Selected Essays and Talks of Nirodbaran

The Mahabharata War and Sri Aurobindo, An Inner Conversation

Sri Aurobindo said that when He was in jail the Gita was put into His hand. … So He told us that this Gita was given to Him by Sri Krishna; and if you read Essays on the Gita, which I recommend very strongly to all of you, those particularly who are grown up, you will have no doubt that it was Sri Aurobindo Himself who was Sri Krishna.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Limits of Mind’s Wisdom, p. 273

Passing beyond the limits of human mind of reason there are the higher levels of mind climbing further through zones of increasing luminosity. Yet a limit comes, a border that the mind cannot cross. Here its wisdom stops.

Selected Essays and Talks of Nirodbaran

Sister Nivedita as a Disciple

Swami Brahmananda said: ‘Next to Vivekananda nobody else ever loved India so much.’ ‘I see Nivedita as the Mother of the masses,’ said Rabindranath. … Vivekananda knew and said that Nivedita would awaken nationalism among the Hindus and had directed her to dedicate herself to that end.