The Fiery Heart of Love, pp. 649-652 (SH 321)

Death is experiencing a change of heart, he is striving to understand God’s purpose in creation and mankind. Savitri has come to change the Law. She has brought with her not only the calm Wisdom of the gods but also the fiery heart of the Divine Mother’s Love.

The Abyss Dug by the Mind, pp. 645-648 (SH 319)

Death now attempts to create a gulf between creation and the Creator by stating that since Mind is man, therefore man is forever doomed to a life of division. All that we can do is to escape from earthly ties into some Heaven of peace and bliss.

The Seeming Opposites, pp. 635-637 (SH 315)

Death creates a seemingly unbridgeable gulf between Spirit and Matter thereby thwarting the dream of a divine life upon Earth. Savitri responds to his lie by once showing the unity of creation with the Creator.

The Human Mask of God, pp. 633-634 (SH 314)

Humanity is a mask of God. Identified with the mask we remain subject to Death and grief. But the moment we turn from the mask towards the Light and truth, then we start getting liberated. This is the great work that Savitri has come to reveal by Her own example.

Hidden Bliss at the Root of Things, pp. 629-631 (SH 312)

The passage that follows reveals to us that the origin of Creation is Bliss. So also the purpose of creation is to embody and enshrine this bliss. That is why all creatures find some little fragment, search for some small morsel of bliss, however limited, partial and degraded it be.

Yet Light is There, pp. 626-627 (SH 310)

Even though darkness and shadows have occupied the fields of God here, yet there is Light that grows within earth’s breast. It declares itself in various ways leading man’s ascension towards the Eternal.

The Dual Nature, pp. 625-626 (SH 309)

Savitri reveals to Death how our nature swinging between extremes tends to veil the One Divine. In reality these are masks of the Divine and each is a needed step in our growth out of ignorance towards the all-comprehending Wisdom.

Creation as a Divine Play, pp. 623-625 (SH 308)

Savitri is revealing to us what we do not see since Death’s darkness blinds our eyes. Yet when the eyes open, we see that was this not the obvious truth hidden for so long! She reveals to us that creation is not an unfortunate accident but a play of the Divine.