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Speaking of the Divine

But what is the Origin of THAT of which nothing can be said? Well, regardless of whether we call IT a shunyam or God or Divine or Nothing the question would still stand.

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The Spirit and the Psychic Being (1)

There is a reality which is beyond all our expressions, but which we can succeed in contacting by practising a discipline. We can identify ourselves with it. Once one is identified with it one knows what it is, but one cannot express it, for words cannot say it.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Of Past Dawns

We should be careful in resurrecting the past to keep its spirit intact lest it is stifled once more in the forms that the Time Spirit has broken.

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Seeds of a Revolutionary (LP05)

Today we read some lines from early poems written by Sri Aurobindo in England, published in 1898 as a part of the book of poems “Songs to Myrtilla” [CWSA 2: 9-37]

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Peace and Quiet

Men have a feeling that if they are not all the time running about and bursting into fits of feverish activity, they are doing nothing. It is an illusion to think that all these so-called movements change things.