SVH 52 Towards the Black Void B9C1

Towards the Black Void (SVH 52) Book 9 Canto 1

Here we see Savitri entering the black pit of inconscience, the very home of Death from where he derives his strength. It is the realm where Death is all-powerful and for a moment it seems that all light is extinguished.

SVH 51 The Moment of Death B8C3

The Moment of Death (SVH 51) Book 8 Canto 3

Savitri is prepared to confront the riddle of man’s life. She is ready and armed to meet death. She knows the fated day and hence goes with Satyavan into the forest to keep a vigil. The fated moment nears and the god Death arrives.

SVH 49 Nirvana B7C6

Nirvana (SVH 49) Book 7 Canto 6

Savitri listens and absorbed in a witness state, enters the sheer stillness and impersonality of the Absolute, the state of Nothingness, the Nirvana that annuls everything. She becomes one with infinity and eternity.

SVH 48 Finding of the Soul B7C5

The Finding of the Soul (SVH 48) Book 7 Canto 5

At last, she arrives at the doorsteps of the heart’s mystic cave where the soul is hidden surrounded by a wall of mystic fire. What follows is a tremendous experience. All her subtle centres, the chakras as they are called, open up under the influence of the soul and their energies pour upon her.

SVH 47 The Triple Soul-Forces B7C4

The Triple Soul-Forces (SVH 47) Book 7 Canto 4

Savitri arrives at the first three emanations or luminous powers that emerge from the soul, which support the physical, the vital and the mental nature. These forces are also known as the three gunas or modes of nature, tamas, rajas and sattwa. Savitri observes each of these powers and their corresponding shadows but rests not there.