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At the Feet of The Mother

Blessings of the Grace — Mona Sarkar



Conversations with the Mother
Recollected by Mona Sarkar
Some of Her Written Answers



Babblings of a Child

The more I think or feel or imagine, the more I am puzzled and baffled; the more I want to express who the Mother is, the more I find that no words can convey anything of who She really is.

She is That; and She is beyond even That.

Words fail … we only grope …

In a dumb awe and a silent reverence, we bow to Her, the One for whom the world has waited so long …

Yet, when we try to express our profound and deep love for Her, whatever we say about Her is like the babbling of a child.

But what She has done is something we can attempt to understand, all that She has done for men, for the earth and for the whole creation. Her coming down has changed the very face of the earth and Nature, making them receptive to the transforming light of a new creation. She has compressed the whole long process of slow evolution so that mankind may witness the kingdom of heaven on earth. She has annulled the need of hundreds of lives, preparing us, so that we may be ready for the great Supramental transformation. By removing all the obstacles and difficulties from the path, She has made our journey towards the Goal very easy.

We have only to believe in Her, to cling to Her …

For, She is our Path, … She is our Goal.

Mona Sarkar




I knew how very busy the Mother was, working and giving of Herself nearly twenty-four hours a day, without rest or sleep, continuously, day after day, night after night, with hardly time enough even to put a morsel in Her mouth.

Yet in my presumptuous and foolhardy manner, I had the audacity to write to the Mother: “I do not know if I should tell You, but, Mother, I feel an ardent need, an intense aspiration to see You again and again to touch You, to be physically near You. Perhaps it is a human way of expressing my love to You.”

She read my letter and explained: “All this is true, it is correct. I appreciate what you have asked. But I am incapable of doing anything, as you are not the only one to want to meet me. If you were alone, I would have immediately asked you to come. But there are two thousand persons … But it is not possible…. I do not have the time and even if I had, it is not humanly possible.”

“Mother,” I said, “I do not ask. It is all right, I have understood.” And I bowed down my head.

“No, it is not this that I want to tell you. Lift up your head. Those who come to meet me are those who have some work with me. Naturally, those who come to me have an advantage to be near me, to breathe my atmosphere directly. Evidently they profit a bit by remaining near me. But this does not mean that others do not receive anything. No, this is not true, for I give to each one what he needs — the maximum of what he can contain. I do the best possible for each one. I give to each one what he needs even if he does not have the chance to see me. I do my work individually and at each moment I give to each one what he needs, what each one aspires for, I give him what help he needs and my protection so that he advances with confidence towards his goal.”

I had asked the Mother such a blunt and straightforward question, I had expressed an inner wish, an intimate prayer, defying all courtesy. I was simply like a child asking his Mother; “Could I come to see You more often?

But she is She … the Mother of all, the Mother of all Radiances, Mother of the Worlds, Mother of the Universe, Creatrix, Benefactress, the Supreme…

A Word from Her gave me all that was necessary.

On the back of my letter to Her She wrote:

bénédictions de la Grâce

[blessings of the Grace]

What more? … What more could one ask for?

Nothing more.


The conversations in this book took place in French. Most of them were noted down from memory.

The written questions and the Mother’s answers were also in French.






Significance given by the Mother

 ‘Divine Grace’[1]


“Thy goodness is infinite;
we bow before Thee in gratitude!”






Bonjour, Douce Мèrе.

What … you have brought ‘Divine Grace’ for me?[2] (In a teasing tone) But… why? You still have need of Grace? You do not have enough? But what is it that you want?… Is something not all right, not working?

Mother, is there any limit in asking for the Divine Grace? I do not think so.

Perhaps not, from a certain point of view. It depends….

But you are not aware of what surrounds you, of the Grace that is showered constantly on all of you. You are bathed, inundated, filled up till there (indicating the head) with the Divine Grace. You have no idea as to what it is, of the phenomenon, of the Grace that works around all of you, to protect you, to vivify you, to sustain you, with its wings spread out like a mantle of compassion to contain you guide you, and bless you constantly. It is astonishing!…

What a Grace surrounds you and is showered on all of you.

Be humble in order to become even more receptive and admit His Presence.

June 12, 1959


*     *


(Mother spoke about Grace on yet another occasion.)


Bonjour, Douce Mère.

(Mother distributes flowers to those who were waiting for Her. At the time of giving it to me, She stops) If you stand there sulking, I do not give you flowers. (I stretch my arms to take the flowers.)

What? You do not know how to smile? Smile.

(I thought then that one had to maintain a very serious attitude when receiving something from the Mother. So I said nothing)

If you do not smile, I do not give you flowers. What, you want some flowers?… Only if you smile, otherwise I do not give you flowers. Do you want them or not? Look at that…. No reaction at all…. He does not want to smile. What? I cannot stay here all day before you, like this, and you remain like a block of stone. Hurry up, I have work to do….

Do you want or do you not want a flower? If you want it, you must smile … at least a little, so that I may see your teeth…. Oh, he is obstinate. No way to convince him.

Smile! (Mother speaks a bit loudly). What forbids you? … Look!… That means you do not want the flower. But I stick to my word.

It is for the last time: (In a tone of exaggerated deference) I beseech you, Sir, to descend from your height and oblige us with a smile, (teasingly) to condescend to come down to our level; have the kindness, sir,… (gesture of the hands and the body, like the courtiers of the middle ages) to favour us with a big smile, — but let it be honest and surging from the heart….

Oh, nothing can move him. He is firm, decided…. What, why don’t you speak? What forbids you? (I stretch my hands for the flowers, without speaking) No, I do not give it to you, if you do not know how to smile. I give on condition that you smile…. No effect. What,… do you want it or not? Now, I am going, I have work to do. (Mother turns to go upstairs) That means, you do not need my flowers.

Well, Au revoir.

April 1950


(Mother walks towards the staircase, then turns back) What, have you changed your mind? Now, do you want it?… yes? come. (I advance towards the Mother) Again, the same expression, you cannot smile? Look! No…. But I am much more obstinate than you are. The ticket… smile and you have a flower. If not, I do not give it to you. It is as simple as that. Do you consent? No?… Then I am going away. (Mother goes towards the staircase to go up to the 2nd floor, and She turns back) It is clear that you do not want a flower, since you do not smile. Evidently, I do not give it to you. If…

Mother, You cannot refuse me the Divine Grace.

What? Say that once again that I may hear you properly.

Mother, You cannot refuse me the Grace.

(Mother hurries back towards me with a change in her mood.) What did you say, my child? Refuse the Grace? That I cannot…. How can I? Ah! If you knew what Grace is; what I have to endure to bring the Grace down to men and the worlds, in what circumstances and what resistances…. If you knew what I have to do, and in spite of…

Since I have a love and compassion which extends and pours itself towards the earth and its beings without their asking for it or deeming it necessary, since my Grace gives itself and never asks anything in return, since I have consented to come down into this ignorance, to take on myself the burden of misery, of suffering, of the resistance of the inconscience in order to heal and transform the fate of man and the destiny of the world, since my will is tied indissolubly with the beings and the world, — that is why my compassion flows without restraint. It is because I have such a relation with all of you that my Grace bathes you, without your wanting it or not…. It is like this perpetually.

You do not know who I am, who has descended amongst you all — it is the Supreme who has consented to lift you up out of the ignorance. (I bow down at the Mother’s Feet.) It is because my supreme Grace and my Compassion reach out towards all of you in an overwhelming way that you are so well protected. That is why, … how can one dream of a life without Grace? That I cannot, my child. I cannot deny Grace to anyone. You are all a portion of me, held by my consciousness and tied by my consciousness, one with me.

When you understand what it means, then you will have taken a big step forward, you will have solved many a mystery. Here, take the flower and with it, the Grace. Never doubt it… what will follow … it is unforeseen…. But it is worth something…. It is direct and more true and real.

You will see, my child, in what abundance the Grace is showered on all of you, … you do not know, you have no idea. Then how can you know who I am for the whole universe, the worlds and the beings: the Supreme Grace which extends over and penetrates all existence with its omniscience; and without this support, men and beings would not exist. So how can you be deprived of this marvellous blessings? That… I cannot, my child. I cannot. (I kneel before the Mother, She holds my face in both Her hands, looks into my eyes and concentrates….)

March 21, 1959







Bonjour, Douce Mère.

Is everything all right?

Yes, Mother. But how do You find me?

What I see, I know very well. I know what is happening within you, about which you know nothing. You do not know what is happening within you, but I know it very well. I am asking you how you are outwardly, your thought, your attitude, where you are in relation to your goal, and outwardly, how you are, your body, and so on. I am not asking you how you are inwardly. That, I see always.

That is why I am asking You, Mother, to know; if only You would tell me how I am inwardly.

But who has forbidden you to know it? Why don’t you make the effort to find out what is happening within you? Why was the consciousness given if you do not try to widen it and find out the secret so as to live and feel the great world of the Consciousness? We are here for that: the pursuit of the Consciousness, of the Vast, the Eternal, and a New Life, isn’t it? evidently, not to lead a monotonous life plunged in the inconscience.

But you must try and find the Consciousness in order to know what is happening within. It is for you to do it, so that you may know the true purpose of your life. This is the work to be done…. Why ask unnecessarily? Do your work sincerely. Make this effort so that you can find your soul….

(after a while)

Well, do you read sometimes?

Yes, Mother.

And what do you read?

Your books and Sri Aurobindo’s books.

Oh, and do you understand what you read?

A little better now, Mother.

Then you understand life.

No, Mother.

Well, what do you understand then?… Is it not life?

It is more than life.

Yes, yes, you are right, it is more than life, there is everything, it is the whole universe is described there.

Yes, Mother.

The march of the whole universe is described so well, the meaning, the development and all that — till its apotheosis.

Mother, I wish that my aspiration reaches you.

My child, how do you know that your aspiration does not come to me? You believe that I am only up there? You think that I am sitting only here? No, my child, I am everywhere. I am here, there, up there, (gesture) below, and everywhere. I am everywhere at the same time. And this, the body, it is a tiny, very, very tiny part of me. This, (gesture) is an infinitely small part of me. So, do not think that it does not reach me. If your aspiration is towards me, then it will always come to me, not only here or up there, because I am everywhere….

(After speaking of some other things, the Mother continues)

… The most important thing is to prepare yourself inwardly, to feel my Presence everywhere. It should be like something that surrounds you constantly, which makes you conscious of a Presence, and you should not do anything outside this Presence. At each minute you ought to be enveloped by this atmosphere; do not do anything without feeling the Presence that guides you. Now you must aspire to feel my Presence concretely. Your aspiration must be so intense that the thing you aspire for — the Presence — should vibrate in front of you. When you close your eyes (Mother closes her eyes) and you call ‘Ma’, I must be physically in front of you. You must vibrate and radiate with my Presence. You will be able to feel my Presence, like this: the nose, the face. (Mother touches different parts of Her face) It should be so intense — the aspiration, wanting it to manifest — that the Presence becomes concrete…. (Mother opens her eyes)

You must feel my Presence concretely in front of you whenever you want it. You close your eyes and you aspire — and I am in front of you physically….

You have to develop, my child, you have to develop this consciousness so that you will be able to see me constantly. You should be surrounded by my consciousness….

You know, I am everywhere, everywhere: here, there, far, above, below, in you and even in the very depths of the inconscience. I am everywhere. When you call me sincerely, I appear before you. But you must develop this consciousness so that you are able to see me constantly, to feel my Presence because I am always with you. It should be like this: you call me and I am before you. You must aspire more intensely. Well…

I am not limited by this body. This body is a tiny part of what I am. It is an infinitely small part of my consciousness. This that you see, this body, is only a small part of my consciousness manifested to come in contact with people, the world … as I am here: to speak, to guide them, to show and to love, to tease them and sometimes to tap them on the head. (I bow down. Mother taps me on the head. We laugh.)

This body is nothing. It is only a small base. But me, I am infinitely vast. My consciousness is everywhere and in everything and wide as Infinity. This body is only a small portion, it is here in order to establish a physical contact, to give itself and to receive; it is not even a physical contact, but material, something material, you understand?

Yes, Mother.

Au revoir….

Au revoir, Douce Mère.

April 10, 1966


*     *


(from the Mother’s written answer:)

… if I did not veil myself with a certain degree of obscurity, I could not come in contact with earth and men.

October 15, 1967





(In the course of a conversation Mother mentioned Her vital light)

But what does it mean, Mother, Your vital light?

My child, one who is enveloped in this light, has a special protection against everything. It is a special case for one who is enveloped by this light. It is the best protection that one can hope for. It is the vital protection which acts equally, everywhere. One cannot have a better protection. It is the ultimate protection. One who is protected by this light walks in the plenitude, in happiness; it is the Grace that takes care. It is an exceptional thing. He walks in liberty because nothing can touch him: the opposing forces which come to bar the way and the forces of ignorance cannot have any access to him, because he is completely enveloped by my light. He is shielded with a layer of light which nothing can penetrate. It is truly a complete protection.

Not many can keep it; very few, very, very few people have the capacity to retain this light. It is very difficult to keep this light constantly. If you have the power to keep it day and night, to be enveloped by this light, it would be something unique, for you would have the best protection in the world. There are very, very few people who can keep it. Because they start to wonder what it is, to turn it in their head, to think whether this is truly such a formidable power, or they begin to be agitated, to get excited, or in one way or another — they lose the contact with this light. This light can exist only in a perfect tranquility and in an immutable faith. Once we lean on the other side, it disappears. That is why, it is difficult. If you remain tranquil, there is no doubt that you will keep this with you. If one tries, one will succeed.

This is my vital light which will protect you against all the bad forces. When one perceives this light, one has the sensation that one is enclosed in a box of ice….

But a transparent ice …

It is luminous …

It is solid …

And it is immobile …

And one feels completely enclosed in this transparent box, it is like ice. This ice is soft and peaceful. One has a joyous sensation, as if one is enveloped by a light that protects us, that guides us and that increases our confidence. For truly, this protects against all attacks, whether it is vital or any other, if one remains enveloped by this light.

Like this, I have a range of lights which rise higher and higher, till the light becomes white. It is white like paper. (Mother indicates the paper on Her table) It is pure white. It seems solidly white and this light which is my own light, the white light, has an extraordinary power. This is very difficult to have, it is very far away, one has to surpass stages after stages in order to arrive there. This is the true light, and if one takes refuge in this light — my white light — then he has a protection or an incomparable help, he can conquer everything without letting anything touch him. Because, when one is in this light, the hostile forces, as soon as they come in contact, disappear immediately. Not a single contrary force can stay in this white light. Then one is in the Divine’s hand, enveloped by Him. It is the highest possible….

Like this, there are ranges of this transparent light, then more and more white, up to this perfect whiteness. It is this, my light. It is very, very high. It demands a lot of preparation to arrive there. My vital light is transparent, solid, luminous and immobile. For those who have this, they have a supreme protection. It helps one at each step of one’s life. It is very indispensable, it is the light that encircles and protects constantly. For those who have this light, it is a complete protection. Only it is a little difficult to remain immersed in this light, for as soon as one starts to think mentally (gesture) about its effects…. But if one is not agitated or else one does not do any stupid thing, then it remains. If you do stupid things, it will disappear immediately….

Only if one remains calm and tranquil, it remains and it protects — if one is calm and solidly established.

Have you been doing stupid things?

Mother, did someone tell you that?

No, I am not saying that you have done them…. Do you know what I mean by stupid things?

By stupid things I mean: when without even knowing it, one comes out of my protection. Say, now you are enveloped by my vital light, if you come out of this envelope, if you make a hole in this armour and through that the adverse forces can enter into you; if you do an act involuntarily, whatever it may be, you cross over its line of action, it is this, it is in this way that you make a hole without even knowing it. But if you have made a hole or else you invite the forces to penetrate, it is like this that you commit a stupid thing. This is what I call stupid things. When one deviates from the path, even a bit, one does stupid things, because one becomes vulnerable.

Suppose,… this is another case. At night, I protect everyone; I try my best to keep you all under my protection, so that you may not have bad dreams, so that you are protected against the hostile forces, so that you do not fall into an absolute inconscience. That is why, at night, I watch over you all constantly and this is the time when anything can happen, because you remain open to all sorts of attacks. And as you enter into a semi-consciousness or into an inconscience during your sleep, you do not perceive anything that happens at night. That is why, I envelop you all in my light, so that you may not have any bad dreams. Each one, I envelop you, like this, with rings of light, like a cocoon, before you go to sleep so that you can sleep tranquilly and remain under my protection so that nothing can disturb you. And this I try my best, to keep you under my influence. But, there are not many who can retain it. Either they remove it involuntarily, or else they do not prepare themselves, for instance, by taking my name before going to bed or at least try to open their consciousness to mine; anyhow, because they are not ready, that is why they lose the contact with me. They reject the light that protects them and thereby pass frightful nights. Instead, if they meditate a bit before going to sleep and make a small prayer, “I abandon myself completely to You”, then they remain under my protection during the night and nothing can happen to them. They sleep much better and wake up much more fresh and conscious. And one who moves out of my light, becomes the victim of innumerable attacks. It is this that I call doing stupid things. One who, even without knowing it, goes out of my protection commits a stupid thing. It is like this that one commits a lot of stupid things. You understand?

Yes, Mother.

…There are not many who can keep it constantly. It is very difficult. It is an exceptional Grace to be enveloped by my light. Nothing wrong can happen when this light is there, even the illnesses and all that can never touch you. One is completely under me, under my influence. It is I who guide. And if one does not go out voluntarily, this never abandons you.

If one has a faith, a faith that comes from there (the heart) a true faith, then the light cannot disappear, it remains. If one is tranquil and armed with this faith, faith like an intangible sword (Mother shows this with the hand) which does not move, which rises straight up without wavering, well, with this, one is enveloped always by my light. It never abandons one because it finds a suitable ambiance and as it should be.

My child, you should develop this, this faith, then all will go well.

It is a marvellous thing, to be under my supreme protection.

July 2, 1967






Bonjour, Douce Мèrе.

Everyday, it is like this. It is almost 4 o’clock, and so late….

Mother, you say that every day it is like this, that You are late,… but, Mother, for you, what is time? You are above time and space.

Yes, my child, all this does not touch me. I am beyond time and space. Time, as men understand it, does not have any effect on me. It does not bind me. And I am not tied down by the ways of time or space. But the people who work with me, they are all tied down by time, hours and all that and they cannot grasp or follow what I do, or understand what is my domain. And it is absolutely evident, because for them, the sun, day and night and everything follows a regular and successive progression: this now, then that, then the other; at this hour I sleep, at this hour I eat, I go to school — and one follows the other. And men can think only of this sequence of time and this activity fixed for this particular hour. Ordinarily, man cannot go beyond this. He is upset if something does not correspond to the fixed hour. That is why I come down in this plane to work with them. If I remain in that plane of consciousness which is absolutely natural for me, that is to say, above time or its human classification, then no one could have access to me as I would always be inaccessible and incomprehensible. That is why I follow a linear progression, to be understood and to work with them. And work I must. Even when I work, time is only an indication. I am never a slave of time. For me, what I do is always guided from within where time is nothing but a zero. But for man, it is time, the external circumstances which guide him. And it is very difficult for him to think outside time.

And the sadhus and the yogis of ancient times, they used to enter the dark caves to rid themselves, or escape the influence of time, for they could not perceive either day or night as it was dark inside the cave. And they lived in the caves all their life in order to escape from the world which for them was a ‘maya’. But for us, the world is the field of action and it is worth something to transform it. And me, I do not advise this method of escape because as soon as they come out of their caves, they become victims of time and become what they were before, and what I they were afraid of becoming. This is of no value to us.

But for us, where the world is the field of action, one must widen the consciousness and be in touch with the universal consciousness and I abandon oneself completely to the Divine — the action, the work and everything. Then alone can one perceive gradually the action of the Eternal and the Infinite.

But now, to carry out the work harmoniously in the present condition with the people and the time available, one cannot do better otherwise, even though time is only an indication for me. For me, it changes nothing. But if one could stretch time, that is to say, instead of 24 hours in a day, if it were more, even then it would not change much, it would be better than now, but it would not make much of a difference, because we would still be limited by time, the rising of the sun, night and all the habits formed by the surroundings and through time. This is to try to do much, like those who want to stretch time mentally. This is impossible, for it is not so actually. It is as if one wanted to put everything into a small box which can barely contain much. One presses and presses but one does not manage to do it. It is not possible to put everything into a small box. It is not possible. In the same way, one cannot do everything in a single day basing ourselves on the mind. But for me, it is not like this. All this does not touch me. I remain above time or its influences. Time does not have any effect on me, it changes nothing in my work. And with all these differences, I do not complain. I am absolutely calm and I observe.

No, Mother, I do not say that You are complaining. It was just to know that I asked you.

It is all right….

But, Mother, You should not miss your meal. (Sometimes Mother would miss Her meals as it would be so late)

…. In fact, food has no effect on me. I can remain for a long time without food. It is almost not necessary for this body.

January 30, 1966






Bonjour, Douce Мèrе.

What have you brought? Show me. You have brought your note-book?

Yes, Mother, but first, this. (Every month I used to take to the Mother a calendar with a painting, and She would write a prayer for the month.)

Oh, the prayer for this month?

Yes, Mother.

(Mother reads the previous prayers and looks at the new painting)

What is this? Is this ‘Divinité’?[3]

Yes, ‘Divinité’, Mother.

Yes, ‘Godhead’. It is good, all right. (Mother concentrates, then writes the prayer for the month of August:)

“Seigneur Suprême,
Nous T’implorons:

[“Supreme Lord,
We implore Thee:
Manifest Thyself!”]

Yes, that’s it, it is good.

Mother, “Manifest Thyself”, — what is meant by “Manifest Thyself”, like…?

It means, “Manifest Thyself as it should be. Manifest Thyself amongst us”. You do not know what it means, ‘Manifest Thyself’? (in a teasing tone) You know the verb: to manifest? — how does one conjugate it? (in French) “Je me manifeste, tu te manifestes, il se manifeste …” Don’t you know this?

Yes, Mother. But I wanted to know. “Manifest Thyself” — where and when?

Manifest amongst us. But when, I do not know. I am not concerned with it.

But as You have written the prayer for this month, therefore He will manifest in this month, or else You would not have written it for this month. There must be a link somewhere, Mother.

I do not know, my child, I do not know all this. I do not know when He will manifest, how He will manifest and where He will manifest. I implore silently so that He manifests Himself. I do not know all that you are asking me. Because five minutes back I did not know that I was going to write this. I know it only now after having written the prayer. That is all. I do not know and I do not take the trouble to find out all this. I cannot reply. I do not know, my child. Let us just pray.

August 6, 1967


*      *


(When I went to the Mother the next week, I asked Her about the prayer She had written)

Mother, I wanted to ask You about the prayer You gave me last time:

“Seigneur Suprême,
Nous T’implorons:

But Mother, You have already manifested, then what does “Manifest Thyself” mean?

Seen from a certain point of view it is true. But this is not the complete manifestation.

What does it mean? But You are the Supreme. Then what difference is there still? And You are here, You have already manifested. Who else should manifest again?

It is not here as yet (indicating Her body), His complete manifestation. It is not this that He wants. It is not yet fashioned in His mould. It is partially done and it continues, but it is not over. It is not yet luminous, plastic, malleable. It is not that radiant body that shines and emits the light. It is not transparent and luminous like the Lord’s — that body, vibrant and joyous, that does not take any form. That is not yet visible everywhere and for every one. This (indicating Her body) is not that yet. The Lord must manifest Himself here, I am preparing for the day when He will be able to manifest Himself. It progresses, it continues. Only the Lord knows when He will manifest. I know nothing, I do my work without getting impatient and without caring for the result. What He has assigned me to do, I do, — that’s all.

But, Mother, You are the Supreme Lord, then You know all this.

Me, I am the Manifestation, the World, the Universe, the Lord, All — it is the same thing. There is no difference. These are only different forms. In fact, it is the Lord Himself… (indicating Herself). But He has not yet manifested here (indicating the body); the Supreme must manifest Himself here in His totality, in His magnificence. It is this that I await. To make myself visible to all.

You know, perhaps I am asking a bit too much from the Lord. And because He sees it is too much for man to digest, that is why He is taking time. It should be realised now but He knows better. That is why,… or else my demand from Him is much too great for the world. It is not yet ready for that. I asked the Lord to make me visible even to the unbelievers and the most ignorant so that everyone may see me as in that illumined body, that I may be visible to everyone without exception, like a Descent, like the one for whom man has waited — a Benefactor — to assuage him from all his miseries and all his necessities — the Descent of the Truth upon earth. It is this that I ask for. Perhaps it is a bit too much. Anyhow, I wait without haste for that day. I asked what I had to ask of the Lord and it is for Him to ordain. I wait,… I wait….

Who knows, perhaps people do not want this as yet. It will turn the whole world upside down; they are afraid of what they will lose — all their so-called happiness, riches, their way of living, their pleasures, the pettinesses and the ignorance they still cling to and which have become so familiar that they are afraid to lose all this. That is why they do not want this stranger of a Truth to organise all their lives. Truly, they do not want it; they love what they are, they love their ignorance. This is all for them. They do not want me yet, that is why I cannot manifest.

But Mother, we want it, we want to see this radiant and illumined body, this transformed body.

There must be a milieu. There must be some persons who aspire for the manifestation. There must be persons of good will, an environment where men grow, men who aspire for the transformation, for the spontaneous collaboration and for harmony and peace and all that. There must be a suitable milieu so that I can descend. It is this that is still lacking. Is there one person who can say that he has no ego, that he is entirely for the Divine? Completely surrendered and without reserve? Is there one? …Not yet. I wait.

We will see when it shall be done. Let us wait. We will see, we will see the day when the Supreme Lord will manifest Himself here below (indicating Herself).

Mother, You have that patience; but we would like that it is done quickly.

All depends on the Lord, it is He who has patience. I do only what He tells me to do. It is His work and He takes care of everything. If He wants that it should be done now, the Supreme will manifest Himself here immediately. That is all. It is all His power. If He does not want it now, it will not be done. That is all. It is the Lord who directs everything. I say nothing.

Mother, again You are saying the same thing, although You have all the powers and You can do anything. If You want, You can do it right now.

No, my child, I am no one, I do nothing. I do nothing but what He dictates me to do. Perhaps He does not do it now, this miracle, because He knows better, because the world will burst into pieces if the Lord descended with His omnipotence. The world is not yet ready. That is why He waits. Perhaps He is experimenting and has found that the world cannot bear this grandeur of a miracle, even for a moment….

You know, that is why when there was a miracle, it never lasted for a long time. It was just for a moment. People would see, absolutely wonder-struck, this strange phenomenon; even for that moment people could not bear it. It became too much. That is why the miracles never lasted for a long time, because people are not ready for this sudden change.

Who knows, perhaps the Lord had descended here for a moment and had found that people could not bear it, or else the environment was not ready. It is for this that He waits. Maybe, He had manifested for a moment, and no one knew anything. It could also be this: He had manifested here for a moment. He alone knows…. But we shall see what He wants. We must be patient. I wait and I wait without paying any attention to all this. Because what is best, He will do. That is why I am not anxious to know when, how, and where He is going to manifest. Quietly I wait, knowing that one day He will manifest here (indicating Her body). The other things, — it is His affair, it is He who takes care of them. I know nothing.

And yet, You and the Supreme are the same, and You have descended here to accomplish this manifestation.

Yes, it is true. In spirit He has already manifested here, but not yet in His totality in this body. He has not yet manifested here. If He had, it would be completely different. This (the body) is nothing at present, it is but an illusion that you see. It does not have any existence. It is nothing at all. It is… Phou! Like this…

Anyway, now I do not speak any more. It is over.

Why, Mother?

Because I do not want to mention it anymore. I should not speak of all this. It is finished. I remain absolutely silent….

It is already late.

Au revoir….

Au revoir, Douce Mère.

August 13, 1967






Bonjour, Douce Mère.

(Mother holds my hands and concentrates for a while)

Something to say?

It has stopped, Mother.

What has stopped?

The sensations and the vibrations.


Mother, when You do not touch me, it stops. I do not feel the vibrations.

All right, all right, now I understand.

As soon as I let go of Your hand, it stops.

And what do you feel?

I feel the vibrations…. (Mother holds my hands and concentrates for some time.) But Mother, why do I feel the things through sensations and vibrations and not through visions and experiences and all that?

But it is all right. What, you like visions?

But Mother, I do not see them.

You want to see visions…? What?

Mother I have read that if one has such experiences, one sees visions and there are others which follow.

And where did you read it?

Perhaps, in On Yoga, I think, Mother.

Oh, On Yoga, and you want to compare them? … You know it is not an individual’s experience that He [Sri Aurobindo] has dealt with. You see this, therefore it is that which must follow. No, no, it is far from that. He has dealt with the experiences of hundreds and thousands of people, only it is a conglomeration of thousands of experiences so it is vast and complete. It is difficult. It does not deal specifically with each individual.

You know, I work in matter, the material body, my work is directly in the material body and there one receives only the vibrations and the sensations and not the visions and experiences, etc. Because I work in the material and physical world, I can communicate directly through the vibrations and it is this that has the best effect on the physical body. It is, moreover, the most direct contact with the Supreme truth. It is only by the vibrations that I work with the individual in the physical plane because this is the most true and pure means which comes directly from the Supreme.

It is this that can radically change the consciousness, and because it is on the most material physical plane, therefore it has a greater influence on the other parts of the body, and it is this which is the basis of the transformation of the physical body. It is vibration alone which has a direct effect on the physical body, not visions and experiences, etc., — all that belongs to the mental or rather to the vital, you understand?

The visions, etc. belong to the vital-physical or the mental-physical plane and have a somewhat subtle and vague effect and are not so direct. They come and pass and leave a small imprint and that’s all; whereas the vibrations work for concrete results and penetrate deep into the being. And if one can remain absolutely calm and open, then the vibrations can bring down the whole Truth.

You know, when I work and I send a force to someone, and if he receives it in the form of vibrations and not visions or experiences, then he receives it in as complete and pure a form as he is capable of. And it is more direct and much more effective. And it is also the same for the Supreme Truth. When It wants to bring down something on the earth, It sends a tiny vibration which is charged and which penetrates Matter and from there It vibrates and works silently for its realisation. And it is the surest way.

Matter is very close to the Supreme where vibrations are concerned, for it can receive the forces directly only through vibrations.

When the Supreme wants to carry out something, He sends a vibration that works effectively on the body without any intermediary, for it is like this that the body becomes conscious. But the visions and all that, they are transcriptions and have to pass through intermediaries and are not so effective; but the vibrations — it is the direct energy of the Supreme. It is this that comes directly from the Supreme. It possesses the same force when it enters into the individual and there is no loss in the process and one becomes conscious, the body retains that vibration. But the visions, etc. are the transcriptions of the Supreme force, they are clumsy and are not direct and do not have the efficacy, because they have to pass through an intermediary which is either the mind or the vital. And one cannot call the Supreme by the thought, one cannot think of the Supreme Truth with the mind. It is impossible. It is a phantasmagoria that one creates by the mind. To define the Supreme, — it is absurd! There is no truth in what one creates by the mind, absolutely no truth. One constructs something false to satisfy one’s ego.

I do not like visions and all that because they become something that one can boast about and show to the others: “Look what I have seen or heard!” Whereas the vibration acts quietly and effectuates the necessary changes much more effectively, because it is a state that is and does not show itself, but which has an extraordinary power. You know, to arrive at this state, to feel this vibration which comes from the Supreme, one must be absolutely tranquil… a tranquillity, a perfect tranquillity without any mental constructions, but an absolute tranquillity… and all of a sudden one perceives, not by the mind, but one feels a vibration, which is almost not a vibration but a tiny stirring — which is nearly imperceptible because it is a state that is. And it is only in a perfect tranquillity and transparency that one receives this indication. And it is this tiny vibration of the Supreme which is behind the whole creation. It is this that sustains the entire world. And one finds this only in a perfect tranquillity. And one should not mistake this tranquillity for…. It is not a tranquillity which tends towards tamas or inertia, but it is a tranquillity which is ever conscious, all-absorbing, and which is charged and which vibrates and which has a transforming intensity. It is this that I call tranquillity, it is something that works itself out. When one has attained this state which is tranquil and peaceful, only then does one come in contact with the vibration which is behind all manifestation and it is this which gives the necessary impetus to realise something. Besides, there is another state which comes later and which is higher than this, but that is for later on, and it is not necessary that one knows it now. It is another state.

It is only in tranquillity that one perceives this vibration which is nearly imperceptible, for it comes directly from the Supreme. And the Supreme acts in the calm and tranquillity…. You see then, it is the best means to receive when I send a force to do the necessary work. It is the vibration or rather the sensation of touch which receives this vibration that I send. It is through the touch and the taste that the vibration can be transmitted. The vision belongs to the mental region and it is somewhat bound by its own domain. And when one hears a beautiful music or one smells the sweet perfume of a beautiful rose, these things belong to the vital. When one smells something beautiful and hears something beautiful: a voice or something, — all these come from the vital world whereas the touch, is the best means of transmitting these vibrations.

You know, in fact, I also work with vibration. I receive the vibration of men, of things that happen, of events, of the whole universe — all through vibrations. In the same way I send my help and all that in the form of vibrations which act according to the individual. Sometimes they see my form, my light … it depends. But it is through vibrations that I work.

It is by the original vibration that the Supreme had created the world and the whole universe. It is this that has taken different forms. The vibration planted itself in matter and from there, like a wave of vibration which passes, it shook the base to arrive at this result. This is the creative force behind the whole universe. At first, there was a vibration. The Supreme sent forth a vibration which by variations took the forms to create this universe. He has charged matter with this vibration. All is nothing but the effect of vibration. It is His Presence. He has awakened the inconscience by projecting this vibration which is at the base of everything. All the movements which we perceive are due to the Original Vibration.

That is why, I tell you that to feel this vibration is the most direct contact with the Divine. And it is by far the best, for there are no detours or transcriptions, it is absolutely direct and goes back to the origin.

Au revoir.

I will see you next Sunday.

Au revoir, Douce Mère.

June 26, 1966





Bonne Fête!

This is beautiful. (Mother picks up the flower ‘Attachment for the Divine’[4] ) It is pretty. Well, this is for putting in there, ‘Unselfishness’[5]. Yes, I have all that is required to complete the bouquet. Now all this is complete. And I will now explain to you. Do you know what these four flowers signify?

Yes, Mother.

This is what I have prepared as the answer to what you had sent to me this morning. This is the base for everything — Unselfishness — the base for the ordinary life, for the life of yoga or for the spiritual life. Without this one can do nothing. It is the base — not to do things for one’s pleasure, to satisfy the little ego, but to learn to widen oneself, to open, to give oneself, not for the separate ego but for the others — an act of offering to the One who guides us. Unselfishness, that is the base, to do the best one can do and with the only aim of giving oneself entirely. And then, ‘Faith’[6] in the all-puissance, that is the ‘Divine Love’[7]; faith only in what the Divine Love is. And this is what effectuates the total ‘Transformation’[8]. These are the indispensable qualities at the base of all transformation. Develop in you this (Unselfishness), this (Faith) and this (Divine Love) then the fourth one (Transformation) will be within your reach. (Gesture) You see, now it is complete and also my answer.

The Mother’s Room


The Mother in Her Room


You know, what I see there, in my room, and what I see here[9], there is a lot of difference. There, when I see people, it is a physical contact with me. I see them and there is an exchange, but it is a physical contact. Physically, I meet them. Naturally I see the possibilities and all that they are capable of, their state of consciousness and their aspirations. I see their soul and with that the possibilities of their aspiration. It is, moreover, a direct contact with the subtle physical and all that is around them. It is this that I usually see, I do not see his appearance or how he is dressed. I see what he embodies, his soul and the progress he is capable of. In one glance I know what he can do. I do not need to examine him. For me, when I see someone it is this which emerges from him, his state of consciousness, his soul; and not the appearance — all that I do not see, for I am not interested in all that — not what he has as material possession or if he is rich or not. All this does not interest me.

When I see someone, I see his true being and it is that which tells me all that this person is. For some, it is a bit hazy and for others, a bit more dear. By seeing that, I know if he has possibilities for a spiritual life or not and I do not take time, just like that, in a single glance I know. And I give him what is necessary for him.

Whereas, when I see someone here, it is absolutely different, because it is not I who see here but the Lord. You know, it is here that I usually see people, that is why it is called the ‘Interview Room’. And when I see, them here it is not I who am presiding but the Lord.

The ‘Interview Room’


The Mother in the ‘Interview Room’


Before calling in the people, I concentrate on the Lord. And when He appears, I go behind Him, as behind a veil, and I give Him the whole charge of the morning for meeting people. Only I tell myself: Let the best happen to those who come to see me now, let them live in the Peace and the Light of the Lord. And saying this, I offer everything to Him and I go behind Him like someone who witnesses. And from that moment, it is He who presides, not me. It is a complete surrender to Him. Only I watch from behind all that goes on: how He envelops all with His Love and His Compassion. ‘Let the best happen to those who are touched by the Lord’. He bathes them in His atmosphere so that the people can live in the Peace and the Light. And this is the chance of their life, for it is the Lord who acts, and me, I am completely identified with Him. It is He who presides. It is so beautiful. You know, I remain detached like this (gesture) and I see the events pass and it is an altogether different contact. It is not that He does not come in contact with the soul of the persons who come to visit me, but He invites them to live this life. He shows them what is this love which purifies all, the Divine compassion and protection, He bathes you in this atmosphere. He leads you like this by the hand and shows you the divine joy. It is an absolutely different experience. It lifts you up completely towards the heights which one cannot imagine. Here, it is an experience of another kind. I usually see you there (in the Mother’s room), and today I see you here in another way.

Here, it is my aspect of Love and Compassion which predominates. It is He who pours His Love here. And there, you know it well, you come to visit me every Sunday, and it is a direct contact with the soul.

January 19, 1967





… Well, it is what I see when I see people. I see all in the subtle physical … sometimes it is in perpetual movement, that is the truth that nothing is inert or fixed or stable. It is always in continuous movement. Each thing, even the stone, is in reality in perpetual movement.

The truth is that nothing is fixed, everything changes. Outwardly, one sees nothing. Ordinarily one sees an object and there is no mutation, no change; it is fixed in one place and remains as it is but when we have this perception of the subtle world we see at each instant that it is a thing which is transforming itself, which is a movement; and in reality it is that.

Behind all this appearance there is a force which acts, the Force of the Supreme because of which each thing changes. It is the law of creation and it is His force which acts even through a stone. When one has this vision, one sees that everything is in movement. It changes, it changes … it changes; there is nothing that is fixed in this universe.

It is but now that science has found that everything is in movement, even the inert objects, all that exists is a huge game of forces.

Yes, Mother, the atoms and the molecules are always in movement.

There is nothing that is permanent or fixed, it is only the play of various forces; the atoms are in movement and it is this which constitutes the objects, therefore it is always in movement. It is not an immobile or inert thing. Apparently it is inert, but in fact the atoms are always in movement. This is only the first step on the path which the scientists have discovered. It is just a step; then there are lots of things to discover, that even what one sees as immobile objects … in reality nothing is immobile or fixed. It is always in mutation and movement. Science has discovered that outwardly it is fixed but in essence the atoms which constitute things are in movement. It is advancing bit by bit. Then they will see that even what one sees as fixed is not so in reality … this is the essence. This is the truth behind things. It is in the subtle world that the truth of things is found. Everything … everything, everything is in movement. Everything advances towards this, imperceptibly, towards the goal — that is why it is in movement….

When one concentrates, one enters into the subtle world and then there is also a moment when nothing exists anymore….

Yes, it is with open eyes, not with closed eyes, that one sees. With closed eyes one sees many things. One enters the vital or the mental world and one has very varied experiences. I am not talking about that: but when with open eyes one enters into the subtle physical one passes in front of the screen and nothing exists any longer. I am talking about that….

You know, when I see people, this is exactly what happens. I do not see them as they are in the subtle physical with their faults and their good qualities. No one can hide anything in front of me. I see what a person is in reality. I see his personality, I see his form, only a vague form, but I see all that he is, and it is this that interests me and which has a value for me. I see the man as he is. Sometimes I see only the subtle physical, sometimes I see it a bit mixed. Sometimes I see it transparent, then it is as clear as daylight. The person appears transparent before me, I see his soul, I see behind him all his possibilities, I see in this manner what he has, what he possesses, what he will become. I can work, and I can work very easily upon him. This is the best that can be — transparent and open. In this manner I see in his subtle physical what he truly is and in one look I see everything. And all this is always in movement. It is not something fixed and immobile. No, it varies, it changes constantly; sometimes what I see is moving farther and farther away, then it is just under my nose, very near. It is like that….

I am seeing, I am seeing and puff! It has disappeared. There is nothing. No one is in front — only a void. Then suddenly, it grows large, then it becomes small, it is a perpetual game which changes, it is always in movement. How interesting it is to see all this!

It is exact the vision of the subtle physical.

August 13, 1967




(One day, while talking about Savitri, the Mother said:)


… Like Savitri, the Prayers and Meditations has the same intensity of vibration and rhythm, the same origin, the same intuition, in fact, the same revelation with the power to transform. All that I have spoken about Savitri applies also for Prayers and Meditations; only His [Sri Aurobindo’s] is in English, in beautiful poetry, whereas mine is in French, and in prose. They are my experiences, descriptions of my experiences, of my sadhana….

… Not only the body, but even the substance is the same. It is the same consciousness with the same power of manifestation — descriptions of the journey of the soul to the Supreme. The same substance in two identical approaches, in two different forms. In fact, the same vision — the Truth to be realised….


*     *



You have written in Prayers and Meditations:

“This book comprises extracts from a diary written during years of intensive yogic discipline. It may serve as a spiritual guide to three principal categories of seekers: those who have undertaken self-mastery, those who want to find the road leading to the Divine, those who aspire to consecrate themselves more and more to the Divine Work.”

Among these three, which path should one choose and practise?

It is not a choice, it is a progression. One begins with the first one, then one passes on to the second, all the while retaining the first. And he who wants to follow the third should have, at the same time, the first and the second — for the third is impossible without the first two.

May 20, 1951




It is You who give me my prayer, it is You who pray for me, it is You who grant me this marvellous Grace; as it is You who have wished, therefore it is already realised. Then, what is this game, Mother?[10]

This is the universal game and it will be perfectly harmonious when men will have understood it!

September 10, 1967






Bonjour, Douce Mère.

… You see, the Supramental has begun its work … it is evident…. For it to work, one must be pure, without stain or desires, nor cast a shadow in the purifying light. These are the conditions. It is difficult, but one has to prepare oneself…. And you will see how the very aspect of life changes, the very perspective, the attitude, all, everything takes a new form. And the immeasurable effect of the peace and the ecstasy seizes you. It cannot be compared to anything that one has felt before. Unbelievable! You will see, wait with patience….

But do you read the Bulletins sometimes? I give there my recent experiences, of what I am doing on my body, where the Supramental Force is working incessantly to transform it. These are moments lived, states of consciousness which unify my whole being, its movements, and its sensations in one single aspiration, infusing the Light, the Peace and the Ananda in a perpetual interchange. It is this, the effect of the transformation.

All this, I am giving a little of these experiences in the Bulletins under the title ‘Notes on the Way’ or ‘A Propos’. If you read it, it will give you a glimpse of what I have been able to establish in my body in a permanent way — the effect of the work of the Supramental transformation. This will guide you with assurance to advance on the way…. The infallible guide …

But… you understand, it is absolutely new, of an exceptional kind, which does not have a precedent, no one knows, no one has traversed this route, never has anyone had the experience of the Supramental world. It is for the first time that I have traced the route. Therefore, nowhere will you find the necessary help, the process to follow, how to overcome, how to face in order to surmount the difficulties, how one must stand in front of this dazzling light and the crushing force of the Supramental world, how one must be pure and without desires, in a transparent manner, to be able to open to this domain. For all these difficulties, I have given the key and the necessary directions to advance on this unknown path.

But one must be brave and intrepid, have an unvarying faith to walk on this path. Not to hesitate, not to be half here and half there that leads you nowhere. But to launch oneself with the convicted to conquer — whatever may happen. Then the recompense — it is the Supreme Beatitude. One thing I can assure you, that there is nothing equal to it, nothing more perfect, nothing more beautiful, more true and more vast. It is this … and it exists. And it is worth the trouble to lose all in order to gain all in Him.

It is sill that I am experiencing and feeling in such a real manner that my past conceptions, the ways of living, the attitude, the thoughts, all, all seem to vanish in irreality and that only the concrete experience of Matter is permanent….

It is this that I have given in the Bulletins — a little of my experiences, not entirely, but a bit, — like an indication of what I am doing, and all that I am experimenting and fee splendour that I did not know at all. Do you read them?

Yes, Mother, but it is very difficult to understand. (Mother smiles)

Yes, when you will have climbed to this stage you will understand better. And yet, all the directions are given, the steps and also the essence of what I am experiencing. But it is not put in the language that we speak or write. It is absolutely different and moulded in a sort of expression which suggests, rather than explains; and it is charged by a power which expresses and a light which illumines by itself without taking recourse to the words or their meaning. There are no sentences as we ordinarily have, with the verbs and the complement which accord wife each other, with the turn of phrases and expressions similar to what we find in the books which give a precise meaning. But it is absolutely different here. It is the sound and the vibration which evoke a feeling, an emotion which give the indication of what we feel, but do not correspond to the ordinary sense — it is implied.

You see, I have stated these experiences which in fact cannot be formulated by the ordinary sentences and expressions, because it is so subtle, so sublime and suggests spiritual values which cannot be translated by these sentences and these expressions. The felicity, the joy, the aura and the spirit behind these expressions can be translated only by the projection of a state of consciousness in short sentences and appropriate expressions which are not found in our poor vocabulary. That is why for an intellectual or an erudite, this will be only a child’s babbling. They would understand nothing of what is written. The meaning is not exactly what the words stand for, that is the meaning and the explanation that the dictionaries give. But behind the words and the expressions or just beneath the lines are to be found a feeling, an effect of what I want to say but that is implied, which, in fact, projects the true meaning to the readers who are open and receptive.

You see, as in all that Sri Aurobindo has written, it is certainly not for the intellectuals to decipher, analyse and arrive at a conclusion by their logic. It surpasses all their comprehension. It is not by the intellect that one can understand Sri Aurobindo, or by the mind with its diverse faculties, — it is impossible. It is only with the help of the intuition and an inner illumination which opens the closed doors of the mind to what is above, which perceives and assimilates the true meaning,… it is in the flight of liberty, from the vastness of the regions beyond the imaginations where the Word is born that his pen describes and brings down the Supreme Knowledge. That is why each word, each sound, each expression, each vibration that they emit is charged with an ineffable force and an illumining light which can be expressed only by as many planes of consciousness that man has at his disposal. He who seeks the Truth of existence finds the highest he can reach in its true revelation. It is so, each word He has written is charged with a consciousness and an ineffable light which projects itself according to what is proper to the plane and to the level of the development of the consciousness of the reader. And at each level the meaning is different, and yet it is the same word which expresses a range of different significances. One must try to find the spirit behind the words whose value is expressed by the thousands of associations of beauty and of splendour. It is, above all, the rhythm, the cadence, the harmony, the colour, the beauty embellishing by the sound, the lucidity of expression, the subtlety of the thoughts and the spiritual ardour which He has so easily described in so simple and so profound a language, as if He has opened the celestial doors from where cascades the Divine Grace, the Grace which is accessible to all those who will take the pains to read his books.

And what I have done is to project the experiences which I have had, the words which I hear in the depths of my being, the soul-state that evokes the Inexpressible in visible forms, the perception of the Imperceptible, — not by the association of words or ideas, but by the vibration, — … a certain state produces a certain experience, a certain mode produces a certain perception. All this does not occur one after another, but it is simultaneous, synthetic and universally one, something which cannot be expressed. It is this … it acts … and it manifests. There is no mind, no formation, and it surpasses all the knowledge, conceived or expressed.

It is a new language or mode of expression where the words or the expressions express only the substance; but I was compelled to take recourse to words and sentences, just to seem to say what I wanted to express, just to guide, so that what is not written expresses itself from behind the words like an intuition. And when the expressions stop abruptly… with three points, what I want to say ought to reveal itself in what is not expressed by the words…. In the silence that follows is the great mystery to be found.

That is what you must find, — the state that the experience has revealed: not by following the meaning of the word, of the expression, not even by the impression, but a direct communication of this experience by a sort of revelation, of that which seems to be expressing itself, translating itself; it is not uttered, it suggests, and we understand without it being said or pronounced, something that beckons like a vibration murmuring in the soul, the revelation of this experience and of what follows, that which is not written. And consequently what ought to follow becomes more important and implies a whole series of revelations that develop more and more. It is as if one stands before the silence that is like a wall, and toc! one passes through and one finds oneself before the immensity from where the splendours of Knowledge flow towards you. It is like discovering the hidden treasure from where springs forth the joy of consciousness. In fact, what has not been said indicates that which has to be found. It is this….

It is this that you have to find in order to understand better what I have left unsaid. Look here…. The experience itself reveals its form and projects the all-powerful Truth that it contains without the intermediary of word or expression, Find what is behind and you have all that you want. Do not try to work things out with the mind. This surpasses everything.

Voilà! Au revoir.

Yes, Mother.

Au revoir, Douce Mère.





Fairy Tales


…You know, when I was young, very small, about five or six years old, I was capable of guiding myself. I knew what was pleasing and good for me, and what was not.

When I was a child, I loved these fairy tales very much. I passed hours reading these tales, truly I enjoyed them; but only the fairy tales full of sweetness, of harmony, with pleasing and beautiful events, nice things, and which showed the good side of life; but never the tales which described the bad, the pain, the bad qualities or the characters that degenerate — all that I never read. I had a spontaneous horror for these tales. I did not like those bizarre and petty tales. But the beautiful stories, I had a great liking for them. And I remember that in my imagination, I would enter into the skies, the clouds, the heavens and all that was beautiful in the tales, the wonders, the palaces and the peaceful and joyous places. All that pleased me very much. And I entered these places in my imagination. I did all this by myself.

I knew how to choose the good from the bad.

March 20, 1967





Cured by Rain


… I remember an incident; it was a long time ago, but it is as clear as if it had happened some days back. I had a fever and I was feeling uneasy; so I went out of the house for a walk in the fields to breathe the fresh air. Suddenly, it started to rain, and I was in the middle of the meadows, alone, with the vast sky above me for shelter! and nothing all around. And it was pouring. And I was enjoying myself and frolicking like a little child free of worries. I was completely wet and water ran down my body. I remained like that so that the rain may wash me of all my defects and all my pains and charge me with the force and energy that it contains. I felt already a sort of peace and sweetness entering in me and the body was vibrating physically with an unknown joy. And my fever and all that, — gone, and I was feeling not only normal but also full of vigour. In half an hour I knew what the rain could do. For me, it was truly an experience….

If man could take advantage of all that Nature offers, without his mind intervening, he could have avoided much harm, much worry, in order to live a simple and healthy life. He is afraid of doing this and that, he is terrified of breaking his mental formations and he recoils before his habits and his past. If he were not afraid, if he did not have this fear — it is a fear which gnaws at his very existence — he could have lived a noble and a gracious life. But … it is better not to speak about this miserable condition and all that he lacks.

The rain — it is like a Grace that god sends to bless the earth and to purify it. It is this that gives life to Nature and the animals. It has an extraordinary power of purification. When it comes down, it vivifies Nature and fills it with a joy of life. It helps us in so many ways. As soon as the rain comes down, it purifies the atmosphere of all the negative formations that we throw in the air and the harmful forces that constantly try to destroy us. It makes the atmosphere clear and limpid and in a way cleanses the atmosphere of all these impurities. There are also the hostile forces who live in the atmosphere and they are afraid of water, and as soon as it rains they flee, and if they cannot, they are dissolved. That is why there is a sort of peace that is established in the atmosphere after the rain….

(On another occasion, the Mother spoke about the good effects of the rain.)

The rain is for one who wants to purify himself.

It washes you of all your defects, errors and your impurities. The rain has the power to purify the earth, the atmosphere and the people living in it. But one must keep oneself open, without the slightest fear — the fear of catching cold or falling sick. If we keep ourselves open to the vast above us and let the rain purify us, then there is a concrete result.



Coming out of the Body



Bonjour, Douce Mère.

(Mother admires the leaves that somebody had given Her) It is beautiful, isn’t it? These leaves, we do not find them here. They are from the oak tree. You see the colours?

Yes, Mother.

(Mother shows a card She has received)

And these are Narcissus flowers on the card. Someone has brought them now from Switzerland …

(Mother speaks about other things and then says:)

You know, one of the first times when I came out of my body, it was in a train. I think it was one of the first times, well, it was probably one of the first times. It happened like this: I was travelling in a fast train towards Marseille. It was a fast train which went directly from Paris to Marseille. Only it stopped briefly midway. I forget the name of the station…. Yes, yes, it was Lyon. This fast train started towards evening from Paris, stopped at Lyon for some minutes, and the next morning we alighted in Marseille. It was long, the distance, but as it was a fast train which stopped nowhere except in Lyon, and at the end of the night, we found ourselves in Marseille. And this train was fast. As I had the whole night to travel I looked for a place in the compartment to sleep or to stretch myself. Then, I lay down and I fell asleep.

Then, I came out of my body after some time, and I began to wander in the train, in the corridors, in the long compartment where I saw people who were sleeping, each one in his own way. They slept soundly and I saw these people. I passed from one compartment to the other and I was floating here and there. It was so amusing to see these people who were sleeping peacefully. I did not disturb them, but I saw them as clearly as one would see them with the physical eyes. I tell you, it was as concrete as seeing them physically.

Then I roamed a little more and when I returned, I saw that my body was rigid and immobile. The first impression I had was that the body I left behind had no life. It was as immobile as that. I looked at it from above as if it was a garment that I had discarded in order to take up another. Moreover, the experience was so concrete and living that there was no doubt that it was by far the best way to see things. Then when I re-entered into this rigid body, I remembered one after another, what had happened, and how I came out of this body and began to move from one compartment to another to see the spectacle which was unfolding in this fast train while they were sleeping at night. And early in the morning, when I woke up, I went round to see the compartments in order to verify whether my experience was real. And what did I see? It was the same scene that I had seen at night. I found each one in his place as I had seen them last night. They were nearly in the same position. I could recognise them very well, for it was still vivid in my memory. And it was exactly what I was witnessing now physically, as concrete as this. This experience reinforced my conviction that there was a truer way of seeing than with these physical eyes.


*      *


I had a similar experience in Paris, when I fainted on the road. It was during that period, I forget in which year it was, but it happened like this: I had had a heavy dinner in the evening and then I went to see a film. After the film, I came out with all that crowd which was still coming out and I found myself in the middle of all these people. Suddenly, I felt something strange. I felt giddy and I was feeling very uneasy, and I do not know how — plop! — I fainted, falling on the road. I do not remember any more what happened to me. Of course, there was someone with me who was trying to take care of me. A minute later, I saw that my body was lying on the road and there was a crowd looking at this body that had fainted. I asked myself: “What is this? What has happened to me? Why am I like this, lying on the road?” It was embarrassing, lying there on the road. So I hurried to enter in the body that had fainted. And as soon as I entered it, the body stood up with a start, as if nothing had happened. I think I had indigestion, because I had truly eaten a very rich meal. But the most important thing is that even when I did not have a consciousness in the physical body, still there was another consciousness which saw and directed me, otherwise it could not have lifted up a body that had fainted.

And I tell you, it is not only with this physical body that one sees, but there are other and better means to see and feel than with this physical body.

But, to learn all this, I did not practise yoga or do some special exercises. It came to me like this, like some events in life.

Naturally, Mother.

Why, ‘naturally’?

Because … from where are you coming…? … from high above — the Supreme. That is why, all this is natural for You, but for us, it is not like this. A lot of effort is needed. You forget that, Mother. (Mother laughs)

As I was telling you, in order to feel or see better, one does not need this body or these eyes. This body has no importance at all. It is like the clothes that one changes. As soon as one completes the experience with this body, one takes up another one to have other experiences. It is the same thing when one throws away one garment in order to take up another. When this is worn out you will throw away this shirt, won’t you? Likewise with the body, this (the body) serves nothing. It has no importance.

No, Mother, it is not true.

How is it not true?

It is evident, Mother, one cannot compare Your body with a piece of cloth. The body has a very great importance in life. And Your body is something else. It is completely different. It is a divinised body. One cannot compare it with ours.


When I see You, I see You like this, in this body. At night, when I see You, You are exactly like this.

You see me like this at night? You do not see me in different forms? But it is strange; generally, when people see me, they see me altogether different, in different forms.

Yes, I see You in this body but sometimes, it is very…


Yes, Mother, large.

Yes, that is what I wanted to say… very large.

And sometimes, You seem to me very young.

No, not young but without age.



So, You see, it is in this body that one sees you. Again, when I touch Your gown, I do not feel any vibration from it. On the contrary, when I touch Your body I perceive a vibration.

(Mother laughs) Yes, my child, there is a lot of difference, between this (the gown) and the body.

You cannot compare these two. And You told me that You were doing the yoga in the physical, in the body, for the transformation and that You were working on the cells…

Yes, my child, but it is very difficult and terribly slow, taking up cell after cell, it takes a lot of time. In such a long time, I have managed to do only half the work. No! not even half, one fourth of the work. It is very slow, and it takes an enormous amount of time.

Once, I went to Sri Aurobindo to know how long one has to wait and I asked: “How much time does it take to change this … into that?” and Sri Aurobindo replied to me: “It takes about 300 years for the physical transformation.” Three hundred years, it is long for a lifetime. However, I am not disheartened, one does what one can and as best as possible. That’s all.

Now, I am not allowed to come out of my body. And I take this time to do what is possible. I work, but this (the skin) to change into that, it is (pinching herself) difficult. The exterior does not change so fast but it makes no difference, because inside it is charged with consciousness. One cannot imagine, how much I am charged with consciousness and force. It vibrates with strength. And now, I am very sensitive, very, very conscious. This is what I have done. But, I tell you it is full, and I feel myself vibrating with consciousness.

I work and we shall do something.


Have you understood now?

Yes, Mother.

September 25, 1966



(When I went to the Mother the next time, the topic of coming out of the body continued.)


Bonjour, Douce Mère.

What is it?

Mother, last time, You had told me that You are not allowed to come out of Your body. But why, Mother?…

I do not come out, because it is no longer necessary.

But, Mother, does it mean that You do not come out at night, to visit people, as You used to do before?

That, I was doing at least half a century ago. But now, I do not do it any longer. I have stopped it long back. That does not mean I do not see people. On the contrary, I do all that now and much better than before, remaining here. Do you think that I am limited only to this body? No, I am everywhere and at every moment, I know all that is happening in the world, because I am directing them myself. It is true that I do not come out of the body now, because it is no longer necessary. It was only a phase in sadhana, and I have left it behind. Now I am completely different. Even if I try to come out of the body now, I think I will not be able to because I have so many other things to do that it would be impossible for me to come out of the body. It is in fact a stage of experience that I have accomplished a long time back.

I think, it was in 1904 or … 5 till, … 1914… yes, before the War, and it was in France that I used to come out of the body. It came to me naturally, and I practised it, I think for these 10 years and I mastered it. I could come out of the body at any place and at any time.

I remember very well, in those days, when I fell sick and that I would rest on the bed or stretch myself comfortably on the divan and then I would come out of the body, I would float above the sick body and see it from above and drive away the sickness from this physical body. Because, being above the body, I could see where the pain was, then I would put the force there for curing it. And like that, I would be cured very fast. Usually, it is done like that. But now, I do it in a different way. And I do not need to go out of my body. You understand?

Yes, Mother.

October 2, 1966



Will Power



Bonjour, Douce Mère!

What? What happened? (pointing to my bandaged foot) You hurt yourself? How? While playing?

No, Mother, not while playing. We were working, and there was sand there, and the ladder slipped, and I fell down.

Is it serious? Anything broken? Any fracture or…?

No, Mother, nothing like that… it’s not so serious…


Truly, Mother.

So you had a narrow escape! (Mother laughs) Come, walk a little, let me see how serious it is. (I walk with a limp) Oh! Is it as bad as that? Your leg cannot support you … and you say it is not serious! My God, look, you have sprained your ankle.

No, Mother, it is not so serious. It will be all right in a couple of days.

Let us hope you will be all right soon. Take rest and do not try any tricks now. Avoid walking; walk as little as possible. A complete rest, that would be best. Unless you use crutches to go to the bathroom and for essential needs…. But do you know how to walk with crutches?

It is not difficult; yes, Mother, I can walk with crutches.

But be careful with these things, and especially do not fall down and come back to me with fractured bones. (In a teasing tone) It will look strange; with these crutches, you will look like a soldier wounded during the war. With these bandages and crutches, one could easily take you for a wounded soldier coming back from the war. And they seem to be proud of it. Anyway…. Be careful and do things slowly, slowly… do not try to walk before it is cured.

You know, I remember something that happened to me when I was quite young: I think I must have been … fifteen or sixteen at that time, and I was full of enthusiasm. Now and then, when the weather was fine, I used to go for excursions with some friends. We were six or seven girls; I do not remember all the details, but we used to go for long excursions. I was quite strong and well built, and we had a lot of fun crossing the meadows, going to the countryside near the hills, doing our little cooking, and all that. We spent some beautiful time under the blue sky, and we came back in the evening.

But one day, during one of these excursions, — we were on cycles — we decided to have a race, just like that. This was a mountainous region where the climbs were difficult and the descending slopes very, very steep. We were descending extremely fast, and suddenly, I don’t know, I had not noticed that there was on the road a big hole which was covered with grass and I could not see it, and I went right into it and with a rude shock I was violently thrown against the rocks by the side of the road. I almost fainted and the pain was so acute that I could not move at all. The acute pain immobilised me, I could hardly breathe: it was so painful, and the whole body was as if numb, paralysed. I did not know what to do. I was in a miserable state. And I said to myself: “But what has happened to me?” For about two minutes, I think, I was in shock. Then I pulled myself together a little, but the pain was unbearable. So I started concentrating to get rid of the pain which I could feel in my whole body. It was from the lumbar region (the lower part of the spine) that the pain began. I think it must have been a pinched nerve that had paralysed the body. But a few minutes later, I got things under control. I saw that my friends had come and were staring at me with utter consternation as I lay on the ground in this pitiful condition. They were scared seeing me in this state because they knew me a little and also knew that I never complained of anything. But I already had the situation under control, having detached myself from the pain. I had some knowledge of these things, and I asked them to lift me up. As soon as I got up I felt pain in the lumbar region — as if I had been stabbed. Worse than that. But I did not show anything in front of my friends. Without wincing, I endured silently.

Then they helped me back on my cycle, and pushed me with great difficulty because I could not use my legs. And I kept telling myself: “But what has happened to me, Lord? Why? And moreover, in such a desolate place? Help me.” I do not know how my friends brought me back home because I was praying and was in a state of trance.

But once I was home, I could work on myself. But immediately a doctor was called, a specialist, who examined me thoroughly. Of course, all the wonderful means we now have were not available at that time; still, this doctor was a very nice man and knew his job well. He tried some manipulation without making things worse, because it was extremely painful, then he stopped. He put a bandage and prescribed complete rest for three months…. I was to move as little as possible, because a vertebra had been dislocated and if I moved, it could happen again, which would be very dangerous, and even paralyse the legs or something worse. He was right, and before leaving, he told me I was a very brave girl, and again cautioned me: “You must be a good girl and obey me, otherwise you know what will be the consequence. Yes, of course you will be cured, if you obey me.” And he left.

It was very, very painful, and the least movement hurt. There was not a single comfortable position. Naturally, I was lying on my bed. So I concentrated very hard and I prayed to the Lord to take charge of me. And I tried as best as I could to detach myself from the pain. I remained there like a log, without moving at all so that peace was established, there. And the next morning, I was on my feet, and everybody was amazed to see me walking and doing all my work by myself, because the doctor had ordered complete rest for three months, otherwise something disastrous might happen. Everyone in the house was astonished and gave me so much good advice. But I was very obstinate and I followed the inner command.


Then the doctor came back after two days. And when he saw me walking, he too was stupefied. He didn’t know what to say. He was wondering how it had healed so quickly: two days ago she was dying with pain, and the slightest movement could have paralysed this poor girl. Now, look! Today she is walking about confidently. He could not understand. He was so annoyed that he became angry and scolded me because I had taken the decision without consulting him, and he said that what I had done was absolutely stupid and very dangerous. “She must not lift heavy things,” he announced. “And if she doesn’t obey me and something happens, if she becomes paralysed or if she gets rheumatism and all that — I am not responsible for it. I warn you: do not play with these things, especially when it comes to the spine…. So, I warn you: I am not responsible for it.”

And I told myself: “Nobody is responsible for me, but the Lord … and He knows what is good for me.” Anyway, the doctor seemed very displeased and he left a bit disappointed because he had not been able to assert his will.

I met this doctor many times afterwards and he asked me how I was feeling. So one day I explained to him in detail how I got cured the day after the accident, and who was the Person who cured me. He was even more astonished and he asked me how such a thing could happen. So I told him: “That is how I got cured”. When I explained it to him, he became very interested, and began to have respect for me. I have not been cured by medicines, which I very rarely took. Because there is a safer and quicker way, which helped me to be completely cured.

And I tell you, I have never felt any discomfort there…. I don’t know how many years since … naturally. Completely cured, and strong. It is like that.


*     *


I remember, once I broke my finger while playing tennis. I think it was the little finger, but I do not quite recollect… it was such a long time ago. But I am sure that I did not show it to anybody, not even to the doctor. When I fell down while playing, I felt an acute pain there, in the finger; to my great surprise, I saw it was twisted like a Z! I knew immediately that something was broken there. So I held the finger, manipulated it a little, all the while concentrating on the injured bone. I set it right and hurried home to put a bandage. And I concentrated intensely to get rid of the pain. And the next day it was much better.

When someone asked me what had happened to my finger, I told him: “Oh, it is nothing; it will be all right soon.” And truly, it became all right very soon. But as I had begun working with my broken finger very soon, I felt some pain return from time to time when it rained. I think it was a touch of rheumatism. But that too disappeared quite soon. In the beginning, it was a little stiff when I played the organ, or when I was writing for a long time, but in two months it was all gone. It was just like the other fingers. You see, how wonderful this method is: one is cured immediately….

Well, rest until you are cured. And you need not climb up to see me.

No, Mother, it is not serious and I can easily bear the pain. I’ll come to see You, and it will be a means to be cured faster with Your Blessings.

No, that is no excuse. When one can remain calm and quiet to call down the Peace, then I can work without any hindrance and you will be cured in a couple of days. It is like this: one must try to establish peace and quietness in the body. With this the work becomes very easy. Whatever the circumstances, instead of lamenting and working and being full of dreams of anguish and pain that only increase the misery and are nothing but imaginations and formations of the mind, making things worse — if one knows how to remain quiet and call down the Peace — well, I tell you that you will get cured in one tenth of the time required in ordinary cases or even serious ones. It all depends on your receptivity. You understand, suffering or pain are sometimes necessary. They teach us first to endure, then to turn within to call me so that I may help you to establish the Peace. Basically, it may be a little egocentric, one calls me because one wants to get some relief or be cured. But usually it is always like this, for people look for their own good. Still, they start calling me or turn their feeling towards me — that is what matters to me: they change their consciousness. Anyway, it is the best way to be cured.





You know, a long time ago, when I used to practise occultism and all that… I used to note down everything in a small pocket book, the conversations I used to have during the meditation, the voices that I used to hear, and the occult experiences I had, I used to note them down in this pocket book. And when I came here, I kept it carefully in my drawer. In it there were extraordinary signs, the occult experiences that I had. There were things written at that time which have now become realised prophecies, and exactly what had been written, word for word. But I do not claim that I have made prophesies. In the occult planes it is quite natural to foresee the results that will follow. And it happened exactly as it was written. That is all.

There were also the characteristic signs of the elements that constitute the universe and with these signs I could enter into relation with these elements, and control them as I wished, these elements like Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and then …

Ether, Mother.

Yes, Ether, Ether. But you know all this well! All these elements were under my control, or else all this worked out as I ordered, naturally with these occult signs.

You remember, once we had stopped the rain, there was a torrential rain that would not stop, and we had something very important to do in the playground. You remember?

Yes, Mother, a little.

And then we prayed, and immediately the rain stopped. Another time, we had drawn on the ground a sign that I had shown to call the rain. Like this, we can do many things with these signs.

In this notebook I had also written about the six creations or “pralayas” which are over, and something about this creation, the seventh. There were many other things in it. There was something very important. It was a mantra which could resuscitate the dead. But I don’t find that pocket book. It is lost.






But Mother, You cannot find it? You know well where it has gone. Why don’t You try to find it? It is a loss, then.

Ah, do you know how it happened? It is very interesting how I got this mantra. It happened here. I was doing my yoga, and one day with Sri Aurobindo I entered an occult plane by a secret door, just the two of us. There we saw that one could resuscitate the dead with the help of a mantra. We repeated the mantra together. And then this great secret was with us. And Sri Aurobindo copied it for me in Sanskrit. Together we practised a lot of occultism and we found many beautiful secrets of the world. It was in that pocket book. Naturally, if an ordinary person repeats it, it will have no effect on the dead. It must be a person who has power. It is only He who can command. If Sri Aurobindo repeats it, immediately the dead takes on a new life, but not if any ordinary person repeats it, it will have no effect. It will be a zero for him. That is why I am not worried about the pocket book which is lost, because no one can take advantage of what is written in it. Even if it falls into evil hands, there is nothing to fear, because it is something outside his capacity. One must have this power to put into practice all that is written in it. And there are very important things in it, secrets that have been revealed to me. There is no one who can put it into practice. All the same, I needed that notebook sometimes, to refer to something which I knew was in that notebook, but I did not find it. Unfortunately, it is gone. I tried looking for it, but did not find it anywhere. And then I gave up all hope, saying it is gone for ever. And I am sure it is not stolen by a human being, but a vital being has hidden it. Of that I am convinced, that a vital being has stolen it, so that with all these secrets I do not disturb their authority and their control over these kingdoms.

Anyway, perhaps it is not needed now. That is why it is gone. It is not needed anymore. If it is necessary we will have it.

It does not matter. I do not regret it.

And then, one can have much more by spiritual means which are pure and straight….





Look here, I was in France some, I think, sixty years ago. There was a Frenchman who came back from the Himalayas, who had stayed there some time, and he gave a lecture, and I listened to the lecture, and in the lecture he said that when he was deep in the Himalayas, there was a Sannyasin, whom he didn’t know, who came to see him and told him only this “O—M” and he was completely changed. And then, when he said “O—M”, I felt the same change in me, … as if the Divine was coming in. O—M.

That’s it

Good, good. Keep the secret.

You will recall this: O—M. O—M. That’s all. O—M. It must be manifested. If anything goes wrong, repeat OM, all will go well.

February 1972


*      *


(About the significance of OM, the Mother once wrote:)


“the Signature of the Lord.”



Rudra Aspect


…You know, there are not many whom I usually scold; moreover, there are very few who can bear it. And no one can look directly into my eyes when the form of Rudra enters into me. No one. They will be as if petrified. It is very dangerous. It is very rare. Very, very rare that this aspect of Rudra has descended in me. I do not want it because I know the consequences. It can ruin someone, disbalance his life entirely and make him mad. It is very powerful, this aspect — no one can stand before me. That is why I do not like to be harsh, to do things violently in order to bring about a change. With this form, this method of shaking violently, penetrating the consciousness, I could do everything so rapidly. With him there is no compromise — accept, yes; if not, be destroyed.

This is the only method — when I see that the things are going from bad to worse, I have only to take a semblance of this form, not even the form, and things will be arranged as they should be. All the same, I have always this compassion and this love behind, in my consciousness, even during these moments of anger, otherwise it would be a real fire, like a fire which burns everything. I do not get angry so easily, I have a patience which could be stretched, very long like rubber…. I remember, it was once or twice I think …. that this force of Rudra descended in me. It was a very minute part. It had descended in me partially, because at the moment I noticed it descending in me, I refused it….

I usually do not get angry, otherwise it would be the end of the world.



From Eternity


… I know much better what is happening in you, that of which you are not aware, not even a hundredth part. Are you wondering how? Because all that exists, all that moves, comes from me. I know in advance what is going to happen to you, what you have been and what you will be. Everything. For the whole world, for the whole universe … the how and the why, everything, … I know everything because I was there at its birth, and during its development. It is from me and by me that everything exists.

And what are you? Like that, a grain of sand in this whole mechanism. One could say that you do not exist, that you are a minute particle which changes nothing in the world whether you exist or not, you understand? If you have not understood, then go home and remain quiet….

But remember: take each event, each thing that happens as a means given you to make a progress. It is very important. With this attitude you can be sure of reaching the goal.






Bonjour, Douce Mère.

Well? What is the news? Is everything all right?

Yes, Mother.

No problems?

No, Mother.

Well, have you brought something?

Yes, Mother, a letter.

(Mother reads the letter)

Is it a vision which you have seen?

Yes, Mother, it was so beautiful, such perfect forms, such harmonious colours, so lovely and vivid that one cannot express it in words. It was something from far away, something which is not to be found in this world.

(In a teasing tone) But what have you seen of the world? Almost nothing.

Mother, it was so beautiful and peaceful, with the colours which seemed to depict one after another the panoramas, the landscapes, the play of colours, the rising of the sun and much more, evoking in me a sublime joy.

Ah, do not be overwhelmed by too excessive an emotion. It is only the beginning, and nothing special has been revealed. Wait, wait with patience till you fall flat on your face as soon as the mysteries of the other worlds are revealed to you. It is so beautiful, that in comparison, all the rest that you see in the physical world or even the best paintings will seem to you dull and without life. You understand?

Oh! What forms, what beauty, what colours, what movements and what marvels are found in the subtle world. What precision, what exactitude, what variety and what combinations of colours which blend with a fluidity and a splendour of unbelievable beauty. You understand, it is beyond our imagination. One after another, layer after layer, stage after stage, will be revealed in a concrete manner, the revelation of the power of Beauty which instils itself in the heart, the mysteries of these worlds, — not by the vision alone, but by the state of the consciousness which traverses these regions of beauty. It is this and more which one can hardly express in words. It carries you, it seizes you by the multitude of colours, by the similitude of forms, its variety of subtleness, the states of emotion and the profound sentiments. It is living and intense by the sublimity of the spiritual experiences, — it is beyond our comprehension.

These are the expressions of the Divine in His sublime and spontaneous creations, to evoke the joy in His self-expression, the joy to rediscover the Divine hidden in the manifestation.

At each instant it renews itself in its entirety and expresses the joy in His creation. It is not only the beauty but the revelation of His beatitude in His most perfect expression, the outpouring of His infinity of forms, the splendour of His eternal state of consciousness.

It is wave after wave of colours and of forms, rays of light which intermingle in splendid formations, which project images, one after another, and in an instant efface them and reproduce others with an unbelievable beauty — one scene after another, one tableau which replaces the other in a shimmering, — the perpetual outflowing of the revelation of that which is beautiful, divine and pure and which seems to evoke in us the presence of this unvarying Ananda.

These are the experiences of the planes of spiritual consciousness which reveal the splendours that are hidden in the higher worlds.

But when one has this inner vision which opens the doors within our being and one begins to see the truth behind things, then one perceives that even in this material world there are so many things which escape our ordinary sight. Even what one sees under the microscope or through the telescope or what one has been able to reproduce by means of modern photography, are but gropings, the first steps towards the discovery of the secrets of Nature. No man-made machine can describe what lies behind the functioning of Nature. It is so beautiful, so varied, so subtle and so splendid in the perfection of its minute functioning, in its exactitude, that one can never describe it with this puny brain. And man thinks that he can improve upon the works of Nature by means of his machines and his inventions, replace them in a scientific manner by the capacities he has acquired in the physical domain. He has the audacity to believe that he can dominate Nature with his formulas, his modes of experiences and his discoveries which lead towards the conquest of the workings of Nature and its creation. What stupidity, what madness! What a comparison!

He has not even touched the fringes of Nature’s capacity which embraces infinity, and he claims to rule over Nature — the presumptuous vanity of man and his ego, the futile boastings of beings in the grip of an incurable malady which gnaws and consumes their existence.

Poor fellows! But what do they know?

You do not realise what I can do, what I can see, and the formidable power that I possess. But I do not proclaim that I am the Sovereign who dominates the whole universe and the entire Nature, because each one accomplishes his role and the work assigned to him by the Creator for his emancipation — to surpass himself, to rediscover the hidden Divine, for the progression in his effort towards the perfection of his being and his mode of expression. And it is inevitable that each one should play his part, that which has been assigned by Him. Then, why get agitated and try to break this arrangement instead of trying to go beyond by another method which is more direct? It is because man forgets the why, the raison d’être and the aim of his terrestrial existence that he searches blindly, by indirect and inapt methods. It is this that makes him go astray and move further and further away from that which he envisages.

And yet he is keen, determined and has the will to conquer; but he follows a path which may take a long time and many detours to arrive at the goal. But when he understands, when he is guided towards this inner domain where dwells a portion of the Divine, then he will see not only the mysteries of the other worlds with a sense of the Beautiful, the True and the Unique, but also in this world and in Nature, the truth of existence and the means to surpass them: how Nature works, how she creates — how to each one and in each thing she gives a personality appropriate to its character and its mode of existence and plants the seed of progress for its development, for it to blossom fully in its category, in its type and which in its origin is linked to the Divine.

That is why, in each thing in this universe we find that spark of the Divine Light which gives life to all the beings, animate or inanimate. It is this which gives the élan, the power to subsist, to create, to multiply, to recreate, to form and to develop, to blossom towards a new stage, a new light, — all this process which Nature tries out in this creation and launches herself towards new horizons, towards the unknown progress in order to rediscover the Divine who is hidden in each atom. And men seek blindly with machines and by scientific means to find the key to this mystery that is Nature. What ignorance!

All these outpourings — the Divine has given Himself in a self-manifestation in all the creation of this entire universe — vibrate with His presence, are animated by His light, and grow in His love. It is to rediscover Himself in the multitude that He has offered Himself as a sacrifice or as a holocaust. It is an incomparable act, a game, — to lose Himself in the manifestation by His diversity and to find Himself again in the unity of existence … and something more which cannot be expressed. Voilà!

And above all, it is not a blind movement of the Lord. It is equipped and endowed with a precision of unmatched, incomparable perfection, not bound by human logic or its ways of understanding, and certainly not by its ways and its methods. But it follows the logic of the Beyond, of the Infinite, which is supple, plastic and is not bound by any worldly constraint. It is that, and it exists, it acts in full harmony and in a wonderful interdependence of one with the other. And man has the audacity to find it poor, incomplete, something that works badly. Hmm! What does he know! What do men understand! Not even … a thousandth part of what happens; and with childish gesticulations they proclaim loudly all that they believe, see, think and study with their microscopes and their machines, the discoveries and the so-called mysteries they have found by their own effort, and that soon the great secrets of Nature will be revealed, exposed and brought to light so that they can enjoy and take advantage of this phenomenon to become master of Nature, of circumstances and of destiny now that they have the knowledge and a vast scene unfolds — the doors that were closed since the beginning of terrestrial existence are wide open. What a folly!

They have no idea of what one can see, feel, hear and perceive behind all these phenomena of Nature and the Forces which work and animate, create and impel and govern the existence of this whole creation. People are not aware of what I see all around in the atmosphere which surrounds us, — the air that we breathe, the sun and its rays which vivify, give and impart this energy to all things, how the elements work, act and influence all that exists and moves…. The why and the how are no longer mysteries to be solved. For me it is as clear as daylight.

I see with these naked eyes, I hear and I perceive quite naturally, simply by these organs, Nature which constitutes life, the microscopic things, the gigantic and shattering phenomena which sweep and govern entire worlds where men with their inventions and their machines are like crawling insects. In this manner, I see the cells of the body, the molecules and the atoms with their parts and their organisation of specific movements around the nucleus according to the substance which constitutes that element, what varies from one object to another, and the movements which differentiate the materials; I see how these particles in the atoms dance and play with an unbelievable speed to form one element, then another, by a change of varying movements to form another; how the nucleus divides itself; how each element follows an order which is its own according to a rhythm and a definite cadence which characterises its mode, its type and its individuality.

It has perhaps become possible to distinguish and deduce by formulas, and with the help of microscopes of high intensity, to see the movements, and by sensitive instruments to connect and relate the atomic system of things and the molecular constituents, and how the energy propagates, — but only in the rudimentary forms. The scientists have been able to find the effect and the action of some elements, but know nothing of what is happening in the constituents, and how the elements function under a certain pressure and charge to increase the tension and the force which is inherent in each atom. Man does not know the reason and the procedures which determine the sequence of these consequences of the actions of the energy which is hidden within. But I see not only the energies which determine and act — the how and the why of this microscopic substance — but the consciousness which thinks and works in all these mechanisms, their state, their attitude and the will to transform, the aspiration in the atom which wants to unite with the Divine. I see all this, and how they converse among themselves. I hear them, — as I talk with you all, — how the atoms communicate among themselves, how in this dizzy movement of these particles there is no clash at all, neither in this criss-crossing bombardment is there any conflict. All moves so harmoniously and according to a definite order. It is so minute, so tiny, that one does not see it with the naked eye, nor with the machines, nor with microscopes or sensitive cameras. It is the invisible which becomes visible in my vision which has an extraordinary power, — faculties which develop and open up by the spiritual discipline I have practised and acquired.

You see, when one sends me a photograph of someone who wants to come here or anything else, in order to know… I immediately see in the photo his entire personality, the atmosphere which governs him, his attitude, his will to progress, his aspiration and what he can become or realise. All this I see in the photograph, without even seeing this person. In fact, I see his ways, his habits, his thoughts, in short, what he wants. I see his soul; I see his past, his present, his future in an instant, that which one can never see by the human faculties, mental faculties, nor by these miraculous inventions. For this, there must be another development — that which comes by the spiritual and also the occult discipline.

And you know, when I was small, very young, I was spontaneously guided towards this inner discovery, which projected me in a world of beauty, of serenity, of love and peace which I perceived as a dream in comparison to this external world. This world of pain, of misery, of suffering, blindly brutal, and its incomprehensible condition where all culminates in an agonising and endless sadness, — how it gave me a shiver and made me ill. Nevertheless, it has awakened on the earth, in a world of ignorance, the need to relieve the world of this horrible curse and bring to it happiness, joy, peace and a harmony which no power can disturb, no force or movement unsettle. It is this that I used to see, it is of this that I had a tangible experience, and it is this which pushed me, right from my childhood, towards the realisations so much desired and to the pursuit of my dreams, and which has given me indications to find this truth.

When I found this truth, it filled me with a conviction that this could be done only by me and the promise of what awaited me. With the assurance and the courage to pursue till the end, I set out and this is what has been revealed to me, and what I have been able to bring down here — the total realisation of the Supramental and consequently the Supramental manifestation upon earth, and with that the promise of a divine life upon earth. It is this that I dreamt of in my childhood, it is this that I have expressed through all that I have undertaken in the course of my terrestrial existence or else of my entire life. Invariably, it is towards this perfection which reveals the divinity in all things that I launched myself, be it in my studies, be it in my games, in all things that I have done, whether it be tennis or anything else, skipping or cycling or any other sport. I have first found why I do it, the causes, and the effects on me, then the attitude, and the true meaning of that which I had undertaken, and finally the truth which was revealed to me behind these activities. In fact, all, all that I have done, was in the quest of the truth behind everything, the divinity which resides, which acts and drives and expresses the will of the Supreme, the manifestation of the Immanent Divine in each thing, each particle of matter.

It is this, — and how many things have been revealed to me. In all that I have done, tried or attempted in the course of this innumerably diversified life, I have found the One who harmonises all things. Nothing was denied to me, nothing was hidden, left to be surmised; I saw all things in the full clarity, in a perfect illumination of the Divine Beatitude, in accordance with the truth behind the things.

“The Divine Consciousness emerging from the Inconscient”

(A painting by the Mother)


You understand, this divine harmony which governs the world, — to find it, — that was the purpose; and then to participate in order to rise above and to make it work in all the activities that I have undertaken. It was certainly not to know and to express adequately that I studied, neither was it for the joy of sports that I exercised, nor for the pleasure of dancing, nor did I play music to evoke the profound sentiments, nor paint to copy nature or take up art for art’s sake. No, all that I have done, it was in order to find the truth behind these things, behind these appearances, to evoke a soul-state, to express these profoundest aspirations, something that this life hides, which this form must reveal one day — the mystery of this Invisible in the abstract and semi-visible forms. It is this which glimmers in the vaguely-screened light in shapes and forms of my paintings. It is this which I have tried in my paintings, to make a link between the formless and the form, between what is eternal and what is transitory, fugitive, and thereby build a bridge between the finite and the infinite. All that I have painted, it was in order to infuse this harmony from above in a fusion of colours and of light, sometimes by an extravagant vigour, sometimes tender, subtle and diffused, which unfolds itself in splendid forms, unbelievable in their varieties of expressions, by a play of light, the shadows, the shades and the lustres without end which seizes the soul in its immensity and its grandeur. In the drawings, it is not the personalities which I sketched, but the predominance of the soul which emerged.

You see then, I see in a grain of dust all the processes of a macrocosm, of the entire universe, the macrocosm in the microcosm. In the ray of the sun is reflected the panorama of the millions of sparks and the beauty of the splendours of the entire universe. I see in the atom, in the molecules, in a drop of water not only their thoughts and their characteristics but the intuition of the type, the origin of their mode of development, the goal of their existence, the Immanent Divine hidden in things, the joy and the delight that they contain and which moreover give an élan and the urge to rediscover the truth of existence. Man with his knowledge which is still ignorant and poor can never acquire nor know all this in his pursuit of the mastery of exterior domains. This surpasses all his imagination or his dream of becoming master of Nature and of his terrestrial existence.

Wait, wait and you will see, — if you follow this path sincerely, — the reality behind each thing: it is nothing but a blossoming of the Divine in his unfolding to find the Truth hidden in all the things of the universe. This is only the beginning. Do not be carried away so quickly by the small visions and the experiences which are still restricted and stifled by your ignorance and your weaknesses. One must widen one’s consciousness to have the true perception of things, the truth that they contain, the true beauty, the revelation of the Divine in each atom and in each thing in the entire universe. It is this that is really unforgettable, marvellously perceptible in His splendour, in His ecstasy and His Reality. It is this that opens a new sensibility, a new perception in our creation.

What you have seen, … it is rather a new sense — a sense of Beauty.

Yes, Mother, it was so beautiful…

Yes, past experiences are nothing but stages to be crossed on the way towards new horizons full of Beauty, Joy and the Unheard. One perceives the true nature of existence. One discovers the why and the raison d’être of existence, not by the mind and the scientific pursuit, but by the knowledge of the self and the discovery of one’s soul which is all-powerful.

This is the true method for knowing, for understanding and for realising the secrets of Nature, of the universe and the path which leads to the Divine. One can do everything with this realisation, one can know everything and finally become the master of one’s existence. Nothing will be impossible … nothing will be left out. One has only to see with another sense which is within us, develop another faculty by a rigorous sadhana, to discover the secrets of all existence. Voilà.

The means are in you, the path opens up more and more, gets clearer and clearer, and with the help which is at your disposal, you have only to make an effort and you shall be crowned with a Knowledge, a Light and an Ananda which surpass all existence. Whether it be to see the functioning of the atom, or to know the process of thought or the flights of imagination or even the unknown … to know oneself is to know all. It is this that one must find.

This is the work to be done, the goal of our life, the raison d’être of our existence: the Divine who unfolds Himself in His Self-manifestation, in the creation, — in order to rediscover Him in His origin….

Au revoir.

Au revoir, Douce Mère.


*     *


Deep Truth in all things


Do You give names to the flowers just like that or else do You see something in the flowers?

All that I do, I do it consciously and in accordance with the deep truth manifested in all things.

February 26, 1951





(Every year, I would go to the Mother on Saraswati Puja day. Once She spoke about Mahasaraswati.)

You know, today is a great day, the descent of Mahasaraswati. She is particularly attached to me and renders me a lot of service from day to day. And I too love her. In each of my tasks where perfection is necessary I receive her invariable help. She comes to help me. And she finds a great joy, because she is occupied with the material progress, the perfection, the harmony and the joy in the work. It is for this that she is near me, to do this or that thing to lighten my work. She is always there to give a ‘helping hand’ so that my work is done as perfectly as possible, and evidently faster. You know, it is in the physical perfection that the work of transformation begins. And it is in an impeccable perfection in material life that the seed of transformation can grow. That is why she is indispensable to begin the process of material transformation. When all around me, and everywhere I look, in the surrounding and near me, she has established a harmony, a peace and a joy in her expression with a dedication and a surrender to belong to me, then, spontaneously, the body absorbs these things in itself and the work of transformation is done much more easily. It is in this way that Mahasaraswati helps me to hasten the work of transformation.

Sometimes, when I have a lot to do and I know that physically it would be impossible to accomplish so many things at the same time, I distribute the work to these gods and goddesses, (moreover there are many of them who are there and they find a great joy in doing something for me), it is like this that I become somewhat free to do my work of sadhana on myself. And among them Mahasaraswati predominates, speeding up all that I have to do. She is very close to me and she knows the reward for rendering a service to me. She is very devoted. The thing that I love the most is that she is a perfectionist of the highest degree and does not ask much in return and she is always on the alert to help me. It is the same with Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Durga, because they know very well that it is by me that they progress, and they will have as much as is necessary. That is why they have the right attitude. But the other gods, if they do something for me, they are greedy to have something in return. But I know very well what I have to do and neglect no one. Then, you see how all this work gets done, even without my thinking about it. But I keep some work specially for myself, the work of transforming the body, which demands a real effort, otherwise I would be lazy like all of you. (We laugh)


Mother, the gods and the goddesses help You in so many ways…. But for us, You are there, You support us and provide us with all that we need. It is for this, Mother…

Ah! if you knew all that I do for all of you, all that I accomplish, all that I formulate for each one; I arrange, and I hasten the process, I help so that you may progress; I protect you and make you invulnerable to attacks — how much I have to fight constantly so that you are safe and sound; how much I have to stoop or come down to sort out the many forces and powers so that you are protected and well-provided for and that the Good, the True, the Grace and the Divine Love spread over all of you; how much I push you and push you towards the truth of your existence. You know nothing about it! You have no idea! What a privilege, what a marvel! What an opportune moment! So much blessings! So much compassion! Such kindness! Even for the gods I do not do one hundredth of what I do for all of you. And yet they are so happy to have a little bit of what I do for them, even the little that I do is great and vast. Besides, there is no comparison. It is surely not something that can be measured like this, by your laws and your mental norms. In fact, I expect, no, it’s rather, I hope, much, much from you all, much more than the gods. That is why I take so much trouble to lift you all up. Voilà!

This is the moment to take the decision and to embark towards this horizon full of hope, light and harmony. There is nothing else which gives to life this Peace, this Joy, and this Love. My child, my child, do not miss this opportunity, even like the one today, the day of Saraswati Puja, or any other occasion. These are indications, ‘signposts or stepping stones’ to launch oneself towards the Infinite (it could be anything, a word, a series of events, a circumstance, a shock, even an accident,) to be enthused to take the right decision, to turn towards the Divine.

Let us march forward towards this Beauty and this new Light which is beckoning you and inviting you to follow the path of transformation that is already prepared. It is this that has a value. It is this that is worth living for…. Voilà!

Mother, I understand, but how to do it? How to take the first steps? All that we do is annulled so quickly, even by a moment of negligence or of impulsion. How to move forward, how to follow You?

First of all, to will ardently, to aspire to be purified in order to prepare the base. Once the foundation of truth is laid, then I am there to help you further… and yet my help is always there. It acts when you make an effort or you aspire….

(Mother concentrates awhile and then speaks:)

And you know, all these gods and goddesses help me a lot, not only for the terrestrial work, but also on the whole towards a complete accomplishment — such as to maintain Harmony, Peace and Light in the world, as well as in the cosmic and extra-terrestrial planes.

And each time I came down for the ‘Special Blessings’ during the pujas, all the gods and the goddesses accompanied me to have a privileged ‘darshan’ of me and also to participate in what I used to bring down in the terrestrial atmosphere to transform life. There were, naturally, these four Powers like Mahasaraswati, Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Durga…, but there were so many other gods that I do not remember their names. There were also the gods of the Vedic age and then other gods who were there to be transformed. In fact, there was a crowd before me. One after another they came near me to announce their presence and I greeted each one of them happily. It was truly a sight; especially when I saw Krishna among them. It was charming. And the atmosphere was full of joy and assurance. And each one participated in his way. It was like a manifestation. And today the presence of Mahasaraswati is palpably felt….

If you have an imperious need of perfection, — in your heart, in your actions, in all that you do, even in your attitude, — to be more and more perfect, then be sure that you are under Mahasaraswati’s influence. You must aspire towards this perfection and accomplish it in your daily life. This thirst for perfection should be one of the aims that you pursue, the perfection which strives towards a greater perfection, always progressive, complete, global, with an amplitude and a certitude, more and more vast and infinitely true. The consciousness must turn towards this state or mode which requires and which is satisfied only by the need of perfection, only to find the perfection in whatever we do in life; then it is a solid base for our yoga of transformation. Then one understands the necessity of all that she gives constantly and bestows upon us her full compassion. Otherwise all is lost, dissolved in the atmosphere … like this, (gesture) as it happens constantly with all that the Lord sends to us, without end — this rain of Love, of Light, of Ananda, of His Kindness, of His Compassion and His Grace which is showered constantly…. The whole atmosphere is charged and is flooded from all sides … and no one takes advantage of this great phenomenon. What a loss! What an occasion squandered.

Well, my child, be an exception and you will see the reward.

Au revoir.

Au revoir, Douce Mère.


*      *


(The Mother spoke about Mahasaraswati also on another occasion)

You must do everything for perfection. Do everything only for perfection. Find the inner perfection to express the perfection in the physical world. You know Mahasaraswati demands a perfection, a harmony and an exactitude which alone can satisfy her.

January 23, 1966



(From written reply of the Mother:)

If you feel within you an ardent need for perfection in your consciousness and in your action; if nothing short of a perfect perfection can satisfy you, then you can be sure that Mahasaraswati has presided over your birth and that her influence is always with you.

My Blessings

January 30, 1963


*     *


(A prayer given by the Mother:)

The perfections of yesterday are no longer sufficient for me. I want to be able to understand and to realise the perfection of tomorrow.

Give me the consciousness that I am nothing, in order to be able to become something.

May 1969










Mother, … essentially You and Sri Aurobindo are one and the same, isn’t it?

Yes, it is true, … I shall write it:

[essentially, that is to say outside the manifestation, always — in the manifestation, the union occurs when it is necessary and the duality exists when it is necessary.]


… Essentially we are truly one or the same, there is no difference. It is the same consciousness in two forms in the manifestation to support one or the other. This division is necessary for the equilibrium in the creation; but outside the manifestation … there is no division, the unity is complete. It is One or the Unique — One Consciousness. And sometimes the unity is seen when it is necessary even in the manifestation. When one opens oneself to this consciousness, one sees this unity. It is actually that…. One cannot explain what it is. It can only be lived. It is by concentration and by remaining open that one can arrive at this experience. It is not something constructed by the mind. The mind has no access to this region. Go home and try to understand what it is. All is written there (in the notebook). I have given a suggestion … a hint of what it is. I have written here just what it is….

December 3, 1967


(When I saw the Mother the next time, She explained: )

Really speaking, Sri Aurobindo and myself are the same, the same consciousness. Here below, there is a division, this is only to bring in an equilibrium in the creation. Otherwise, it is the same. We are truly one. No, it is very difficult to express. I do not find the words. No, it is not possible. It cannot be expressed.

Mother, last time You asked me to try to understand what You had written.

What is it?

Here. (I show Her the notebook and She reads what She had written last time)

[essentially, that is to say outside the manifestation, always — in the manifestation, the union occurs when it is necessary and the duality exists when it is necessary.]

But what is it that you do not understand? It is quite clear, there is nothing to explain.

All the same, Mother, can you elaborate on it a little, what it is exactly, to help me understand better. If you want, Mother, you can say many things about this.

But it is to be lived, it cannot be explained. No explanation is necessary. What do you want me to tell you?…

You understand, outside the manifestation, all is One. There is no difference. It is the same thing, one consciousness, a perfect unity. We do not have a separate existence. But when we descend here below, it seems we have different forms, a separate existence, while being one when it is necessary. Sometimes He is united with me, being at the same time everywhere in the universe. He is here in me. He talks to me. He unites himself with me. And at times He is separate from me, and lives an existence separate from me. And at the same time, He is in me. But in appearance, He is different from me. It is a game that unfolds: once He unites with me and at another time He throws Himself in the manifestation. He is here (Mother indicates Her body), He is there, He is everywhere in the universe. He is in each thing that is found in the manifestation. Sometimes He manifests Himself and sometimes He remains hidden and one does not see Him anymore. It is in this way that He sustains the creation. Once He unites Himself and at another time He separates Himself when it is necessary. One intermingles with the other and it is with a purpose, with a goal that He determines His actions. He is here and one finds Him there, simultaneously. He is … no, it is very difficult to express it. No, there are no words, one cannot understand by the mind what it is.

You know, when He left, … when He wanted to leave His body, He remained from the 5th December till the 9th…. At that time, He was charged with an unimaginable consciousness. It was a dynamic activity of the consciousness which radiated from His body. It was so concrete, so physical, that everything vibrated in Him with an astonishing power. It was so physically concrete…. I was beside Sri Aurobindo at that time. And I was seeing that Sri Aurobindo’s consciousness was coming out from Him and entering directly into me, like this, physically. It was an extraordinary phenomenon. I could feel His consciousness entering into my pores with a friction. It was as concrete as that. It was so intense that it was penetrating into me with a friction, something absolutely physical which I could feel outwardly. Like this, all His consciousness entered in me, because it is the same consciousness.

And He gave me everything before leaving. Everything, everything, without restraint and with a total self-giving, as if all His consciousness merged into me. And it continued for hours and hours. Ah, it was so material an event that one cannot imagine. I cannot describe it… He has left everything for me.

Well, it is this physical body which is limited, which is bound and which does not allow a free play. Once the consciousness enters into this (the body), it is completely restricted in this material form. But He, He is everywhere. He is here in me, as well as everywhere in the world. He speaks to me. I ask Him things and he replies. We have conversations and at the same time He speaks to others in different places when it is necessary. We decide the fate of the world and the destiny of humanity and all that will happen, what is necessary for the next stage. All this we decide.

His presence is everywhere, wherever one needs Him. Everywhere, everywhere. He is united with me and at the same time he is in different places. He is not limited, it is only the physical body that is limited, but not the subtle physical. The subtle physical penetrates everything and can go everywhere. It is not limited by the body. It is this (the body) that limits. It is the mind that cannot grasp. It is not with your mind that you can understand this. The mind cannot express, there is no means to express this. Only by experience…. My child, only the like knows the like, therefore one must rise to that consciousness to know what it is, to have the experience of this identical consciousness of the One….

Yes, it is always like that, — constantly there is a complete unity and a movement towards the exterior … this, everywhere and at the same time. This happens constantly, this unity, and this sort of ramification everywhere, everywhere. It is true, it happens incessantly; for those who have the vision, it is this that they see. It is the psychic vision.

December 10, 1967


The Work is the Same


Did You have any communications with Sri Aurobindo before You came to know Him? For I have read some books where it is said that He and You have done almost the same work.

The work was and is the same, because the source of his inspiration and mine is the same: the Supreme.

February 23, 1951


(From another letter of the Mother)

The work consists in helping humanity as a whole to prepare itself for the new creation, that is to say, the supramental race.

May 19, 1968







Bonjour, Douce Mère.

Are you all right? … What have you brought?

(I give to the Mother my notebook. I had written there that I had seen Her placing in my hands the book The Mother on Sri Aurobindo and telling me, “Therein is to be found all that you seek.” After reading my note She asked:)

Do you have this book?

Yes, Mother.

And you have found what you were searching for? Have you found in the book what you are looking for? What have you found…?

Mother, what I am looking for is found in each book of yours and Sri Aurobindo’s. In each book one can find what one seeks.

You have spoken well; in each book one can find it if one knows how to search. In each book…. One should know how to read with the true attitude, then one finds what one is seeking for, you understand?

Yes, Mother.

It is true, you will find in this book what you are looking for.

Mother, the last sentence in this book is interesting and touching. Without Him, You do not exist, and without You, He cannot manifest.

You know, it is perfectly true. I do not know exactly how I have put it in the book[11], but without Him, I cannot exist and without me, He cannot manifest. One is complementary to the other. But in truth, we are both one and the same. It is the same thing, the same entity, which in the manifestation takes two separate forms to uphold the creation. Without that, it is the same — me and Him. There is no difference, no separation, no division, One, unique and the same. What He is, I am, entirely, in essence. It is like this (Mother locks the fingers of both hands) we are united, the same and identical, the One without division. But in the manifestation, it seems, the One divides itself, the One becomes two, like this (the Mother separates the fingers) to come into the manifestation. But it is only in appearance that the One divides itself in order to uphold the manifestation. In fact, it is the same, the One who takes two bodies — me and Him, only for the manifestation. In reality, these two entities are one and unique. It is in this way that the One appears in the manifestation. But what He is, I am. There is no difference. It is apparently a difference formed in the manifestation. We have two separate bodies but we are, one and the other, the same. No difference at all. We are like this (the Mother makes the same gesture). And beyond that, there is yet something, — what we are in reality, beyond, up there. But that is not to be spoken of. One cannot say in words what that is. And all that one says about That is nothing but stupidities. The words express nothing of that existence. Nothing, nothing, it is not meant to be spoken of…. The Supreme who manifests Himself in two forms.

October 28, 1969










Where are you coming from?

I was in front of Sri Aurobindo’s Room.

But for what?

To concentrate and to absorb the atmosphere, Mother.

Hmm! But who gave you the permission?

I had asked you Mother, sometime back.

Oh! And did you inform Champaklal?

Yes, Mother, he said: If Mother permits, I have no objection. You can stand in front of the door.

All right. You know, one has to be very pure to be able to stand there. The atmosphere in his room is charged with an intense consciousness. One should not stand for a long time. One cannot.

Mother, I remain there for five minutes.

It is all right.

There, — there is the manifestation of the Truth. To be in front of His room is to perceive the Absolute Consciousness. He who knows how to open himself, truly open himself wide and spontaneously, will find His invariable help for everything. It is unbelievable! It is Invincible! And All- Powerful! Do not pretend. In front of Him, one has to be straightforward, scrupulously frank and sincere and one has to simply open oneself to be able to feel His Beatitude.

It is extraordinary, the power of His Reality. No one could stand and no one could bear it if He reveals Himself in His entirety. That is why I was warning you in advance. Never pretend or make a semblance that you are one of those who have the permission to stand before His room. It vibrates with His Presence. Be happy and make of your life a consecration for accomplishing His work here below. It is an exceptional opportunity. Be worthy of it and do not waste time.


What a marvel! What a Power! What Grandeur! The One who was with us, His Power and His Force still vibrate in His room. It is a place for meditation and for receiving the Vibration of the Truth which it emits. It is charged. The presence of Sri Aurobindo is palpably felt by one who is sincere. Voilà.

August 10, 1952


Sri Aurobindo in His Room





… It is in the best possible conditions that the students are developing here, and they come in contact with this atmosphere of purity, of truth where the consciousness is charged by the transforming force of progress towards perfection and the divine love which is found nowhere, even for the cultural and aesthetic development, the refinement of the senses, of the highest degree of virtue, the appreciation of beauty, of sanctity, and of the subtle, the simple life, the spiritual influence, and above all, especially the Presence — the Presence of the one who is the Supreme Knowledge, the Omniscience from where all emanates, the Reality of our existence, Truth, Beauty … and this Manifestation in a perpetual blossoming. He has given us only a fragment of His knowledge and even that no one can understand. This is the difference, being here. He has opened the doors of the delight of this terrestrial existence which is a mystery. He has revealed to us the Truth in its purity and its totality. He has amassed for us the sublime ananda and the purifying light with which the atmosphere is fully impregnated. You are breathing it, you are imbibing it, you are absorbing it without knowing this exceptional privilege which is found nowhere. It has even become a part of your existence….

However, if the student has the thirst to learn something, I am sure that one can learn better here than in any other part of the world, if only one wants to learn and fill his mind with the true knowledge, the pure idea, to think adequately, to deduce, to reason and to understand, to know and to become intelligent, alert and conscious of all that surrounds us, of all that we feel and perceive, in fact, to develop the mental faculties, the vital faculties and the physical faculties, — for all things, to open oneself towards the heights in order to develop other faculties which are innate and latent in us and demand an absolute discipline to awaken to a new process, to become master of ourselves, of the circumstances and of the whole world — this is the knowledge — to know oneself and then one becomes master of all….

This is the ideal, but to develop the base, the foundation, even to learn, I mean, ordinarily one must work hard and do mental gymnastics to know, to understand, to study, and to express better one’s profound feelings, and one’s emotions, the sensations, in a word, to enlarge one’s comprehension, the skill, the intelligence, to grasp better and develop the mental faculty, for any discovery, to acquire knowledge, one must at least read Sri Aurobindo. The essence of true knowledge of the highest degree is there. Even if it is to learn a language or else anything, philosophy, psychology, humanities, history, logic, the science of living and the various applied sciences, the religious and the occult domains, and spirituality. Finally, if it is to build or to fashion the different powers of the human mind and its spirit, by evoking the thirst for knowledge and the will to learn with the spirit behind, — for any subject, one will have the key to discover the substance and the essence of that which constitutes them, of that which they reveal, that which they represent.

Theoretically, if the students want to learn, or study, or even know a language, if they are serious and want to appreciate better the shades, the subtleties, the grandeur, the richness, in short, to express better their thoughts, their emotions and their profound sentiments, or if it is to speak clearly and adequately, or discuss logically, they only have to read Sri Aurobindo and they will find all that they need. I do not mention communicating with pure thoughts and the high metaphysics — all this they will have as much as they can understand. But usually, normally, to express themselves better, they ought to study the simple things He has written, — the essays, the plays, his poems and his speeches to appreciate better the beauty of his language, the clarity of thought, simple and direct to approach, the diversity in His expressions whose subjects are innumerable.

The cadences and the harmony, the sound and the vibrations, the beauty and the perfection of the language, the subtle nuances taking in the classical, the romantic as well as the modern styles by a delicate subterfuge, sweet and at the same time profound and virile, with a quality of language which is incomparable…. There is nothing that jars, nothing that clashes or is left hanging but evokes a state which He expresses in its purity in its brief and clear lucidity. It is this that we have a little difficulty in appreciating, the value with which His language is full and vibrant. On the whole, each sentence with its syntax expresses perfectly the idea which He wants to express, the exact meaning of what He gives, the verb which corresponds perfectly to the subject, the impeccable adjective which is unquestionable, so much so that one could not find another, the direct complement which evokes the mood, and the whole gives the exact sense of what He expresses.

The whole together has a finesse which surpasses our beauty of expression and gives a precision to the structure, in a form full of subtlety, of richness and the vision of an object of art marvellously sculptured. The form, concise, simple and of a perfectly pure limpidity; the image, beautiful, fluid and majestic; the sound, musical, rhythmic, sonorous, with an amplitude in the construction of the lucid phrases which evoke the profound sentiments, and the vision which opens the door to the Reality and which suggests the perfection in the art of expression…. It is this that He reveals in all that He has written. This is not all; there are still mysteries which are hidden, unknown things which will be revealed only to those who have access to intuition. The word is the force, the power — it creates. As soon as the word is uttered, it creates a vibration which takes a form and it lasts, only for those who have undertaken to absorb in their lives the practical meaning of His education by a discipline and an effort for the transformation to the Supramental life….

And if someone wants to study His works in depth, he will have all the answers to what is life, what is the universe, to all conceivable questions in all the subjects, to all the mysteries, everything, everything. Be it philosophy, the sciences, physics, higher mathematics which require a certain logic, calculus, the functioning of the body, materials … finally, for all the solutions that man is seeking blindly and groping here and there, man will have the answer or the indication of the essential truth hidden in His writing, which reveal the solutions to the enigma that the universe is, what man has been searching for in vain since antiquity. But this, this demands a lot of sadhana, a great essential curiosity and this is not within everyone’s reach. It is difficult. But if one has this inquisitiveness, the will and the thirst for this knowledge, he will have the key in Sri Aurobindo’s books, in all that He has propounded, has revealed, has experimented, has brought down into the terrestrial consciousness. And it is put in a very simple language, as clear as the day — limpid, pure of all ornaments, direct, with the truth that He has brought down in His impeccable expression. Nothing, nothing but a drop of His knowledge is enough to flood the world with the true attitude, the true and absolute orientation and the truth of existence, essentially the remedy of all these maladies! What a folly to search elsewhere the lesson which is within ourselves and go out of the temple where the Divine resides.

… I am absolutely convinced that the education we give here by far exceeds all other systems of education in the world. Here we prepare men, ādhāras, and above all, souls who can dare to defy ignorance and inconscience, and all that… and all that is perverted in man and which is the cause of all his misfortunes.

Still, if I could convince the boy[12] of the importance of our combined effort against the falsehood and the ill-will that predominate and which are the cause of the conflicts and the wars with all this suffering and that the only remedy is found in Sri Aurobindo, he would have seen another aspect of our education. I will see what I can do — to work in him, on the domains which persist obstinately and revolt and are dark, and change them slowly with my Force. Because he is my child, I do not want that he goes astray and falls into the inconscience. I will help him to surmount his difficulties. I will see how I can change his attitude. I have hope and my compassion and my mercy can triumph over the worst and the most vile. Well, for all the uncompromising problems which seem so obstinate there are as many solutions and remedies which emerge, with innumerable options. This is a challenge thrown against the invasion of the ill-will and falsehood which want to establish themselves; but I shall be as severe as I can be so that this malady does not spread among others and spoil my work. I must uproot and undo the knots before this contaminates others. After all, it is not so much against this boy that I am angry, but against this force which sows the seed of unease and influences these little brains in formation. It is … against this that I must fight. This is the problem.

But I do not doubt that everything will be arranged as it should be, because it is the will of Sri Aurobindo that I execute. And there, nothing can stand against it.

Au revoir.

Au revoir, Douce Mère.


The word “Knowledge”

(I had asked the Mother the exact significance of the word “knowledge that Sri Aurobindo uses in his books.

As my question was not properly worded She re-wrote the question in proper French, gave the French equivalent of the English term and explained:)

It is from the context that one can know what kind of knowledge he is speaking of.

May 21, 1951







Bonjour, Douce Mère.

(In my letter to the Mother, I had asked a question.)

What, didn’t you receive my answer?

No, Mother.


No, Mother.

But, I sent you a word. Didn’t you feel something?

No, Mother.

Ah! Look, how you complicate matters! It becomes so easy. And I gain time if you are a little receptive…. Didn’t you hear anything?

No, Mother.

But, if you become conscious and receptive, you will get the answer at once. You see, when I read your letter, I sent the answer immediately…. I do not formulate it mentally, but it is a clear and distinct formation sustained by a spiritual force which acts and contains a power of efficacy and I send it towards the person with whom I want to communicate. Like this (Mother makes a gesture), I aim it — it is like a vibration originating from me, coming out and touching the person, and if he is receptive, at once he receives the answer and he is satisfied….

(The Mother speaks about some other things, then says:)

You must learn to observe all that happens, watch all that takes place and absorb with equanimity all that has some value for your progress. It is this which is important. Always equal. (Mother makes a horizontal movement with Her hand) One should not get perturbed or be anxious about the results, — then you will see that things get arranged much better by themselves, and you will get an indication in the quietness of your inner state, as well as the answer.

If ever something torments you or you are in difficulty and you do not know what to do, quieten yourself at once and go inwards. That means, you enter within, and sincerely ask your inner being, the psychic being, and you will get the answer, — clear and precise, like this. It will tell you what is to be done. It will guide you invariably….

And there is also another means which is very effective and you will succeed each time you ask. If you are in difficulty or you want an answer, it could be anything, or if you are not feeling quite at ease or something is tormenting you or you have made a mistake which makes you feel uneasy, — supposing you become angry and are discontented, which may be very insignificant, quite ordinary and without any value, even for things of which you do not know the cause, if something is not all right, not as it should be, — at that time, if you want to get rid of this somewhat unhappy state, come directly to the Samadhi, and bow down your head at the Samadhi and speak frankly to Sri Aurobindo all that you have to say, without hesitation, without doubt, as you come to tell me — and you have seen so many times that your difficulties have disappeared at once, vanished completely the moment you spoke to me. You got rid of them because I chased them out of you. And you felt yourself free from these negative or even harmful formations and you felt light because I had removed from you this burden and you went back happy. Do you remember? So many times you have told me that.

Yes, Mother, many times.

In the same manner, you should tell Him (Sri Aurobindo); like this, you should keep your head on the Samadhi (the Mother bows Her head) and you tell Him to get rid of your difficulties. Or you send a prayer like this, (the Mother makes a movement with the hand from the region of the heart upwards) but very sincerely, and you bring the concentration at the very depth of your being. I am sure that He will hear you and He will give you your answer. Without doubt, you can now communicate easily with Him. There are many who put themselves in contact with Him and find their answers. He has become more accessible to us and He is much more active. You see then, in this way you don’t have to wait — first to inform me and then I would have to choose a convenient date, a precise time, and also see if I have the time or not so that I could listen to what you have to tell me, and then I would answer. A whole process to be followed before you get the answer. It is long, it takes a lot of time and above all, you have to have the patience to wait…. But this method is convenient and more direct and more accessible. At any time you can ask. You just come to the Samadhi to have your answer.

If something is not all right and you would like to know the cause, or you want to get rid of a weakness, or get cured, or be cleansed, to have a difficulty removed in order to be purified, — for any answer, come and ask Sri Aurobindo at the Samadhi and you will have the answer. Not only His answer but also His blessings, His compassion, His peace and His illumination. You will be engulfed and seized by His love that is all-powerful. Once you abandon yourself to Him, you will be protected against all mishaps. It is like this — His influence. He reveals Himself to all those who are simple, sincere and humble. He is there, perfectly conscious, and He directs all the activities of the world. When I want to know something, I ask Him, and at once He answers me.

This does not mean that I forbid you to come to me and ask something. You can always come to see me on any day. I shall be free to listen to you and give you my advice.

You know, earlier, when He was in His body, people used to say that He was very far, remote and inaccessible to men and that He was not concerned about the affairs of the sadhaks here. It is not quite correct, for indeed He used to spend night after night replying to a heap of letters instead of doing His work of uplifting the world and preparing it for the advent of the Supramental world. He used to take pains to follow their progress and occupy Himself with matters concerning the sadhaks. And yet He had arranged things in such a way that the sadhaks could communicate directly with me and receive my blessings and my help practically on the physical plane as well as inwardly for the sadhana. It was through me that they could realise the heights of consciousness towards the Supramental or surmount any difficulty. At that time, He was preoccupied to gain control, not only to conquer but to subjugate and master the different worlds, the diverse powers and the innumerable states of consciousness that were opposing and standing like an obstacle to our work — the quest towards the Supramental. And the mundane affairs were left to me to resolve and also all this organisation of the Ashram as well as the progress of the individuals and the effort towards the collective yoga. During that period He had hardly any time to occupy Himself with the people or hear their complaints. But now He has universalised Himself, become vast, very intimate and close. There is a bond with everyone, through a nearness and a direct influence so that everyone can have access to Him.

It is formidable. His presence vibrates, concrete, all around the Samadhi. And His influence penetrates and touches the central being and awakens the consciousness to the spiritual life. Even the agnostics, the unbelievers, people of bad-will who come out of curiosity to visit the Samadhi, return amazed by a mysterious alchemy and find an inner peace, because there He showers His peace and His compassion constantly. It is this that bathes them when they pass before Him. It is an unbelievable surcharged activity of His force and His presence.

When I look at the Samadhi and see what is happening there, I am astonished to find this column of dazzling light vibrating with an energy and a transforming force. It rises like this — (Mother makes an upward movement with the hands) with a splendour and a brilliance like an effusion of light from the length and breadth of the Samadhi. It is the New Light materialising….

At night, when everything is quiet, there are some entities who clean up this place of all that the people have left behind — all the formations of falsehood, desires, impatient supplications, all sorts of complaints, bad-will and maladies, as well as the hostile forces — and make this place peaceful and pleasant. They purify the whole surrounding with so much love so that His presence is felt.

It is a sanctified place for meditation and not for gossip. Never to speak — one disturbs the atmosphere. He is there with His glorified body sustaining the entire world in a subtle movement, manifesting gradually His consciousness, partially veiled for the Divine descent.

He is the living assurance of our divine possibility, the promise of the Divinity radiating with the divine Light and divine Power — the progressive march towards the Divine Manifestation. That is why the whole atmosphere is charged with a divine and sublime Peace, you understand? It is He who is there — in the divine body — Himself divinised, the representative of the whole humanity, He who, by His own effort, by His tapasya and by the sadhana that He has done in His body, has made His body glorious. The realisations and the experiences He has had, what He has accumulated in His body by this yogic effort, has charged His body with a transforming power. It is charged — charged dynamically with a force and a light that overflows; it is this that envelops the whole atmosphere. All around, it is His presence. It endures because it is the Supramental force and shows no sign of diminishing. It cannot.

It is this that the people absorb when they pass around the Samadhi. Without knowing it, they are bathed by His love and they do not even realise as to why they are mystified when they approach the Samadhi. It is amazing! They are bewildered when they touch the Samadhi because the force that is working all around demolishes their so-called religious sentiments, shatters the emotions clamouring towards the heavens and puts them before a Reality that they do not understand. They are astounded by this extraordinary phenomenon of the Truth that manifests there. Those who are open are touched, and they return to recharge themselves and to imbibe in their being, this Peace that is in the atmosphere. His presence is so concrete and so living — like a conscious Immensity that dominates and charges this atmosphere. I see how it seems to float in evanescent lights and colours, a beauty of unseizable delight, a spirit of purity and an elusive presence, though unsubstantial yet nearly material, carrying a sweetness unknown to the world. It seems to me that a heart that is one-pointed, aspiring ardently for the Divine, if it stands before the Samadhi and desires nothing but His beatitude, will be transported into a region of delight much better and higher than the ecstasy experienced by the all-powerful heavens or that the earth has ever known.

His devotees and those who aspire — truly aspire to unite their consciousness with Sri Aurobindo who dominates this place with His formidable presence — find the grandeur of His majestic presence, as concrete as you see me now. And those who wish to communicate with Him find His invariable answer. He is there — all-puissant with all His power and He presides over the New Creation from behind the veil with a sustained insistence and an unbelievable patience, but determined, as is His mode of action, gaining victories one after another, first to change the consciousness of humanity and then to transform it in all its dimensions, knowing well that these resistances and these momentary falls prepare humanity to overcome the obstacles before it, and guiding its mode of action and its attitude by a global movement in the peace of His light. And, above all, this is based on spirituality and not on those so called pseudo-religious movements whose essence is fanaticism, war and unnecessary quarrels. You see the results…. The world is tired of the cruelties of men, — blood flows and violence predominates, we have never seen such terrible devastations. Men have become beasts, even worse than beasts!

… So long as man does not try to change his consciousness … it is an unsurmountable impasse. No one, neither man, nor individuals endowed with extraordinary faculties can do anything or bridge the chasm between the Divine and the adverse forces. It is ignorance which has pushed man into this state.

But do not worry. One who has been given the charge, One who is responsible, works to bring man towards the frontiers of a New World; He uproots the difficulties and the obstacles incessantly, guiding man towards a luminous future. He alone can cure this malady, because he is the Master of our existence. Have confidence and all will be all right. This is perhaps the lowest point that man has reached in the spiral of evolution, in the vicissitudes of his terrestrial existence. But soon, we shall see the light — the hope of a great change — the certitude of His presence which alone can bring down and establish the kingdom of the Divine upon earth.


There are some passages in Savitri which explain very well this Apocalypse. I do not remember so well. Perhaps one begins like this: ‘Slowly the light grows greater …’[13] Hmm!… Ah!

‘Greater in the east,’ Mother …

Yes, yes, you have caught the right thing. Myself, I do not remember so well. But, there are some extraordinary passages in Savitri.

There you are.

Au revoir.

Au revoir, Douce Mère.






Bonjour, Douce Mère.

(Mother asks for my notebook)

Your notebook … (She reads and then says:)

… this is a thing that is happening constantly. Each day there are thousands who die and many others who are born. This is a thing that happens constantly and Sri Aurobindo is occupied with all this. He is in the subtle physical and constantly people who die come to Him and also He decides who will come back. It is something common….

It is a thing that goes on constantly in the subtle physical. He is preparing souls who shall reincarnate….

But, Mother, is it that Sri Aurobindo wants to reincarnate?

No, my child, not so soon. He has already said that He will come back only with the first Supramental body. The first Supramental body will be that of Sri Aurobindo. That is what He has announced. And it is not for now. There is plenty of time. We can wait. It is not yet ready for the Supramental body. The world must be made ready. It will take time….

It is true that Sri Aurobindo is occupied with all those who go away and also prepares their reincarnation….

(Mother writes:)

Comme Sri Aurobindo est dans le physique subtil tout le temps il s’occupe de gens qui s’en vont et de ceux qui reviennent.

[As Sri Aurobindo is in the subtle physical all the time He takes care of people who go away and those who come back.]

Good … what is it?

Mother, write something here (showing the facing page).

You want me to write my blessings here? (Mother writes) Is it all right? You are satisfied?…

October 14, 1969



Is it true that Sri Aurobindo will come back?


Is it true that Sri Aurobindo will come back? If yes, will He be in His old form? For I have heard that you have said: “He will come back.”

(The Mother’s answer: )

Sri Aurobindo will surely come back in the first supramental body. But when and how, this he did not say.

January 28, 1951




If He will come back then why did He leave? Is it to show a miracle to the world?

(The Mother’s answer: )

It is not to show the miracle but to accomplish on it.

January 30, 1951











…You know that this year (1969), a New Consciousness has descended upon earth….

Yes, Mother….

What is it…? You would like to have a little of this New Consciousness? That’s what you were … thinking?

Yes, Mother: make me ready to participate.

You see! But it depends on you; if you are receptive and modest, you will have it. If not, that’s too bad! But modesty is essential; without modesty one cannot receive of the New Consciousness. And if one thinks that one has become someone important, someone with exceptional powers, someone with spiritual realisations — then it is over. You may be sure that the New Consciousness will not touch you. If you remain modest and receptive, then the Consciousness is everywhere so that you may absorb it. It is up to you to do what is necessary to be receptive. It is up to you, if you want it.

It also depends on You, Mother, if You give it to me.

What I do is not your lookout. If you want it, be receptive, and you will have it. It is for you to remain receptive. That is not my work.

All the same, it is You who will give it to me.

That is another matter. I do not forbid anyone from receiving it if he wants it. And there is more than enough for everyone to receive it. It is not something limited. There is plenty for everyone and even more if the whole world wants to have this New Consciousness. But one must want it, prepare oneself to receive it. To be receptive. It does not come like a stroke of lightning: you want it and immediately you have it! No, it is not like that. One must work for it. To want it constantly and to be receptive. A mental receptivity is not sufficient. This mental receptivity is hardly anything, it leads nowhere. It is incapable of doing anything. One has to be receptive here (indicating the body), physically receptive. It is this which is difficult, you understand? To open all this to the New Consciousness, to make it vibrate in the cells. It is this that I mean by being receptive. It is very difficult. One has the impression that one is reborn in a New Light, to a New Life. It is so beautiful. It is like the path that advances….

If you want the New Consciousness, be receptive and above all, modest. It is for you to decide, there is no restriction, whoever wants it will have it as long as he opens himself. It is very simple. Have you understood?

Yes, Mother. (Mother concentrates)

It is all right. Do not worry. It is working well. My help is always there for those who want to advance. I have kept it wide open up there, and I lead all those who are prepared to strive to advance on the path. It is for you to choose if you want it or not….

Naturally, I want it, Mother….

You can have it; remain calm and receptive and you will have it. Persevere and you will have it.

March 18, 1969


(On yet another occasion Mother spoke about the New Consciousness)

… You understand, to be ready to receive the New Consciousness which has descended this year (1969), the first indispensable thing is to conquer desire. No desires. The desires… evaporated! If you really want to profit and participate in this great phenomenon which is within our reach, the only thing you should do is to rise above your desires. No desires whatsoever (Mother makes a gesture with her hands as if something is flowing out and the desires are being got rid of) It is only in a consciousness free of desires that this New Consciousness can get established. It is a marvellous thing which is trying to form itself, which is trying to work in the atmosphere. And it is within the reach of all those who want it, but the only necessary condition is that one must conquer desire, because it is the desires which deform things.

One has to be free of one’s desires — to drop them like this — something which has no value for us. To make them evaporate, throw them out of you. In fact, this is nothing compared to what awaits to descend in us, this Consciousness which can do everything, accomplish and realise everything. If you wish for this consciousness which is so easy to receive now, purify yourself of your desires. Dissolve them like this and you will see the splendour of this Consciousness which waits for us to receive it. It is something above human desires. If you want to participate, purify yourself of all desires, (same gesture) It was because of the desires that the marvellous things which descended from time to time upon the earth were destroyed and deformed. And what are these desires — nothing in comparison to what is before you. It is phou! … evaporated!

My child, if you want to profit fully from this occasion which is before us and now that this New Consciousness wants to manifest, conquer your desires in order to receive it. It is a real occasion when things move fast and become more easy. It is for this reason that I give so much importance to your preparing yourself to receive it.

You know, this New Consciousness which has descended this year and has begun to work here, has need of a proper surrounding through which it can intensify its work; and now that it has descended here, its power of manifestation must become more intense, its kingdom become broader in order to establish itself firmly. For this it needs ādhāras who will be capable of manifesting the Consciousness. And as it has descended, it must intensify the work, otherwise what is the use? And to receive this Consciousness one must rise above desires. No desires. Nothing, nothing but a complete surrender in His hands, like this: “I give myself to Thee, O Lord, without reserve, Thou alone, no existence without Thee, nothing but Thee. It is Thou who acts through me, Thou, Thou, nothing but Thou. Let Thy will be done through me.” If you can have this attitude, that “there is nothing of me, it is Thou alone who exists and acts”, then, you will be free of desires and ready to receive this Consciousness. I tell you, this is the moment, it is worth the trouble if you want to profit from this unique occasion.

I ask myself why people do not try. What is there more interesting than this? Men give their lives for terrestrial and material adventures and cannot throw themselves into this spiritual adventure which is so marvellous and glorious, when I have traced the whole path and have made the work so easy; I have removed all the obstacles so that one can advance freely.

I invite you … it is something unique…. Try, and you will see what this New Consciousness is!

It is floating there (indicating a region above the head) to descend here below.

April 8, 1969





It is true that there is a new world or rather a new Consciousness manifested upon earth since the first of January.

January 24, 1969


“Give me the power to open myself entirely to the new consciousness.”

January 1969


“Let me be born into the New Consciousness.”

March 1969


Open yourself to the New Consciousness.

March 1969


“Purify me of all the much too human weaknesses so that I may acquire the necessary calm to receive the new Consciousness.”

“Make me worthy of it.”

April 1969


The result of all this inner work should be the disappearance of desires; for it is in a consciousness devoid of desires that the New Consciousness can manifest itself.

April 8, 1969


The new consciousness has itself given the condition required to manifest itself without deformation:

“One must be able to stand in the light of the Supreme Consciousness without casting a shadow.”

This signifies the abolition of the ego.

April 15, 1969


A new creation will take place upon earth.

May Thy grace permit me to take part consciously in this new creation.

August 1969


The first condition is to know in an absolute way that one knows nothing. Then in all simplicity and all sincerity, to aspire for the true Consciousness and to open oneself to the knowledge which is coming from above.

November 1969


Bonne Année

With the nobility of character which makes one capable of responding fully to the new Consciousness.

January 1970


Keep yourself in readiness, the new consciousness is working intensely to hasten the transformation.

January 6, 1970






…Generally, the psychic is represented as a very small child who is sprightly, joyous and always smiling and who is doing something with an indifferent and carefree air, — indifferent and carefree, because he does not participate in the demands and the desires of the vital and the mental. But when the vital is very strong and the mental is very obstinate and they exert their authority on the psychic, then the psychic, having nothing to do with them or trying to dominate them, experiences, — as it is very well expressed in English, — ‘a divine pity’, and a sadness lingers on its face. These are the consequences of the misdeeds of the vital and the mental that fall on it and dominate it by their reactions, and the inherent joy and the carefree liberty of the psychic vanish. And how it sulks! And the whole system becomes heavy, sluggish and lifeless. The psychic does not like to be subjugated by the vital and the mental, it loves the joy of freedom, the flight without end in blissful worlds. It is this that the child seen in the vision represents. It is symbolic.

Such experiences and visions lead one to the region of the psychic, the sanctuary where the soul dwells. This gives one a glimpse of what the effect of the psychic is. It bathes one in an inexplicable sweetness, a sovereign peace, a joy, or rather an invariable ananda which seizes the being, and a perfect equanimity without admixture, completely indifferent to all that is happening outside.

In fact, the psychic itself does not suffer like the vital and the body; it does not have or does not feel the pain, the anguish, the torment, the despair; — but it experiences a sorrow, a sort of affliction like a distress which is completely different from what we usually imagine. It is a sort of sadness which is peaceful or somewhat lovable, which sighs when things go wrong and the mind and the vital are adamant in pursuing their path towards falsehood, ignorance and obscurity, or really speaking, going against the Divine.

In fact, when the psychic sees that its work of so many years and its effort to uplift the consciousness, to purify it gradually and to make the receptacle ready, is being spoilt … and that a harmful, rather disdainful and perverted breath of the vital or the mental destroys in an instant of inconscience the work so well conceived, then the psychic feels a sadness and does not understand how the mental and the vital, which were moreover collaborating so well to have the contact, have suddenly reacted in a revolt. This happens and also many unexpected things which one never foresaw…. But suddenly there is a fall, or, without knowing, one slips down from a consciousness which was vibrating with joy and one loses the contact. But it is at this very moment that one must persevere without getting disheartened, and remain as calm as possible and call me, to re-establish the contact.

You know, one thing which one must do, is not to lose faith, and one must remember to call me; as Sri Aurobindo has often repeated, “In these circumstances, the most important thing is to call the Mother. It is She alone who can help you; — to have this conviction that ‘the Mother is with me and she shall arrange everything’.” And at once the contact comes back.

My child, I’ll tell you one thing: this psychic contact is more true, more gripping, more enduring and more interesting than all that this world knows or does not know even, all that man knows or does not know. It surpasses all comprehension. It is the search for the soul, the finding of one’s psychic which is the support, the Divine manifested in man…. All that man has imagined, written, invented, pursued or that he possesses is nothing in comparison to what he can have when he has the psychic contact. It is more interesting or more fascinating than reading adventure books or any other book. One must be a thousand times more intrepid to find one’s soul than to go to the moon, or climb the mountain or to explore the depths of the ocean. At each step one must be able to take the inexorable decision, whether to continue or not, if it is worth the trouble, because it is filled with mystery, full of suspense, full of unexpected things, things without warning, things that man has never known. At each step death lies in wait. The tempest or the hurricane pursue you, you are smitten by misfortune and pain, by the force and hatred of the formidable hostile forces. You will be tormented at each step. There is no compromise. Fear and doubt invade and subjugate you. A false step and you slip into the abyss. Suddenly an unscalable wall bars your way where there was nothing but the vast horizon: it is impossible to climb! The terror and the horrors of the world stifle you; you are close to death and to the annihilating consequences. But if you are even more intrepid, if you are able to come out of the psychological world that you have created for yourself, if you still have the faith and the confidence that “whatever may happen to me, the Divine is my guide, I must have confidence in Her,” then She will pull you out even through all these misfortunes, all your weaknesses, yourself, your small fears and your mental, vital and physical misconceptions. Moreover, each one has his own way and his own load of difficulties to surmount and to conquer. It depends exclusively on his attitude towards the Divine, and also on himself, his own attitude. If you still have the intention and the aspiration to pursue, then you are projected into a world which cannot be compared, a world of delight and of splendour, of beauty and of harmony, of peace and of sovereign power, of compassion and divine love and the transforming consciousness, — a state where suffering and misfortune, hatred and envy, pain and passion, desire and fear, doubt and deviations cannot live, cannot exist, where ignorance and obscurity transform themselves into knowledge and light. This is the path which leads to the Divine. But to be able to enjoy this unalloyed joy, you must sacrifice and abandon many of your egoistic movements, many of your so-called desires, your passions, your obscure and ignorant conceptions, your habits and unhealthy and useless customs which still cling to the past and still obstinately refuse to change.

When you have the will to surmount your defects and your weaknesses, when you want to become the master of your existence, to go beyond your life of slavery and division, when you want to become the master of yourself, conscious of the self which is always in union with the Divine, then you will be ready to taste the essence of the terrestrial existence — the supreme Ananda. My child, this is the beginning of life; this is what I call “to live a life”. Yes, all depends upon the attitude one has and the will to go on up to the level you want to reach, the aim which you have fixed. With this comes all the help, the Divine help or the Grace which pushes you and keeps pushing, or really speaking, which carries you like a child in a cradle to the Mother — the Mother of all.

My child, this is the mystery, this the miracle, this the adventure towards the Unknown. What is going to happen? No one knows. What will be the consequences? No one can say. What will be the path? No one can envisage! What must be followed? One knows nothing about it! How to arrive? how to cross over? Impossible to guide. But where then is the goal to be reached, the end of the pursuit? Cannot be guessed. For there is no end. There is always something more to realise, yet to discover, still more to be united with…. It stretches till the infinite, till the eternal — more and more vast, more and more beautiful, more and more true. It is unlimited. The reward is to become one with the Divine, with all his qualities of Beatitude, of Consciousness and Supreme Knowledge. Oh! to be, to become and to realise the Unique Adorable … the ‘I’ dissolves in the Truth of our existence. What a marvel! What a happiness!

But how to find Him? Though He is hidden in everything, even in the atom, everywhere in the universe, everywhere in the creation, He gives us the sign, the indication of His Presence, of His minute and constant working behind all the expressions of His Becoming, of His unfolding Himself. Though the world and men are covered with ignorance and inconscience, there is also, behind, the luminous ray of His Presence. Though there is evil, suffering, ugliness and decay, hatred and the vain inutility of existence, there is also behind this appearance, Joy, Beauty, Light, Peace, Truth, the Consciousness, and the Joy of living, the ecstasy in expectation. It is this which gives the conviction, the assurance that all is not in vain, that there is a greater power which sustains, which animates, which vivifies, which gives the élan, that behind this appearance which we see, which we feel, which we live or which we imagine, there is a formidable Presence, all-powerful, which guides all the actions in this world and in this creation. It is like the ocean of ecstasy which courses through the infinite, and the eternal support in the depths and the tranquility in all that is, in all that exists.

How to find this ecstasy? How to find the support? How to find this tranquility? It is not necessary to go far. You have only to enter within yourself to find it. It is in oneself that this ecstasy is, the support and the perfect tranquility. You have to dive with an ardent aspiration into this universe which exists within you and move towards this eternal flame of existence. The means are at your disposal. The path? Each one has his own path which leads with more or less detours towards the goal to be attained. And the methods are as varied as there are individuals. But if one has a true attitude with a profound aspiration and no conflict in his nature, then there will not be so many difficulties, dangers, obstacles and vicissitudes on the way.

Firstly one must will, — will ardently, will sincerely, will constantly, — that all in you becomes an expression of the Divine, solely a vessel for the divine Truth and the divine Love and that His light may course through you without any obstruction or conflict, in its purity, in its clarity, in its grandeur and in its essence. And the first step necessary towards its accomplishment is to have a complete self-consecration, a complete self-purification, a complete self-abandonment; to be constantly open to the Divine — rejecting from oneself all that bars its fulfilment. Constantly to call the divine help to facilitate the work against all these difficulties, — these struggles and persistent resistances, the harassing contradictions which trouble you with painful remorse, which stand in the way like stumbling blocks. For all these inconveniences there is but one remedy: it is only my grace which can lead you out of all these difficulties — just to have faith in me — and to call me to surmount all these mishaps which are, moreover, outside you. Your desires, your impulses, your so-called difficulties and the obstacles on the path which trouble you are things which fall on you from outside, which come from outside. Nothing is within you, only your vital, mental and physical invite them and make you believe that it is within yourself that this misfortune exists and has its origin. But no, — you are outside all this admixture, above all these circumstances and their consequences. You have only to detach yourself and look within and you shall find the self which has nothing to do with this turmoil which has been thrown upon you to create a conflict without your wanting it. But deep within you is an immutable peace, an invariable calm, an unalloyed joy and a revealing knowledge. And, high above, above you, waiting to descend, is the Divine Presence, — the Peace, the Calm, the Purity, the Force, the Light, the Joy and the Vast.

It is this that one has to be conscious of, this that one has to open oneself to and make the connection with — so that these establish themselves in you.

And once the contact with the inner being is established, then everything changes, the perspective, the attitude, even the way of living. This is what is essential, the thing to be done. It is this the raison-d’être of our existence.

But how to establish the inner contact, the contact with the psychic being, the soul which is the master of our existence, but which is veiled by the thick layers of our ignorance, by the effects of the inconscience, of desires, of impulses and of the wrong sensations, and above all, by the ego which dominates, which falsifies our lives, corrupts it and drags it down into the mud, or claims that there is nothing outside it, nothing that surpasses it, nothing which is worth the trouble looking for or worth finding — this is the problem. For as soon as you decide to reject a false movement or an impulse, whether it is to be detached and become indifferent or to be purified, then comes ‘Mister Ego’ to proclaim his authority by announcing just the contrary movement and to undo — by all sorts of revolts, chaos and the decision not to cooperate, and implanting in the being doubt and despair — the good work accomplished. For all these effervescences and these unnecessary bubblings, one must know how to take a true attitude — first of all, to understand, then an introspection and a self-analysis to deduce the cause and the effect; then one must be able to explain what is the thing which could be good, useful and permanent from the material point of view, — and what counts for the spiritual life is the progress, the amplitude, the attitude and a sincerity and surrender in order to contain the new light. This is the base and the ideal.

Whatever one achieves, whatever one tries, one must have faith. If you give yourself and if you have confidence in the Mother, that she alone can help you, lead you towards realisations, towards a complete transformation — then the first steps are already taken. Be it to find the psychic, or to control your desires or your impulses or to liberate yourself from ignorance or inconscience, or to become pure and calm, or to establish the peace, or to become conscious, — for all these there is but one way: to depend and take refuge in me. Then the work will be done a hundred times faster and more effectively, as Sri Aurobindo has said. And you will have the consolation of having nothing which comes back to you, because the Divine absorbs all that you reject and provides you at once with all that you need. He walks with you, sustains you — and He fills you with the aspiration and the will according to your capacity for launching yourself towards Him — who is our goal.

First of all, to begin with, one must know, understand and distinguish the different parts of one’s being — the sensations, the impulses and the vibrations, the thoughts, the formations, the mixed ideas, the quasi-moral or benign developments — all these things that touch you, you must distinguish them and know from where each one comes, what is its role, and if it helps in your development; or if it is harmful, then you must reject it. In fact, to take each thing at its actual value. Then you must detach yourself from all these events, the circumstances, the activities that are produced at each instant, the movements at each moment of your life and remain outside all this, so that Nature, the world, the actions and the reactions of all that exists and moves do not fall on you, and to look at all this turmoil and noise as something in which you do not participate and to which you give no importance — for these are things that happen outside you and do not touch you. Only a calm and perfect tranquility within as well as outside, detached, disinterested,… you observe the things moving in front of you as if on a screen — but you do not participate. With this attitude, you must aspire silently towards the Divine and remain open upwards — not passive, nor trying to pull, but calm and in a positive equanimity that all that is to be done will be done. If you try to pull, it will have a contrary effect. But to remain calm, open and receptive, in a self-giving, with the inner certitude that “the Divine will do what is necessary, will give me what I need”… to remain like this in this state of peace and tranquility, calm and serene, where nothing moves, nothing makes an impression. Not to get agitated, not to be tormented by all that takes place in front of you or around you or even which seems to come from within you or happens in you, because you have the habit of thinking that it is happening within you and reacting to it. But after some time, you will see that you are nothing but a blank page without stain, water without any ripple, without any impression, like a crystal, where the light can pass without being deformed, where the exterior movements cannot leave a mark, because there, there flows a peaceful sweetness that nothing can disturb, that nothing can trouble. You are free, detached, and you see the world passing before you — with its excessive activities, its trepidations, its tensions, the bad and the good, sorrow and joy, force and inertia, beauty and perversity, in fact all the contrary movements, which are only the external world passing before you like a cinema in which you do not participate. You observe the events and the things, you survey them, you are the master — and you have control over all the circumstances.

Then starts the inner life. You plunge within yourself, to the very depths, — moreover there is no end, — to discover, to feel, to absorb, to realise and to rejoice in finding an inconceivable new world which cannot be expressed by your language or your mode of expression, or which cannot be labelled by your sense of values or your so-called attitude, but it can be lived, and which is the truth of your existence, the ineffable Beauty, the stable Peace, the unalloyed Joy, and the all-puissant Power. It is this and something more still. The very substance of what you conceive, of what you have, is transformed; the air that you breathe changes, is transmuted and divinised. But in order that you may feel this effect in you, much work has to be done — an untiring effort to purify yourself, to become conscious, conscious of the Self, conscious of all the parts of your being.

How to become conscious? That is the problem. By the will, — and it is not difficult. It is only a form of application, to do it rigorously and regularly, as you study to learn a language, as you exercise to develop your muscles, or learn to play. In the same way one must apply oneself, one must concentrate, one must work with a constant effort, with a determination to know the whole process of that which is happening within or outside, and how the body, the mental and the vital react. Why does this have a certain effect in you and why not another? How does one react, and why in this manner? What is it that reacts within oneself, who is it that directs, who is it that controls all these phenomena? By which habit does one feel that it is this that has to be done, what will be the best? Which actions will produce these reactions? Who presides, who determines what would be the best for us? What is this consciousness which works to teach us the attitude which changes the perspectives of all our actions?

One must enter within, to the very depths — there where is found a certitude that it is the good, where one feels a peace and a joy, where conflict and doubt disappear, where one bows down to be guided to find the truth of our existence, where the illusion and the futility of all our labour disappear, to find the remedy of all this pain and suffering of the inconscience and the ignorance, — to be guided, and to find the solution to all that pulls one down like a burden which becomes more and more heavy and which chains one in a morass of inextricable difficulties.

How to get out of these fetters, of this slavery, these circumstances which engulf one at each moment and to which, moreover, we have willingly submitted ourselves by our wish or by our preference because it corresponds to the inclination of the vital and the mental?

The best way or the most direct thing is to concentrate here (indicating the heart), to find the inner contact. As long as we have not found this that is to say the inner contact, we grope, we stumble, we fall, we jostle and we search in vain. It seems so fugitive. Then we begin again, with a little more ardour, but end up with the same story: it disappears farther and farther away. It is then that one must have patience. However, with each effort something is gained, we grow a little wiser and somewhere the light of the consciousness which we have absorbed begins to work, begins to get established. Then it radiates here and there to find a hold. And little by little, little by little, with the will, with an aspiration that one has acquired and the ardour to progress, one begins to feel that one is no longer a plaything at the mercy of circumstances, of all that governs the outside world, its excitations, its impulses, its actions and its reactions, — but that one has a control over oneself, that one can direct one’s will according to an inner call, that one can see all things passing before oneself, without being touched, without being moved, without being irritated, without having any reaction, that one begins to detach oneself, to become ‘dispassionate’ as it is said, to have no taste for all that is happening outwardly like an illusion, and which has no sense or reality. That does not mean that one ceases to work or to exist because it has no value for us. But no, remaining in the movement, entirely in the work, to do the work as perfectly as possible, offering the result and everything to the Divine, without desiring to satisfy one’s own ego, or for personal gain. One remains detached, disinterested without being affected. That which is to be assimilated in the being for the progress, that is done naturally.

Action is essential, but one should not expect a result, a personal gain. But the substance of truth which each thing, each element contains, the essence that it represents, reveals something to us. This gives us the élan for progress, the power of concentration, a confidence in the aspiration and a sense of inner purification, of having accomplished a work.

It is this which has value, it is this which one must seek in action, in the work one does. Each event gives us an indication. Instead of pursuing the action of the work with its causes and its effects — that which one seeks in the outside world — instead, if one finds the lesson which is revealed behind the action, the essence that it contains, ‘why this work was entrusted to me, for what kind of perfection that my being needs’, then one begins to find the truth behind all action. It is this that you must try constantly, this equanimity in action. Then the action will bring you this state enabling you to rise to the summit of your consciousness, that is to say, the actual state of your attitude towards life. This is a great step in yoga.

With this attitude you can always count on yourself to receive the necessary divine help. This, if you pursue it sincerely, will lead you towards the truth of your being. Then begins a new life: when one begins to turn inwards, to see things not as they are on the outside, to feel in a way one has never felt, to hear voices or melodies which ring like divine canticles spreading an inexpressible joy in the being, acting in a rhythm which surpasses time which is confined by its nature, and one receives the vibrations from the Eternal. And also other things which exceed our comprehension: where does this sweetness come from? when and how and why?… and all our reasonings fall flat. It is there, and the next moment it has disappeared. It is more mysterious than thought, more evanescent than the foam on the waves of the ocean, miraculous in its action. Just a wind that blows and it is no longer there, just a breathing in and it has moved, just a lowering of the eyelids and the concentration strays. It is enough that a thought comes, that a sensation awakes you, you make a slight movement and you act — and your consciousness is no longer turned within. It is like this at each moment. Something pulls you, jostles you, comes to put an end to it. There is one thing that gives the impetus and the joy to pursue, and then there is something contrary which comes without your knowing, which puts you away from the path. From where it comes, where it goes, one knows nothing and one understands noticing. It is an inconceivable game.

This is what I say, if you have patience, perseverance, the will and the essential sincerity, then you can come to find Me there, where I am eternally. But do not have false hopes, do not have vain illusions, do not be disappointed even if life passes and you do not find me. Because life is not the end of your aspiration. It may take entire lives to arrive where I am. One must have this conviction to return each time in order to continue the work of the previous life.

But once you have started on the path of finding the soul, you must continue at all cost. The path may become difficult, depending on each person, according to his attitude, his aptitude, his sincerity, his surrender, but it is full of events unperceived on the surface, full of nourishment to satisfy the soul, full of revelations, of divine wisdom, His knowledge, and at each step, a certitude, and more and more a confidence which grows with the blossoming of the intimacy with the Divine who is so close, and feel His peace, His sweetness, His power and His Beatitude. Like a magnet this pulls you inwards to have the experiences which always affirm that the Divine is there to help you, and it is certainly worth the trouble to pass through these obstacles, difficulties and vicissitudes that man has called upon himself as a burden to prolong the misery of his life. In fact, it opens up for you horizons of another dimension, with immense possibilities and an unlimited comprehension of all that man cannot even conceive.

More one enters within, the deeper one goes, more is one astonished to see this miracle of things and the worlds that open before us, carrying the consciousness from one marvel to another, with an unforgettable experience of beauty, of the play of forces, of a serene peace, of a pure sweetness and a power of certitude in all our actions. One begins to see visions, have experiences, one hears voices, distinct directions to be followed, not with this ear, but in the depths of the being, it is transmitted, not with our inadequate language, but in another way, and yet is it succinct and clear. One sees lights and symbolic things which become like guides for moving forward on the path.

As the intensity of aspiration to find the Divine and to translate His modes of being into our life increases, more and more do we find that someone is guiding us invisibly and that all is being arranged automatically. Each one finds his support and help according to his sincerity and surrender, and his experiences vary according to the attitude which he can establish in himself. Sometimes one is bathed in a light, or else the body does not exist anymore, one becomes like a column of light; or a sovereign peace envelops you, a joy that vibrates with intensity seizes you. You become more and more conscious of your being and also of your surroundings. All kinds of play of forces enthuse you. Sometimes the Kundalini awakes and the centres that lie hidden within you open, to create a direct connection with the consciousness that exists beyond your being, above the head, the self which presides, directs and governs all in the universe.

This is only the beginning of one’s inward sight, of going within. And in the greatest depth is the psychic being where begins the influence of the Divine, or else the Divine participates directly, and the actions become pure, modest and transmuted by a divine alchemy. There, it is the sovereign joy that reigns. But to find it, an untiring effort is needed — sometimes for entire lives.

Not only must you go within, but you must concentrate all your consciousness, all your efforts, all your thoughts, all your will, all your actions and plunge deep within, without letting even a single strand of your entire consciousness or of your entire effort loiter here and there or go wandering, but being absolutely centred in a constant and invariable effort, calm and tranquil, you must enter within, going always deeper, going on and on, descending further and further, without any movement, without asking anything — no more thoughts, nothing at all, — but only remaining open towards the heights, like this, (gesture) with the consciousness turned within; awake and alert, patiently you must wait to find the inner contact.

You traverse regions of unforgettable beauty and splendour where peace reigns with a glow of light and joy, with a resplendence which makes you perfectly happy, and you believe that here is the refuge. But not yet! One must go on, continuing to descend as in an immense cave from which one sees a light at the end, as in an interminable tunnel. At times, one sees that one is walking on a wide avenue or that one is bathed with a sweetness in an immense expanse which stretches till infinity. In fact, this world which reveals itself when one plunges within is marvellous in its substance, even infinite in its revelations, eternal in its appeal, existing in its purity without stain and without shadow in the light of the serene and sovereign Truth. There, nothing opposes, and nothing contradicts; all is equal, silent and peaceful. It exerts its influence on us, at first indirectly, then more and more directly.

But that is later. It takes a long time. The most important thing is to remain calm and tranquil, transparent like a mirror or a lake without ripples, reflecting all the movements from the surface without being touched, without becoming involved, passive but conscious of all that is happening. Deliberately one remains detached from all this noise, its cause and effect that clash, the actions and reactions that oppose each other. But you, you remain immobile: only the essence or the lesson that they contain makes tiny imprints that help you to progress. It is this which is important, the lesson that they bring us. And later, much later, one understands why this force worked in this way and not in another way as one had expected, and how all had been conceived — in a manner one had never thought of — so as to render this circumstance the most favourable possible for the integral progress. It is always like this if one knows how to take advantage of each occasion which presents itself before us, without getting impatient, without getting excited for the result Then one sees that each thing, each circumstance that unfolds before us was actually the best means to make us progress. And one is astonished to find how each thing instructs us if we follow the clues, and who it is who arranges everything, who guides us without our knowing it at all. That is why one must know how to detach oneself; then one has the key.

All that happens, all that we feel, all that we see, all that we do, — if one asks oneself at each instant, — whatever it may be, even though it may seem hostile or may harm us, — one truly asks oneself so as to scrutinise and one says to oneself: “What is this grace that you send to me so that I have to pass through all this? You know everything and if your grace wants that it should be like this, I accept without complaining and without questioning why you sent this to me…” one sees always that after all, even after the painful moments, there was nothing better that could be expected; it is as if a new door opens and one comes out wiser, much more enlightened and the questions disappear of themselves in the light of the situation which reveals itself before us.

Or else, one says to oneself: “What is this privilege that you bestow on me, this grace that you send to me as a test so that I may pass through this ordeal even if it is hard, suffocating and terrible, and if I may emerge from it pure, equal and firm with the faith that does not question — that this experience which I had to pass through was only to liberate me of this fault or that weakness which existed in me, and that only this experience which seemed to me at first unfavourable, as if changes and becomes favourable and purges me of a cardinal defect.”

It is always like this. And if one takes this attitude: “All that happens, all that comes upon me, is nothing but an occasion, is nothing but a test to purify me further, to rid me of my defects, and I must remain calm and detached to undergo the consequences,” then one sees always that what apparently seemed contrary and ill-advised was nothing but the best situation in order to make the necessary progress. It is in this way that the work is done behind the veil.

My child, it is but the beginning…. And the more we go within, the more we find that it is a completely different world from the one we live in, a world with a rhythm and a harmony much superior to ours, very different from what we conceive, at least some octaves higher than what we know, where peace, beauty and joy reign always.

When one goes within and the mind is empty and one does not think any more, everything becomes calm and peaceful, and one follows a certain command which becomes more and more pronounced. When one begins to depend on that and one lets oneself be guided, then one feels that a power which seems hidden awakes and guides us, directs and teaches, step by step, from moment to moment, where one must go.

But one must have confidence and faith; then it will lead you from one summit to another with an inexorable rapidity, and, one after another, the barriers of your mind fall away, the attachments of your vital disappear and the bad habits of your physical drop off and you feel the need of a life impelled by the Divine, and you depend more and more on His will. Then it is no longer a march but a flight, from marvel to a still greater marvel, from beatitude to a greater Ecstasy, — and suddenly, in an unexpected manner, one is touched, and something opens in us and one is flooded… It is like a revelation or like an invasion. It seizes you and you become vast, and the infinite opens before you, and the mind loses itself in the spiritual substance.

Or even more mysteriously, one is invaded by a presence, by a power, or else by a form — the Mother who is looking at you, and your inner vision has suddenly opened to reveal Her presence. Then one comes across similar instances or one becomes responsive when one is touched by a marvellous scene in nature, enchanted by the creation of a music which seems celestial, or a message that a sentence or a word brings to you; for the inner vision has opened and one begins to see the hidden significance behind the beautiful landscape of Nature, behind the music that was — trying to express the Ineffable or the sentence which carries much more meaning or direction than it apparently had. In this way, all the things in the world can become doors which open inwards to reveal the hidden reality, all the expressions of life can be turned to a higher aim and then all the things which are capable of linking our consciousness to the Divine consciousness are transmuted and become sublime, and all things take on a different value, not because of their separate existence but because of the consciousness that utilises them, moved by a divine élan — for there is only one thing indispensable, one thing essential: to become conscious of the Divine Reality, and to live it… for ever.

Therefore, for this, one must find the inner contact. It is not only when one enters within and one turns the gaze inwards that one meets one’s psychic. No, far from these fantasies. Even if one has worthwhile experiences which open the inner doors and one acquires the essential knowledge, — for example, the body does not exist anymore, or one becomes like a column of light, or other similar experiences, — even then, it is only the beginning. When one can aspire constantly, when one wants the Divine, night and day, ceaselessly, when nothing interests us, and only the Divine predominates in our life, when in an intense aspiration, one feels isolated from all that surrounds us, one feels that one is nothing but a vibration coming from the depths, as with each beat of the heart, an aspiration rises in a rhythm that calls spontaneously, “Mother, Mother,” with the rhythm of the beating of the heart, without it being monotonous; or else with each breath, we feel the Divine approach or penetrate us as if to charge us with his vibration, or as we swallow, his power establishes presence leading us to aspire more, — in the same way one can feel through the pores the consciousness vibrating with an intensity of joy. It is in this way that we become conscious of the centres which are in us or become conscious of the functioning of the subtle world, of the inner mind, the inner vital and of the physical. It is moreover the essential principle: the beginning of the work of purification of these inner beings so that the psychic can govern when it comes to the fore.

First of all, to remain calm and tranquil, peaceful and equal, and the consciousness turned inwards to find the inner support, with the receptivity and the power of assimilation of that which is up there, above the head, open like this, open to receive all the forces, the light and the peace which are constantly being showered on us. To open like this (gesture), and to wait patiently, to open like this, the consciousness turned inwards.

Gradually, very gently, discreetly, the work of the descent begins; we feel the force, the light descend in us and spread in our being with an imperceptible subtlety, at first to prepare the ground, to prepare the surrounding, to gather the diverse personalities in us, to make the necessary connections, so that the descent may be direct and constant. This takes time, sometimes a lot of time.

This opens first the inner centres and starts the work of harmonising one part with the other, of purifying them and making them more conscious. If the outer being does not intervene or does not impose itself, if it does not get agitated or does not demand, then the work is done quietly, the difficulties and the obstacles are turned into favourable movements for progress and everything moves as it should. And we feel as if we are led by a force which does not depend on any outer circumstances.

Only, one must remain calm, tranquil and open, and aspire intensely, aspire to light the inner flame and want the Divine more and more — in action, in sleep, in work, in short, in all the activities of life. And how everything changes in appearance, how everything seems as if someone is preparing all in advance, everything is well arranged, as it should be and at the moment when it should be.

Then we begin to take refuge in the inner support. The link or the relation between the two intensifies. More and more one feels the Presence, the Presence which effectuates everything.

Still, there are many things which happen and one has the tendency to take them as a response coming from the inner support, from the psychic. But, truly speaking, the inner mind, the inner vital, the subtle physical which are inside us and which give us the intimations which warn us in advance, the intuition of the things which are to come, guard us against the results of certain actions which could overwhelm or torment us. For these know well in advance the things which are unknown to our exterior mind or exterior vital or physical because these have a direct contact with the secret forces of Nature.

That is why we are warned in advance of what might happen, and we act according to the indication which we receive. But often we are confused and think that it was an indication coming from the psychic, it came from within like an intuition, and the result was certain: but no, it comes from the subtle regions.

You know, people often ask me: “Mother, does this experience come from my psychic? I am confused and I cannot distinguish.” And do you know what is my reply? “If one doubts or gropes to distinguish what is its effect, what is its expression, what is its way of working, what is its influence, how it expresses its intensity, its power and the truth that it represents,” then I tell them bluntly, “it does not come from your psychic. It may come from the inner parts of your mental or vital, but surely not from your psychic. For if it came from your psychic there would be nothing to doubt, or be confused. The experience of the psychic carries its own identification. It is and it exists by itself and indicates the truth that it contains, the influence and its mode of action and above all, the peace, the joy and the light it radiates by its presence. This cannot be confused or veiled.”

You see then what is the influence of the psychic, and it depends much on the state one is in. At first when you enter into this immense cave of your inner being and you begin to perceive it like a tiny support which is like a magnet that pulls you more and more within, and spontaneously by its influence the mind becomes quiet, — no more thoughts, no longer any sensations, only something that pulls you inwards, assembling all the parts of your being in a concentration of force which admits no vacillation, — when we become conscious of this, then the peace, the joy and the force that are there just above our head, waiting for our call, descend, that means the ground is ready and receptive enough to revive the light and bring it down into the being and spread its influence. The more the work of purification of the being is done, the more intensely the force can descend. Inversely, the more we throw our imperfections, our defects and our weaknesses in this cauldron where all our impurities mixed, the more the flame of purification bums and brings out pure gold. It is only an image to better express what happens inside, but in truth many perceive it like this. It depends upon the individual and his mode of aspiration. At first, the support seems hardly palpable and is so sensitive or fragile that just a turn of the key and it is already gone. A thought or a will comes and knocks at this door which seems to open a bit — and phou! nothing more exists. All passes away like the wind.

And again, with more effort and a greater intensity of aspiration, as in a calm and resigned attitude, one plunges once again and perceives something like a glimmer, the spark that scintillates in the obscurity of our inner being. Then, more and more, with persistence and a constant effort, we begin to see by an inner transmutation that it is a flame, no longer a spark, but a flame that bums but does not scorch, which is gentle, tranquilly peaceful, not insisting on anything, with a compassion and a benevolence which pervade all things, which exerts its sweetness to survive in a place which seems to awake in its beatitude. It is this, the psychic flame, — the flame that does not scorch but which purifies everything by its transmutation, by its contact, by its influence, by its radiance. Without constraint, without reaction, without violence, without obstruction, the whole being awakens, blossoms and opens spontaneously and finds the joy of liberty in its existence. We become vast, vast like the infinite.

And when the psychic comes in front and dominates all the actions, be it outward or inward, then begins the reversal of the consciousness and all is an expression of the Divine, of that which exists in the depths. All the actions, all the sentiments, all the emotions undergo a transmutation — and a new vision, a new sensation and a new hearing open, and we do not see or hear anymore in the ordinary way or feel the earthly type of pain and suffering. An inner vision, a more subtle and profound hearing, a more true and exact sensation awaken in us, and we begin to have an experience by identity; and we no longer see the exterior as it is, but we see the truth behind things, and the misery, the obscurity, this slavery to ignorance disappear. There, everything is hushed and we feel the perfect silence, and all things communicate in silence. It is not necessary to express in words in order to understand; but in another kind of language, with brief and clear vibrations, we understand spontaneously, instantaneously that which would take hours to express in our ordinary language. All the senses are transmuted and we experience the felicity behind things, — the truth they contain. We are moved about, as if on a string, in regions where all is beautiful, where harmony is found, where predominates.

And always we ask within, as if to get the answer: “Is it this that you want, Mother? Is it this that you ask? Is this verily the experience that to you?” And there is always an answer from within: “Yes,” if it is positive. “Yes, it is like this, it is correct. It is all right. Continue.” The answer rises, very short, very brief, positive; or if it is negative, then with twitch, it will tell you spontaneously what is to be done, what is to be followed. And always it is an absolutely correct advice. In this way we converse all the time, converse with the psychic to receive the true direction to decide things, to be sure that the next step is positive.

And then we are open to so many things, so many unknown worlds: we hear sometimes the power of vibration of the harmonies that constitute music, the vibrations of the subtle worlds, the nuances and the combinations of the vibrations which transmute matter. We feel the joy and the beatitude being transmitted in the cells, in the body. We begin to see the celestial beauty by the fusion of colours and the liberty of expression, unparalleled, without compare, which we never see on earth. We smell a heavenly perfume everywhere in nature as when we water the plants or the celestial aroma when it rains. Even in the taste there is a transformation, and constantly we rejoice in the joy of tasting nectar, as in His divine expression, in the multiplicity of His forms. In the largeness of His élan, in the purity of His manifestation, there exists a Presence.

Then, in this state, the psychic flame governs all the actions, but without constraint, without forcing, without compelling, and we feel a perfect liberty, as of a flight into unknown spheres, but marvellously close to us, very near to us. That which guides now is no longer a flame but the psychic being, a being that directs everything but never commands; instead, it suggests very gently, very sweetly, very discreetly, almost in a whisper, hardly audible, with an incomparable tenderness and benignity; truly, it is as if to advise us to follow the truth that He projects the thing that would be the best and without doubt the most preferable, the most exact and indispensable for the progress, conceived by the One who guides. He gives you the indications, He puts you on the path, He gives you the choice to follow this call which comes from the psychic being. But it is deliberate, with a puissance and a formidable power of execution, without being authoritative, and yet it is veiled and never imposes itself. It acts by an influence, by sending its feelers, or else spreading its antennas to receive the vibrations, the true vibrations, from the part that collaborates and works in unison with the perfect harmony, to be in agreement with it and to be guided by it.

The work of the psychic being is very subtle, very plastic, as if unexpected and unnoticed; it is as if all the parts of the being merge and dissolve in the beatitude of its presence, in the immutable truth that it represents. And then, in this state, there is no division in the parts of the being: everything obeys a central law, it is that of the psychic being. It is then that the psychic being comes in front and governs the person or the personality which is united in his psychic. By the inner contact the whole aspect of life changes, and his attitude towards himself and all those around him is a perpetual understanding in a harmony and a collaboration without restraint and without clashes or constraint because he knows already what the others want and ask for.

In this contact he feels a liberty and a vastness, a joy and a peace, a force and a power, a divine solicitude in the embrace of an all-conquering power to overcome and surmount all the difficulties that life brings. It is evident that the psychic being is all-powerful, master of all circumstances, knows everything and is aware of everything, and at the same time is full of compassion, full of love, full of peace and filled with humility; it does not impose itself at all, does not force its way, never does anything with violence, neither as a reaction nor in the human ways. But enduring patiently all the consequences, all the so-called human revolts with a tolerance and a magnanimity of the worlds beyond, it completes its work and leads the tormented hearts devoid of aspiration towards the sanctuary of the inmost being.

When we say that the psychic comes in front it means that first of all it arranges all the parts of the being, — the inner mind, the inner vital and the inner physical, — and the activities of their outward manifestation around the psychic being, harmonises them, coordinates them, classifies them, and to each part delegates its work and its mode of execution and controls all the activities by its influence. Or we may say that it infuses or infiltrates its consciousness into the mental to make it act as it should, into the vital as if to persuade it to obey what the psychic instructs and it consoles the physical and renders it conscious by its intimacy and its zeal which vibrates with joy and penetrates the cells and releases them from inertia and ignorance. As soon as it is infused by the enthusiasm which it had never felt before, the physical becomes the greatest collaborator under the command of the psychic being. It is then that all moves to a call that comes from the central being.

When we are equipped with this direct functioning which comes straight from the psychic being, then the outer things and circumstances arrange themselves and we go where we should, where the means are given for a perfect meeting, we speak what we should and what is necessary so that the consciousness rises towards the heights, towards the beautiful and that which enlightens by a knowledge which is an intuition. We act by a will which is all-powerful, and we are led as if by an invisible Hand which renders the work as perfect as possible. We are moved by a power before which we feel ourselves as conscious puppets and seem to be guided by an infallible Will.

At each moment we are as if surrounded or engulfed by a Presence which arranges everything discreetly and accomplishes the miracle of our existence.

But the psychic being is not a presence only, but a portion, a part of the manifested divine, the manifestation of the Immutable in the existence, the Soul that is within us.

This, in brief, is what the psychic being is — its function and its way of working.

Mother, with all these qualities and the power of the psychic, we become almost divine.

Oh, my child, far, far, very far from it; the contact with the psychic being is only the beginning of our yoga, the first step in our flight towards the Infinite. When the psychic comes in front and dominates all, then begins yoga. Next, you have to realise the Self which is one and the same for all. Its place is above the head, and at the same time everywhere. After that, you have to bring down the Force, the Light, the Ananda to transform or spiritualise the mind, the vital and the physical. Then comes the transformation of matter which is our aim. It is something completely different.

But first, find your psychic being and act from there. This, this is the work now before you.

Voilà, au revoir.

I have talked a lot, I do not have time now.

Go, hurry up!

Au revoir, Douce Mère.

May 1967


What the Mother sees in a person


I do not know how this instrument is worthy of what You are doing for him, or how he will be able to realise all that You are expecting of him…

What I see in a person is always his psychic being and thus I know what he is capable of doing and being. Each one should make an effort to be in contact with his psychic being, and then all will go well.

March 7, 1951












Bonjour, Douce Mère.

. . .

Mother, I want to know: what we can do when You are not well The Mother writes:

Le plus sûr moyen de rendre mon travail moins difficile est de devenir de plus en plus sincère, scrupuleusement sincère, pour que rien ne reste en contact avec l’obscurité.

[The most sure means to make my work less difficult is to become more and more sincere, scrupulously sincere so that nothing remains in contact with the obscurity.]

This is the only thing to be done — to be absolutely sincere; then there is no attack on me …

Even then, Mother, will our prayers have some effect?

No. Almost nothing. The prayers? … not much…. You know, each thing that we do has always some effect and if it is done sincerely, from there (the heart)… It is not the prayers, they cannot reach…. It is better to remain calm like this — equal — (horizontal movement) an equanimity. This is the best thing, the prayers do not help. They have a negligible effect. Remain calm and do sincerely what you have to. Do what I have written, — one has to be scrupulously sincere if you have the intention of helping me a bit in my work. If you want to render my work a bit less difficult, the only thing to be done is to be sincere.

If, from your side, you are sincere, then nothing can touch me — sincere in purifying all the parts of the being. It must be understood that it is this impurity in you which enters in me or through your insincerity…

You know, my child, if each one of you took the trouble to purify his or her being, it would be that much less difficult for this body because all that you leave behind, or else what remains impure in you, I am obliged to do this work of purification in you and it is that much more work for this body. Or, if each one did his little effort of purification in himself — it is that much effort and time gained by me and inversely when everyone neglects his own duty of purification then it is that much more work for this body. Therefore, if you make your own personal effort, it makes my work easier and I am free — that means that this body is free of these attacks. And nothing can touch me, if you are pure and sincere. Well, then, with this effort and the time gained, I can occupy myself with other things, which have to be manifested.

Mother, this is something to be repeated as a prayer! It is so beautiful. Could you write it, Mother?


If each one took up his own work of purification then it would be that much less effort for You, and …

You want that I should write this?

Yes, Mother.

But how to express myself in writing — it is He, the Lord … or me — what is it? It is not clear when one writes. We can talk about these things but it cannot be written. Then it is not that precise.

But, Mother, it is a thing to be repeated to oneself.

But who represents me? How to express … no … I do not write anything … It is not possible.

Not even a sentence, Mother?

No … no…. If something comes I shall write and send it to you. If really something comes, then I shall see.

… Then, Mother, write my name on this paper.


Otherwise, You may forget, Mother.

I… forget ? I never forget. It is not necessary to write. (In a teasing tone) But if you want that I should return your paper like this (Mother hits me on the head with the paper) here it is, take it.

Never, Mother, unless You write something on it.

Oh! let us see if something comes …

Au revoir.

Au revoir, Douce Mère.

May 26, 1968


(Later, the Mother sent back the answer on the same paper. She had written:)

By the widening of its consciousness, this body is more or less identified with those who are around it.

All effort made for the purification of one’s physical consciousness is so much less work for this body.

May 26, 1968






(These are some of the Mother’s written answers to the questions I sent to Her in my diary.)


Write a small prayer for me to recite always.

A subject for daily meditation:

“I aspire to be delivered of all egoistic weakness and of all unconscious insincerity.”

with my blessings

December 30, 1950



How can one be frank? By telling you all that one does?

Yes, but on condition that one speaks very sincerely.

May 15,1951



The day I went to Cuddalore, I felt miserable. Why?

For those who live in the Ashram, the outside world always seems to be dark and without life.

Here, in the Ashram, one lives in a constant consciousness and light, and as they are always present one gets habituated and the outside seems without light and without life.

March 23, 1951



When we concentrate on something, does it not mean that we concentrate on You?

Certainly not, if one concentrates on the appearance of a thing. It is only when one seeks for the One truth behind each thing that one can find me thus. But the method is difficult and it is simpler to concentrate on the truth itself.

January 21, 1951



Tell me, what should I try to do.

It is an inner reversal which is necessary.

Turn towards the Divine with an ardent aspiration and the Divine will be with you.

May 3, 1951



What does it mean “to be the work”? Is it only concentrating on the work?

It means — to identify oneself with what one is doing, instead of seeing oneself doing.

April 27, 1951



What is that will which can govern the vital, the mind and also the physical? Does it belong to the Divine?

All individual will is a limitation and a deformation of the Divine Will; just as the individual consciousness is a limitation and a deformation of the Divine Consciousness.

April 26, 1951



Would it not be better to sit for meditation and to devote one part of the day to concentrate upon You?

If you give five minutes, three times per day: on waking, at noon and in the evening before sleep, to concentrate upon me and establish a conscious relation with my consciousness, it will be good.

My blessings

January 4, 1951



You know that I have not done pranam at the tomb [the Samadhi]; but when I see the others doing it I think I am unfortunate and that I do not offer Him any homage.

But Mother, I have never felt that I should do pranam.

It is not a rule that one must do pranam. Only those who feel the need of doing it, should do it. It is much more important to be faithful to the spirit and to the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and to do nothing which is contrary to His teaching, rather than prostrating at a tomb.

January 27, 1951




It is not often that we think we are here to do yoga. Most of the time our actions are frivolous, and it is only for some time that we think of You. Is this sufficient to be ready for the realisation? So what effort must we make?

To remember always and always to be sincere.

December 21, 1950



What is the difference between realisation and identifying oneself with You?

Remember my explanation: first identification, then realisation.

January 2, 1951



When one says that something has happened by chance, what does “by chance” mean?

Simply that one does not know the reasons or the causes of the event, or else that one is not willing to take the trouble to find out or to express the causes. It is a laziness of the mind.

March 4, 1951



When something happens by chance, and keeps happening, we say that God is happy — that is, all went well. What are the reasons?

Your question is not properly stated. I told you that when we say: he is fortunate, or it is luck, it simply means that what has happened is the effect of the Divine Grace. This is beyond all the reasons which the human mind can conceive.

March 5, 1951



The other day You said that the history which we study is not correct; then why don’t You write the correct history? And why should we study what is not true, if our aim is to realise the Truth?

In our relative world all is relative, and without the transformation of the consciousness one cannot arrive at the absolute truth.

In the history which is taught in schools, the broad lines are relatively correct. It is in the details that inexactitudes creep in.

March 2, 1951



The dreams that we see, are they always true?…


Or are they the things to come?…


Or are they meaningless things?…

Not that either.

It could be one or another of these things, or many others too. Read the article on dreams in Paroles d’Autrefois (Words of Long Ago).

January 14, 1951



You spoke about dreams in Your class, but why can’t we distinguish whether we have seen something or thought about it?

It is because of a lack of consciousness. One must learn to distinguish the different planes of the being: psychic, mental, vital and physical; when this is done, then one can understand on which of these planes one is active in sleep as well as in the waking state.

February 3, 1951



Can palmistry always foretell the truth?…


Palmistry is a very interesting art, but it depends almost entirely on the value of the one who is practising it. Moreover, almost exclusively it puts one in contact only with the material destiny, and this destiny can be altered by the intervention of the higher forces.

January 1, 1951



When one sees a shooting star, does it signify something? Or is it a superstition?

There is nothing in the world that does not signify something, or rather, each circumstance in life has a significance. What is needed is to go deep enough in the being to discover it.

As for the ordinary explanations, most of the time they are superstitions.

January 11, 1951




Do You mind my asking You all sorts of question? Let me know if I am misusing the liberty You have given me.

You can ask all the questions you want but be prepared for any sort of answer.

February 25, 1951



The books that we read, do they not leave an impression on our character?

The books that we read have a lot of influence on the thought and through the thought on the character. Bad books are like poison which destroys the good aspirations in the being. One must scrupulously avoid them.

January 23, 1951



When we think of doing something, why is it that it is the contrary that occurs?

Because by thinking we disturb the concentration, the thought itself absorbs a portion of the energies. And it is by the concentration of energies that one can do something.

March 11, 1951



If we do not blink, does it spoil our eyes?

All depends on the time that one does not blink. If it is only for a few minutes, it is of no importance. What is harmful is habitually not to blink enough.

April 4, 1951


April 1950



Explain to me what you wanted to tell me about getting hurt.

The aura of the most material vital and of the subtle physical acts as a protection for the body — that which changes it the most is

  1. an excessive fatigue, physical or mental overwork,
  2. worries, tension and depression.

An altered aura no longer protects properly.

January 15, 1951



When one makes a lot of effort to bear physical pain, does it not increase the will power?

Yes, but one must always do it within limits in order not to damage the body.

January 22, 1951



Is it true that extreme happiness is followed by unhappiness?

All depends on the kind of happiness. If it comes from the vital and therefore brings an excitement, the reaction and the depression are bound to follow.

It is only the peaceful and luminous psychic joy which does not have reactions.

June 27, 1951



The wrong we have done, can it always be rectified or can it be effaced by concentration or by any other method?

Both are possible (to rectify and to efface), but in both cases, although in different degrees, a transformation of the nature, of the character, is necessary.

The part which has done wrong must first be changed in oneself before hoping to be able to change the consequences of one’s actions.

January 9, 1951



During the concentration should we fix the thought on one thing or should we think of nothing and remain silent also within, that is, without thinking?

Certainly if one is capable of ceasing to think, it is the best possible thing.

March 28, 1951



Does the light You put upon us remain till we make use of it? And once acquired, does it remain always?

The light that I give is not taken back, but one is not always in a state to feel it or to use it.

February 1, 1951



Have You noticed that when You are a bit serious I cannot stay in front of You? But why?

I did not notice this, for the simple reason that what you describe as “a bit serious” is due to the fact that I am concentrating on some work. It is this concentration which gives me this serious look and at the same time prevents me from noticing the condition of the person who is outwardly with me.

February 28, 1951



When You go into trance, is it the beings of the world who call You?

(The Mother underlined the words “the beings of the world”, added a sign next to it and wrote:)

Which beings and which world? The men and the earth? Or else the beings of the invisible worlds?

Or while concentrating You go into trance?

There is a large number of reasons for which I go into trance and I cannot explain to you all that here.

February 6, 1951



I had thought that it was the people of this world. But do the beings of the other world also call You?

I could be called from everywhere according to the needs.

February 7, 1951



Have You practised all types of yogas, whether Indian or others? Or do You have mastery in all these yogas?

All the methods which came to me, I have tried them to find out what they could give; and there is a state of consciousness in which one masters all these things when it is necessary.

June 11, 1951




You wrote last time “to find out what they could give”. Does that mean, whether they help us for the supreme realisation?

Yes, to know to what extent each of these methods could help on the way.

June 12, 1951



If it is not forbidden to tell, then tell me, how does one feel when one realises the Divine?

Certainly, these are not things of which it is easy to speak, and even if one speaks, they are still more difficult to understand for those who have not had the experience.

But I can formulate it briefly like this: One feels perfectly free, perfectly happy, perfectly conscious.

June 16, 1951



  1. Hibiscus mutabilis. Changeable rose, Confederate rose, Cotton rose. Large double flower with soft delicate petals, opening pure white, gradually turning pink.[]
  2. Flowers, Mother has said, are the manifestation of the psychic in the vegetal kingdom. She has explained the spiritual significance of about 900 flowers. The exchange of flowers thus assumed a special role in the Ashram. The sadhaks would offer to Her the flowers that best expressed their aspiration and She would give them Her answer through appropriate flowers.[]
  3. The flower ‘Divinité’ (in English, ‘Godhead’) Hibiscus ‘Hawaiian’ — ‘Cromwell’[]
  4. ‘Attachment for the Divine’ – Belamcanda Chinensis, Orchid.[]
  5. ‘Unselfishness’ – Beaumontia Grandiflora, Herald’s Trumpet, Easter Lily Vine. It is a bowl-shaped flower into which Mother places the other flowers one by one.[]
  6. ‘Faith’ – Hibiscus Albo Variegata.[]
  7. ‘Divine Love’ – Punica Granatum, Pomegranate Flower.[]
  8. ‘Transformation’ – Millingtonia Hortensis, flower of the Indian Cork Tree.[]
  9. The conversation took place in the ‘Interview Room’ on the second floor, the one that leads to the Balcony on the Eastern side of the Ashram main building. ‘The Mother’s Room’ which She refers to as ‘my room’ is the one on the same floor, its western windows overlooking the Samadhi.[]
  10. Mother would sometimes write out a prayer for the disciple.[]
  11. ‘Without him, I exist not;
    without me, he is unmanifest.’ (CWM, vol. 13, p. 32) []
  12. A student who had decided to go abroad for his studies.[]
  13. Slowly the Light grows greater in the East,
    Slowly the world progresses on God’s road. SABCL Vol. 29 p. 510[]