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The Golden Path: Udar Pinto

… All of his friends were connected with the Ashram but at that time he was not interested nor did he ever visit the Ashram. … His friends came to his home for sumptuous dinners and whisky and sodas and “all kinds of things”, The Mother would say, “That Pinto fellow is spoiling my children and I will catch him one day.” “Finally, she did,” Udar said.

Sri Aurobindos Passing by Udar cover

Sri Aurobindo’s Passing

I am sure that if it ever happens that the Samadhi is opened and Sri Aurobindo’s body exhumed, it will be found to be intact.

Interview with Udar Pinto

Interview with Udar Pinto by Anie Nunnally

“Sri Aurobindo’s voice was a beautiful, well modulated sound. Sri Aurobindo just sat there looking as though He were gazing out into eternity in His great lonely days of descent into mortal life in order to help humanity.”