remember that this Light that we take for granted, has been prepared by those who kept a vigil while we slept peacefully in our comfort zones.
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The return of the Light, though seemingly a repetition, is yet, like the changing of the seasons through blossoming in spring time, toil and effort during summer and the cleansing rains during the monsoons before the slow withdrawal during winters, also a forward movement.
A time comes when the surrender enters its perfection and it becomes impossible for us to act from any personal motive. All we think and feel and will and do becomes a constant flow of Her Light and Love and Harmony and Bliss.
... while survival of a particular bodily form in one life is surely important from an individual’s point of view, its longevity is not the sole or the main matter from the divine vision which is much more concerned with our soul’s progress.
Making a conscious choice as to what path if any to follow requires a careful reflection on the aim of life. The choice should be an act of love for the Deity and not an act of fear or social pressure.