SAP 033 Jivanmukta

Jivanmukta (SAP 033)

This talk is woven around Sri Aurobindo’s poem which describes the ideal of the Jivanmukta, taking examples from his own life.

SAP 027 One Day

One Day (SAP 027)

This beautiful poem is a promise and a way when all will be fulfilled for which creation has come into existence.

SAP 24 The Rishi

The Rishi (SAP 24)

This poem is written during the pre-Pondicherry days in the form of a dialogue between the Rishi and Manu the king.

SAP 22 Urvasie

Urvasie (SAP 22)

This long narrative poem by Sri Aurobindo is based on the story of King Pururavas and the heavenly nymph Urvasie. This tale has been earlier immortalised by Kalidasa in his poem “Vikramorvasie or The Hero and the Nymph”, which has also been translated by Sri Aurobindo.