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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri Veda (in Hindi)

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This talk takes up the main issue of human life, the problem of his bondage to ignorance and death and subjection to the determinism of material nature.
video in Hindi
Behind the veil of our solid outer world and its forms that we see and touch there exists a Kingdom of subtle matter. It is this world, its beings and forces and action, function and influences, that is being described here in this Canto.
video in Hindi
This canto is about an intermediate stage through which evolution passes. It is a stage when higher emotions and imaginations come into play to pull the being out of the bog and mire of the lower vital nature.
video in Hindi
It is important to know this world and its workings so that we are vigilant in our journey towards the eternal Truth and Light and Peace and Beauty and Bliss. A Wisdom works hidden and asleep in the heart of the Night.