Sewa (Service) (TH 091)

Yoga shatters the falsehood in the adhara and opens a channel of true knowledge. Here seva of Divine takes the lead role to purify the adhara and bring about the realization. Unselfish and dedicated service brings all necessary devotion and knowledge.


The Culmination of Ashwapati’s Yoga in Savitri (TH 090)

After many revelations and great experiences, Aswapati, the seer-yogi, the divine representative in man, reaches the summit doors of the Supreme Here all the possibilities, the knowledge that none has known and the power and bliss that none can taste begin to pour in him.  

The Passage al 1080

The Passage through Ignorance (TH 262)

In this portion of Savitri from The Secret knowledge we share a remarkable passage summarising the state of ignorance of man wherein he knows not his true Self. [Savitri p. 68]

TH 259 Meditation and Concentration

Meditation and Concentration (TH 259)

Though spirituality is much vaster than meditation, still it does play a significant part in the process of yoga. Today we shall explore this subject in the light of the Integral Yoga.