PM 071 January 4, 1914

January 4, 1914 (PM 071)

This prayer is about the vigilance needed to keep the tide of material thoughts away from us.

Some Diary Notes – 1

Right through the afternoon, right through the evening, an effortless joy and constant Godward intensity, a penetration into Sri Aurobindo’s being and into the Mother’s. I felt enveloped and embraced by their holy atmosphere.

TMV17 Yoga and Meditation

17.8 Purity, Aspiration, Humility

…. when people are told “be humble”, they think immediately of “being humble before other men” and that humility is wrong. True humility is humility before the Divine

SVH 27 The Unknowable Book 3 Canto 1

The Unknowable (SVH 27) Book 3 Canto 1

Aswapati stands at the doors of the Unknowable. The Unknowable cannot be known by the Mind. It can be known if It so chooses to reveal Itself to us. One has to wait with endless patience, wait upon the Grace at the peaks of creation.

Krishna cc

Krishna (TE 288)

This talk is about Sri Krishna’s message and how Sri Aurobindo has carried it further to its logical conclusion. The talk also includes Sri Aurobindo’s sonnet on Krishna.

The Golden Path_01

The Golden Path: Amal Kiran

Amal was born Kekushru (Kekoo) D. Sethna on November 25, 1904 in Bombay. The family were members of the Parsi community in Bombay; descendants of the Zoroastrian Persians

SMF Divine Love Pomegranate Hin

Divine Love (in Hindi)

A short video clip based on the spiritual meaning of flowers: Divine Love – Pomegranate. The Mother’s text is read by Vivek. Photo and video: Ritam, Alexey. Music by Nadaprem.