RE 047 Heredity

Heredity (RE 047)

In this brief reflection we look at heredity and its effects in the light of the Integral Yoga.

RE 042 Perfection

Perfection (RE 042)

Sri Aurobindo speaks of a higher and lower perfection. This talk is about combining the two but in a higher and transformed way.

RE 039 Surrender

Surrender (RE 039)

This Reflection by Dr Alok Pandey focuses on one of the principle movements of integral yoga – Surrender.

RE 037 On Speech

On Speech (RE 037)

This brief reflection by Dr Alok Pandey touches upon some aspects of speech, its purpose and place in everyday life.

RE 036 Rejection

Rejection (RE 036)

This talk is about a movement unique to the integral yoga in certain ways which is termed as Rejection.