PM 083 April 18, 1914

April 18, 1914 (PM 83)

This prayer is about the way sadhana proceeds sometimes through the inner day and at other times through the night of separation.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Closing Remarks for the Book

Book Two with its fifteen cantos comes to a close now. It describes Aswapati’s journey through the ladder of consciousness that climbs towards the Infinite.

TE 325 Integral Health

Integral Health (TE 325)

This talk is about the way towards Integral health. Follow-up questions include (1) How come the great yogis such as Ramana Mahrshi and Ramakrishna had incurable diseases, and (2) How to find the psychic being.

RE 074 Happiness

Happiness (RE 074)

This brief talk is a little comment on International Happiness Day.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Infinity’s Womb, p. 301

Aswapati is now one with the great Gods. His consciousness has grown immeasurably vast. The crawl of the finite mind is closing and entering into the Infinite. One more step and he would be in the Supermind.