C R Reddy - Tributes to Sri Aurobindo

Tributes to Sri Aurobindo – C. R. Reddy

“Sri Aurobindo relieves our despair by the certainty of [the New Life] advent. In the world of death, he, the Immortal, gives us the assurance of Immortality. The world has need of Thee, Sri Aurobindo, and that is why Thou art with us still.”

A B Purani recollections 15 08 1924

Celebration of the August 15, 1924 – Recollections by A. B. Purani

Who can describe this day? Nothing can be added by the colours of imagination, poetic similes, and loaded epithets. It is enough to say “It was the 15th of August.” No other day can come up to it in the depth and intensity of spiritual action, the ascending movement of the flood of emotions, and the way in which each individual here was bathing in the atmosphere.

Balcony 1

“Balcony Darshan” – Krishna Prasad

The very atmosphere takes on the radiance of the divine beauty. The breeze plays a celestial music. The soul blossoms with a rapturous fragrance. The earth is gathered up into the heavenly vision. Truth alone rules and triumphs….

Ambu 2

Ambu, the Mother’s Baby (part 2)

If there is one lesson Ambu wanted me to learn, it is this: turn to the Divine and nowhere else. Do not run after money, power, sex, name and fame. Live for the Divine, live for the Mother, and all else will be given to you.


“24 November 1926 – the Day of Siddhi” by A B Purani

“From the beginning of November 1926 the pressure of the Higher Power began to be unbearable. Then at last the great day, the day for which the Mother had been waiting for so many long years, arrived on 24 November….. There was a deep silence in the atmosphere after the disciples had gathered there. Many saw an oceanic flood of Light rushing down from above…”

Tribute to The Mother - Barin da

A Tribute to The Mother – Barindra Kumar Ghose

A tribute by Barindra Kumar Ghose, which was published in ‘Khulnabasi’ on 21 February 1940. Barin da (1880-1959) was a noted revolutionary, journalist, author and Sri Aurobindo’s youngest brother. He was one of the earliest inmates of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and resided at Pondicherry till 1929.