Music and Arts

Music and Arts

Art is a living harmony and beauty that must be expressed in all the movements of existence. This manifestation of beauty and harmony is part of the Divine realisation upon earth, perhaps even its greatest part.
The Mother
CWM 3:109
Love is the key-note, Joy is the music, Power is the strain, Knowledge is the performer, the infinite All is the composer and audience. We know only the preliminary discords which are as fierce as the harmony shall be great; but we shall arrive surely at the fugue of the divine Beatitudes.
Sri Aurobindo
SABCL 16:384

Mohan Mistry

Mohan is best known for his devotional songs in Sanskrit, Hindi and Gujarati on The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, set to music by himself.

Shobha Mitra

Shobha was a musician and composer who had preserved the glorious heritage of Sri Aurobindo's Ashram music with her touching compositions.

Lucette Bourdin

Lucette was an artist and composer who drew spiritual inspiration from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Chinmayee Maheshwari

Chinmayee was a professor of Sanskrit in the Ashram School, who also performed music in the North Indian vocal tradition.