Sri Aurobindo’s Home in the Subtle-Physical

Last night Amal told me that you had spoken of “a permanent home of Sri Aurobindo in the subtle-physical”. At once my mind went back to a dream in last September. This is how it ran:

TMV20 The Present Situation

20.3 The Possibility of Perfection

It is obvious that the most dominant characteristic of matter is inertia, and that, if there were not this violence, perhaps the individual consciousness would be so inert that rather than change it would accept to live in a perpetual imperfection…

SVH 49 Nirvana B7C6

Nirvana (SVH 49) Book 7 Canto 6

Savitri listens and absorbed in a witness state, enters the sheer stillness and impersonality of the Absolute, the state of Nothingness, the Nirvana that annuls everything. She becomes one with infinity and eternity.

HH cover n MAIN

The New Creation: The Confusion is there to Teach Us (HH 070)

The New World is there and yet we see a mounting confusion amidst humanity. What are the deeper reasons for this confusion? What is the way, the attitude we must take towards it? This talk explores some of these aspects of the confusion that preceeds the hour of the New creation. 

SAP 24 The Rishi

The Rishi (SAP 24)

This poem is written during the pre-Pondicherry days in the form of a dialogue between the Rishi and Manu the king.

Sri Aurobindo and the Supermind’s Descent

The Supermind was established in Sri Aurobindo but it had not transformed his body. To put it precisely, he did not have a supramentalised body and that is why he could undergo death.