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Morality, Religion, Yoga (2)

What do you want the Yoga for? … Is the Divine the supreme fact of your life, so much so that it is simply impossible for you to do without it? … If so, then only can it be said that you have a call for the Path.

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The Secret Unity, pp. 313-314

The Divine Mother holds the key to terrestrial transformation since She is the origin, the womb and the cause of it. In Her all opposites are reconciled in a manifold unity.

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Towards the Light

Instead of all the complex analysis we just need to be simple as a lily floating into the river of Grace, be as a flower opening to Her, offered at Her Feet.

Reading Savitri new cover

The Divine Supernature, pp. 312-313

Aswapati now comes in contact with the Divine Supernature that is concealed in the Unknowable. It is the heart of the Unknowable and it is only through Her that the Unknowable can be known.

Bangla Rachana 2c

II. STORIES — The Ideal of Forgiveness

Vishvamitra was beside himself with rage. He could not concentrate on his tapasyā. He had vowed that if Vashishtha did not acknowledge him as a Brahmarshi that day, he would kill him. To carry out this resolve, he armed himself with a sword as he left his hermitage. …