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At the Feet of The Mother

Alok Pandey: Talks on Savitri (English)

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‘The Message of Savitri’

A New Series of Dialogues with Narad on Savitri in 2021-2022 (click to proceed)

‘Introduction to Savitri’ – Five Talks at the Beach Office of Sri Aurobindo Society, 2017:  

Beginnings TE 152
The Issue and the Advent of Savitri TE 153
The Seer-King Aswapati’s Journey and the Divine Mother’s Boon TE 154
Challenge of Fate and Death and The Divine Mothers Example TE 155
The Victory over Death and the Boons for Earth and Humanity TE 156

Seven Talks on Savitri at the Greenville Retreat in 2017:

Savitri – the Yoga of Material Nature TE135
Savitri and Other Scriptures TE 136
Savitri, the Story of Creation TE 137
Savitri, the Story of the Soul TE 138
The Boon of Seer-King Aswapati TE 139
The Culmination of Savitri’s Personal Yoga for the Earth TE 140
The Boons of Savitri TE 141

Two Talks at SACAR in 2017:

The Problem of Pain as Revealed in Savitri TE 164
The Solution of the Problem of Pain as Revealed in Savitri TE 165

Four talks at the 2018 Greenville Retreat:

Creating a New Humanity TE 187
Initiation: How to Begin this Yoga TE 188
The New Aspiration in Humanity TE 189
Evolution of Yoga and the Divine Mother TE 190

‘The Goal of the Human Quest’ – Nine Sessions at Sri Aurobindo Society in 2018:

The Aim of Life (B3C2) TE 192
The Sailor on the Flow of Time (B1C4) TE 193
The Divine Mother Key to the New Creation (B3C2) TE 194
The New Creation (B3C3) TE 195
The Souls Choice (B11) TE 196
The Conversion of Death (B10C4) TE 197
The Advent of the Divine Mother (B3C4) TE 198
The World-Mother (B2C14) TE 199
The Supreme Consummation of Mans Journey (B11) TE 200

‘On the Old and the New Creation’ – Eight Conversations with Narad at MatruSadan in 2017: 

Introduction TE 218
The Divine Mothers Embodiment TE 219
Plane of the True Gods TE 220
Oneness TE 221
Challenges and Difficulties TE 222
The Boons for Earth and Man TE 223
New Consciousness and Material Nature TE 224
The New Children TE 225

Six Conversations with Narad at MatruSadan in 2017: 

The Unity between the Creator and the Creation TE 226
The Oneness TE 227
Return to Earth – The Final Step of the Integral Yoga TE 228
The Divine Mothers Advent TE 229
The Symbol Dawn TE 230
The Issue of Earthly Life TE 231

Two talks at Sri Aurobindo Society Centre, Visakhapatnam, in 2019:  

World Transformation in Savitri TE 248
Questions and Answers on Savitri TE 249


(click on the underlined links to proceed)

The Message of Savitri (Pondicherry 2021) VIDEO

The Divine Mother in Savitri (Savitri Bhavan Auroville 2020) VIDEO

Savitri Meets Satyavan (Pondicherry 2020) VIDEO

World Transformation in Savitri (Andhra Pradesh 2019) VIDEO

A Passage from Savitri – Our Future Possibility (SAYFNA 2017) AUDIO

Savitri – Finding of the Soul (Jersey City, NJ 2010) AUDIO 1AUDIO 2

Savitri – The Mantra of Transformation of Everyday Life (Greenville 2011) AUDIO

The Message of Savitri (Greenville 2011-2012) AUDIO 1,  AUDIO 2

The Journey of Love in Savitri (SAYFNA 2012) AUDIO 1AUDIO 2AUDIO 3

On Savitri (Bangalore 2013, Greenville 2013) AUDIO 1,  AUDIO 2

Sri Aurobindo’s Message in the Light of Savitri (Sydney 2013) AUDIO 1AUDIO 2,  AUDIO 3,  AUDIO 4

On Savitri and Upanishads (Greenville 2014) AUDIO