pp. 106-107 (SH 064)

A heaven of creative truths above,
A cosmos of harmonious dreams between,
A chaos of dissolving forms below,
It plunges lost in our inconscient base.
Out of its fall our denser Matter came.

pp. 107-109 (SH 065)

A fragment here is caught of heaven’s design;
Else could we never hope for greater life
And ecstasy and glory could not be.

pp. 109-111 (SH 066)

Thence comes the mystic substance of our souls
Into the prodigy of our nature’s birth,
There is the unfallen height of all we are
And dateless fount of all we hope to be.

pp. 113-117 (SH 068)

In front he saw a boundary ever unreached
And thought himself at each step nearer now,—
A far retreating horizon of mirage.

pp. 117-119 (SH 069)

Even in changing worlds bereft of peace,
In an air racked with sorrow and with fear
And while his feet trod on a soil unsafe,
He saw the image of a happier state.

Golden Day (SH 070)

Thou shalt not shrink from any brother soul.
Thou shalt be attracted helplessly to all.
Men seeing thee shall feel my hands of joy,
In sorrow’s pangs feel steps of the world’s delight,

pp. 119-121 (SH 071)

On a spiritual and mysterious peak
Only a miracle’s high transfiguring line
Divided life from the formless Infinite
And sheltered Time against eternity.

pp. 121-123 (SH 072)

There were vasts of the glory of life’s absolutes:
All laughed in a safe immortality
And an eternal childhood of the soul
Before darkness came and pain and grief were born

pp. 125-127 (SH 074)

Worlds were there of a happiness great and grave
And action tinged with dream, laughter with thought,
And passion there could wait for its desire
Until it heard the near approach of God.

pp. 127-128 (SH 075)

There reigned a breath of high immune content,
A fortunate gait of days in tranquil air,
A flood of universal love and peace.

pp. 128-131 (SH 076)

When earth was built in the unconscious Void
And nothing was save a material scene,
Identified with sea and sky and stone
Her young gods yearned for the release of souls
Asleep in objects, vague, inanimate.