LP10 Nirvana and Surrender

Nirvana and Surrender (LP10)

This talk is centred around one of the major experiences of Sri Aurobindo with Lele Maharaj in Baroda. Today’s poems include Adwaita,  Parabrahman, Nirvana and Surrender (their full text is listed inside). 

LP08 Call of the Mother

Call of the Mother (LP08)

Today we read several poems that mark a transition of Sri Aurobindo from a remarkable and brilliant person into a budding revolutionary and a yogi.

LP07 The Lover of Humanity

The Lover of Humanity (LP07)

Today in the series “Sri Aurobindo’s Life through His Poems” we read some of the poems that reveal to us a beautiful divinely human side of Sri Aurobindo as the Lover of Humanity.

LP05 fin

Seeds of a Revolutionary (LP05)

Today we read some lines from early poems written by Sri Aurobindo in England, published in 1898 as a part of the book of poems “Songs to Myrtilla” [CWSA 2: 9-37]

LP04 The Manifestation of Light

The Manifestation of Light (LP04)

We take up today the first published poem of Sri Aurobindo, which was printed in 1883 when the author was 10 years old. This poem in retrospect appears at once prophetic and autobiographical.


A Strong Son of Lightning (LP03)

This poem reveals to us the coming of the Divine in a human frame. It is a Vedic imagery of the birth of Agni which upholds the Divine Will of the future.


The Divine Majesty (LP02)

Today we are looking at the poem “At the Hill-Tops of Silence”, which gives us a glimpse into the might and genius of Sri Aurobindo’s personality.