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Mundane Affairs (1)

One must already be very strong, very far along the way, to be able to face success and the little enjoyments it brings without giving way.

TE 361 The Significance of the Siddhi Day

The Significance of the Siddhi Day (TE 361)

Among the devotees and disciples of Sri Aurobindo, 24th November is observed as the Siddhi Day, one of four Darshan days. This brief talk dwells on the significance of the event of 24th November 1926.

Bangla Rachana 2c

VII DHARMA. Our Religion (VI)

When the religion of the race and of the time-spirit are fulfilled, the eternal religion will spread and establish itself throughout the world.


Krishna and Kali (LP16)

The subject of the talk is an event of Sri Aurobindo’s identification with Sri Krishna on the 24th November 1926.

Sri Krishna to Sri Aurobindo

Sri Krishna to Sri Aurobindo

This day marks a definitive turning point not only in Sri Aurobindo’s personal sadhana or the history of the Ashram but even more so in the history of the earth.