Bangla Rachana 2c

VI. THE GITA. Sanjaya’s Gift of Divine Vision (VI)

The Mahabharata is not a metaphorical piece nor are Krishna and Arjuna the creations of poetic fancy, the Gita too is not the speculation of a modern logician or philosopher. Therefore we have to prove that anything said in the Gita is not impossible or against reason.

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The Greatest Obstacle (HH 081)

One of the questions that arises in the mind of a sceptic is that if God is the sole Reality then what really prevents us from knowing that That Reality as naturally as we breathe or think or feel. This talk is based on two Mother’s conversations separated by nearly 52 years.

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Speaking of the Divine

But what is the Origin of THAT of which nothing can be said? Well, regardless of whether we call IT a shunyam or God or Divine or Nothing the question would still stand.

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The Spirit and the Psychic Being (1)

There is a reality which is beyond all our expressions, but which we can succeed in contacting by practising a discipline. We can identify ourselves with it. Once one is identified with it one knows what it is, but one cannot express it, for words cannot say it.