Sri Aurobindo’s Work and the Way to Its Fulfilment — A Look Towards the Future from the Standpoint of November 17, 1973 (3)

The sudden shock we have received with the Mother’s departure and, along with it, the sense that departure has given us of a greater impact from her new body have caused a forward spurt in our Yoga. If we can keep up the intensified aspiration we may hope to see the new body materialised in the near future — in less than a century. Even if our effort for progress gets relaxed the Mother will press for the manifestation. Her children then may not have to wait very long.

SVH 40

The Word of Fate (SVH 40) Book 6 Canto 1

In this canto, Narad the divine sage comes to Aswapati’s palace as Savitri returns from her quest. The fate of Savitri and Satyavan is at once revealed before his subtle vision.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The World-Mother, p. 295

Beyond Purusha and Prakriti moving the cosmic whirl there stands Kali, the World-Mother whose steps determine future Time. It is She who must open the door to the Beyond for Aswapati.

PM 078 February 22, 1914

February 22, 1914 (PM 078)

Words are poor and clumsy, O divine Master, and mental translations are always childish…. But my aspiration for Thee is constant, and, to tell the truth, it is very often Thyself and Thou alone who livest in this body, an imperfect means of Thy manifestation.