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At the Feet of The Mother

Essays on Yoga

Essays and Letters by Dr Alok Pandey on Yoga

Nirvana in the sense of freedom from Ignorance that comes by realisation of the Divine within through the psychic door is indeed the first step of Integral Yoga.
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She has come, assuming our mortal breath with the will to divinise clay. Her advent is the golden chance for us to fulfil our divine destiny. If only we could hold Her hand or rather let Her hold ours...
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Silence is powerful in the sense that it is filled with infinity.  It is akin to the zero state through which one passes on the way to the eternal consciousness in its dynamic aspects.
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It is the imperative necessity of sacrificing oneself to annul the resistances of the earth nature that led to the event of 05th December 1950 which may well be termed as the last transition in Sri Aurobindo's life.