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At the Feet of The Mother

The Supreme — Mona Sarkar



Conversations with the Mother
Recollected by Mona Sarkar



A Note


These conversations with the Mother, originally held in French, took place in the late 60’s. They were noted down from memory, some on the same day, some later.

Those were the days when we could go to the Mother and speak freely with Her. I went to the Mother like a child, with a prayer in my heart, a prayer to Her whom I adored as the Supreme Lord! And She treated me like a child. She spoke to me about various things, sometimes chiding me for being too playful, sometimes asking me to be just happy, and always helping me to have the right attitude in life.

Her words, charged with a “mantric” power, expressed the profoundest Truth and radiated the ‘moods of Infinity’; they conveyed Her sublime vision of the unknown, of what is to come. And Her subtle humour made everything seem so simple, even the attaining of these lofty ideals.

In spite of the human incapacity to convey the true value of Her words, despite the inaccuracies that might have crept in in the transcription and translation, these talks, it has been felt, reflect Her Light and Her Force; they bring something of Her Presence.



“Who Art Thou That Camest”




Oh, to fly on the wings of Grace, to soar into the Unknown and live the Reality — the reality of our being, of our true existence —

To plunge into the depths of the being, deep, deep within and be the Infinite vast that unfolds and reveals a universe yet unknown; to plunge into the Inconscience where all seems dark and still — yet there is heard the throb of a mighty Presence —

To feel the Ineffable Joy that envelops everything and to merge with the beatific splendour that carries the creation to its ultimate Goal —

To hear the Harmonies that built the worlds, that link the creation to the Unmanifest —

To see the Invincible Supreme, the fathomless Unknowable and be one with that Look which reflects the Imperishable….

Behold, the Mother of all times, the Compassionate One, for whom the world has waited so long! Ever She beckons, and beckoning draws us nearer and nearer to Her. Ever She invites us to unravel the mystery of life, to strive towards the Divine and to live to the miracle of a profound Truth!

Such are Her Ways.

Whether it be to soar beyond into a spaceless hush or to plunge deep into the bottomless pit or to feel, or hear and see the wonders of the mysterious worlds that lie hidden within us or beyond our ordinary sight, — worlds within ecstatic worlds, planes of unsurpassable beauty, colours changing in a radiating splendour, music echoing the divine harmonies, and knowledge expressing the divine felicity, — it is She alone who can lead us there.

That vast immensity beyond all perceptions, where silence swallows up silence, where Infinity disappears in Eternity, where being finds itself merged with the Divine — there where the Supreme alone can dwell — that She reveals.

When in our undivided consciousness of spiritual heights we aspire to become one with Her, She leads us to those realms where time stops and space is no more and our sun is but a faint glow, — where no thought reaches, where our mental, vital and physical confines are transcended, where Truth alone is.

There find Her, in Her most resplendent, radiant, ever-changing Beauty; feel Her all-pervasive Might; and be swept into Her all-captivating and enthralling Ananda.

It is to these regions and spaces of pure delight that the Mother carries us when we hear Her speak, when we see Her actions, when we breathe Her consciousness, when we perceive Her inwardly.

Stupendous Reality! Beyond belief!

Mother, what Thou hast revealed has no end, though it is only a tiny wave of Thy mighty vibration. This is a revelation, a Power that Thou hast projected from Thyself, the reality of a manifested Truth which the world is not yet ready to receive. Yet Thy Benevolence gives us more, — more than we can contain.

Mother, Thou hast opened the doors, the doors that seemed forever closed. Mother, we implore Thee, lead us to that shoreless Infinite, bestow on us a life of Eternal Bliss.

Mother, reveal Thyself!

Mona Sarkar






A Great Favour

Not in a Day

The Goal



Mother – The Supreme



Bonjour, Douce Mère.

Is everything all right?

Yes, Mother. You had told me on my birthday about the Supreme…. But, Mother, for me You are the Supreme.

My child, that is saying the same thing in one way and in another…. What, you do not understand?

No, Mother.

Look here, in fact it is the same thing. There is no difference, if it is the Supreme who has chosen or it is I who have chosen. I prefer to say, it is the Supreme instead of me. You know, it is like this: in the terrestrial evolution, man, who is emerging out of the inconscience and ignorance, is guided by the Supreme. And the Supreme, in order to manifest His reign upon earth, labours to uplift the human consciousness so as to establish the Divine Consciousness; and for this He does not delegate someone but He Himself manifests physically, even in the Ignorance, to accomplish His work. And it is I who have been appointed to raise up man and the creation out of this Inconscience. It is I who am responsible. What I wish, the Lord also wishes. I am the Supreme in the Unmanifest. But in the creation the Supreme acts only through me, exists only by me and wills nothing but what I will. There is no distinction to be made. But for men, the Supreme is Someone beyond everything, in His transcendence, who cannot be attained, He who is above Ignorance and does not concern Himself with anything. For them, I would rather say that it is the Supreme who has done this or willed this. I do not want to meddle with their idea of the Supreme, because if I said that it is I who had done this or had wished so instead of the Supreme, then it would be like a disaster, a shock; people with their ego would not be able to accept that the Supreme could manifest in the Inconscience. It would seem to them a folly. It is for this reason that I avoid speaking of myself and I prefer to use the word ‘Supreme’. To me, it makes no difference, and moreover, people remain convinced that it is the Supreme who is guiding them.

But; Mother; for me You are the Supreme. I do not know anyone else but You as the Supreme.

It does not bother me, if one calls me the Supreme or not, it makes no difference to me. I know who I am. I do not crave for big names, like an egoist. What I know is that the work advances and what it is I am trying to prepare, and not what will add to or aggrandise my name so that men call me the Supreme. I wash my hands of all this. I do not need it. I am very happy like this. As long as men are convinced that it is the Supreme who has done this or that, that it is He who protects them and guides them, it is fine with me. I do not want to interfere in all this or to proclaim that it is I who have done it. For in reality it is the same thing. I do not want to force people — if it pleases them to state that it is the Supreme who acts and not me, what difference does it make to say it in one way or another?

For me it is like this. But for you it is different; I am the Supreme for you.

Yes, Mother.

It is He who in His Transcendence upholds the universe and is immanent in the creation, who resides in the smallest atom, One who is responsible for the terrestrial evolution and its manifestations, for lifting it up to the Light and Ananda. But I cannot proclaim to the people that I am the Supreme. People will not be able to accept it. ‘She as the Supreme! How can that be. It is not possible.’ For them, the Supreme is someone who is unimaginable. I do not know if, for them, He is without form or that which cannot be attained. They will go mad if they think in this way. The ego will not be able to accept it. That is why I prefer to say that it is the Supreme who wished thus and never pronounce that it is I who have so wished or I who have chosen. I tell you, it is by choice that I choose to remain behind the veil. Do you understand? Have you understood well?

Yes, Mother.

Well, you know, I will tell you something. In those days, when I used to give special Blessings for the Pujas — Durga, Mahasaraswati, etc. at that time, Durga and the others used to come to me; besides, they used to meet me from time to time. They came by turns and even now they come for some work or the other. And I do not know if it was last year or the year before — moreover, time has no importance for me; in fact, there is not much difference, since I have stopped giving Blessings for the Pujas — anyway, it was close to the Pujas, and as usual Durga came to me. She was so beautiful and formidable, like all the other children, but it was an entity which possesses the cosmic force. And I told her: “Shall there be no end to these little entities and is it not time to turn towards the Supreme, leaving behind the little personal egos?”

Then you know what happened? Something marvellous and unexpected: in a humble gesture full of gratefulness she abandoned everything to the Supreme in such a joyous and spontaneous atmosphere which cannot be expressed in words but has to be lived to be seen. And She told me: “Yes, I am Thine completely, what Thou wiliest, I shall do. I give myself to You.” And she prostrated herself at my feet. It was a complete surrender. There was no hesitation. It was so beautiful. It is since then that I have stopped the Blessings for the Pujas. Because it is no longer necessary. It is over, once and for all, …oh! in such a fine act, such a charming gesture!

It is only to the Lord that we send our adoration and gratitude. The Supreme alone and nothing else! That chapter is over, the reign of the cosmic gods. Now only the Supreme exists for us. Nothing else.

And then there was another meeting earlier, that was a long time back. It was when I used to visit the Playground. One day Durga had come, and I asked her a similar question: “How long do you want allegiance from the people? Isn’t it time we adored the Supreme?” Then She told me gently: “I do want to; I am Thine, but you see, the people cling to me and do not want to leave me.” They are all like that (gesture), — that which goes to aggrandise their egos, that which still wants to follow the past, and the little bit which satisfies them — that they will never abandon, even for the Supreme. It is man who does not want to change, because he does not want to lose his possessions and his ego. It is man who creates the distinction. You see, truly She wanted to work for me in an act of surrender but She was completely tied up by the people who adored Her and sent their prayers for their personal gains and nothing more. Men do not want to give up, as they do not want to lose their support and their ego’s satisfaction. They cling and obstruct the way.

But from this beautiful experience something emerged. I could get some work done in collaboration with Her. It was the New Year prayer which I had written, the prayer that Nature will collaborate…[1] and so on. You know it?

Yes, yes, Mother.

It was in this way that slowly She could abandon Herself completely, and now we have no need of these Pujas; She has become one with the Supreme. And it is the Supreme alone whom we adore. Now She has entered into me. You understand?

Yes, Mother.

But there is still the resistance in other countries and in the religious entities which I am trying to transform. But here it is finished. But no one will understand what it means exactly. They will twist and deform it because it is beyond their conceptions. They cannot imagine such an event, that the gods could surrender to me. It is something unimaginable for them…. It is all right. My child, for you I am still the Supreme.



A Great Favour

(A portion of a longer conversation)


…Ah! You do not know what a favour I am doing to you all.

…You have no idea that the whole world, the entire universe bows down to me, imploring me in an act of adoration to serve me. You do not know who I am, who has descended in the ignorance among you, who has consented to be human, to take up a physical body among you all. You have no idea of who is there before you. Well, even the gods whom you revere so much, perform tapasya in order to have a glimpse of me. It is for me and through me that the whole Universe exists and it vibrates in my consciousness. It is through me that all living beings and inanimate things and all that you see in the Manifestation, acts and progresses. There is nothing that is not within me. I am the Cause. It is in me that all things disappear. Everything, everything is expressed in me and aspires to take refuge in me. Those who know me a little give their entire lives to find me.

…I am above the whole Manifestation.



Not in a Day

(A portion of a longer conversation)


What do you want to tell me? I do not understand. You want to see me in all my luminosity? It is not possible to see in a day. It takes time and each day of our life we learn something, we advance one step. The hundred years of your life you will learn something each day. Little by little, one progresses each day, little by little, little by little, little by little. It is not done in a day, like a thunderbolt. It takes time. Not like this, Baam! and one has everything. It is not possible. Each thing has a method and a course of development and follows its path. One cannot have the Supreme in a day. A long preparation is necessary. It does not happen in a day as you think. Each day one makes a little progress. Wait and you will know later why it is so.

But Mother, by Your descent the things will be done in a flash. I have read that You help the creation to advance by formidable leaps.

Things can descend like a thunderbolt. Yes, my presence helps to advance the process. I hasten the descent but it does not mean that all this will be done in a day. It is not possible that overnight all this is transformed, supramentalised by a miracle. It is not possible. Because of me the things are done a bit faster. I only give an impetus, but it is He who does all, I help a little in His work. It is because of me that the New World is born. I have compressed the work of many centuries. I help a bit. I also follow a determined curve. I can hasten the descent following the curve. But I cannot jump to the highest consciousness to bring it down on earth. It is not possible because the earth is not ready. And if it descends, then it will crush everything by its pressure. It is so formidable. That is why I prepare the base here below and bring down what is necessary, not more. Even this, the earth cannot contain.



The Goal

(A portion of a longer conversation)


(In the beginning the Mother refers to someone who had asked Her permission to go abroad for his studies.) I said, ‘Yes’; if he wants to see the world and have this experience, I say, yes, let him try, if he is so eager to go to America. You know, there is an appropriate quotation of Sri Aurobindo on this subject. If I find it, I will pass it on. It is exactly the answer for persons of this temperament. Only I do not remember, but if I find it I will copy it for him. It begins like this: ‘The way is long and arduous’… it does not mean that you should abandon the difficulties to find an easy way. And then you lose time and also the opportune moment. It is as if for arriving at the goal there is a route which is absolutely straight but difficult; that is what we are following or Sri Aurobindo has shown us. And there is another one which takes a roundabout way to arrive at the goal, like this, like this, like this (gesture) to arrive at the goal, and it takes thousands of years. And people think that it is indispensable to see the world and take these detours in order to have the experience. It is not true, it is only to satisfy their ego and their ambition that they prefer this road which in fact takes thousands and thousands of lives to reach the goal. Whereas ours takes one, two, five or six lives to reach the goal. It depends on the people and their aspiration. Anyway, it is a straight path which leads to the goal without any diversions. But if someone chooses and prefers the other path, I do not say anything. I wait for the day when they will realise through various circumstances the folly they had committed. This also is a way of learning.

(The Mother looks at a box of pencils on Her table) Do you want a pencil? I have just received a lot of pencils. Do you want one to write with?

Mother; not this one; but a sharpened pencil.

I give you one that is not sharpened.

If you give me, give me one that is sharpened, and also write something with it.

A sketch done by the Mother showing the two paths. The ‘D’ at the bottom stands for départ meaning the ‘Start’, and the ‘A’ on top stands for arrivé, meaning the ‘Finish’.


Oh, is that what you want? Then I choose a blue pencil for you…. What shall I write for you?

Whatever you like; Mother.

Wait, I shall do a drawing of the path to traverse… what I spoke to you now. This is the Goal and this is the path straight towards the Goal. And this is the other path which meanders and finally one arrives at the Goal. (Mother makes a sketch) Look here, I shall do this, the straight road, with red ink. This is the Start and there, is the Finish, all right?

No, Mother. Put your signature here. First, write “The Supreme” and then below, put your signature.

(Mother laughs) You are clever. What do I write?

“The Supreme”.

Shall I write, “On behalf of the Supreme”?

No, Mother.

But I cannot. I cannot. No one will accept me as the Supreme. No one.

But for me You are the Supreme.

Yes, but it is not possible that I write it. No, I cannot. People will say, “Who is this autocrat who has come to announce the descent of the Supreme on earth?” Me as the Supreme! It is absurd, a sacrilege, it will be defying all their wisdom. “What, the Mother as the Supreme? It is unimaginable?”…. They will not spare me if I announce myself as the Supreme. No, no, my child, this I cannot…

All this I do not know, Mother. For me You are the Supreme. That is why…

(Mother smiles and then writes) “The Supreme”… and I sign here below?

Yes, Mother.

(Mother puts her signature) Is this all right like this? (Mother smiles)

Yes, Mother.











The 2nd of December is the anniversary of our school. Every year, on that day, we have a programme of drills and demonstrations. The cultural presentation which at first used to be held on the same day was later organised on the 1st of December. The Mother not only took a keen interest in the preparation and execution of these programmes, but for many years She was present on both the occasions.

She considered the physical demonstration to be a great occasion for collective progress, for receiving physically, through our efforts, Her Grace and Her Power.

She often said that as She had taken charge of this day, everything would happen as if in Her consciousness.

From 1959 I went to the Mother on the 2nd of December to seek Her blessings for the function. She would enquire about the practice and ask if we were ready for the show.

In 1966, as usual I had gone to the Mother. She gave a prayer and the assurance that She would be there amongst us. She spoke at length about the importance of the day and at the end She added: “I hope that everything will be all right today. I have sent Blessings Packets for everyone and I have instructed that it should be announced that I shall be present in the field with them, to see and assist in all the movements, so that they put all their effort and concentration to make it something marvellous.

“I have said that I will be with them…. When I say I shall be there, be sure that I shall be there with all my will. I shall be there to participate and to assist in all that is going on.”

On the 4th of December, when I went to see the Mother, She asked me in detail about the programme and enquired what I had done with the prayer She had given me on the 2nd of December.



The Mother’s Voice



Bonjour, Douce Mère.

Was everything all right on the 2nd?

Yes, Mother; everything was all right.

Was everyone happy?

Yes, Mother.

How did you march? Well? Your knee stood the test?[2]

Yes, Mother, the knee is all right; but I did not march.

What? You did not do the March Past?

No, Mother, I was there to give the orders.

Give the orders? What orders?

In front of the microphone, Mother. ‘Attention’ and all that, for the March Past. And then to blow the whistle to signal the start of the items.

Oh, you were giving the orders to conduct.

And what did the other captains do? Did they help to organise?

Yes, Mother.

What did they do?

Mother, the central theme, it was A who introduced it.

That I know well.

Then, Mother, basing on this theme or idea, the captains of the different groups collaborating among themselves, taught the movements to the group members. And this time there was no interruption between the drills, one followed the other in a smooth sequence.

Yes, it is better like that. There is a continuity and the interest develops. Then what did you do?

Almost nothing, Mother. I conducted the March Past, the Mass Exercises, Au revoir and supervised the overall organisation, blowing the whistle from time to time for the drills to begin.

Well, on the whole everything went off very well?

Yes, Mother, very well. Not only that, the atmosphere was charged.

Everyone was happy?

Yes, Mother.

How long did it last?

An hour and a half, Mother.

Did the Band play for the drills?

Not much, Mother, only for the March Past, Mass Exercises and Au revoir.

They did not play the ‘Bande Mataram’?

Yes, Mother, just after the March Past….

Were you there for the 1st of December at the Theatre?

Yes, Mother.



You liked the play?

Yes, Mother, and more so because I felt that the atmosphere was charged.

Oh! Yes.

Yes. Mother, on both the days, the 1st and the 2nd of December, one felt above all that the atmosphere was charged. It was vibrating with Your Presence.

Yes, this is what I want. It is good.

You know, Mother, as You had told me that You would be there, present among us, that is why I wanted very much to be with You. And so I remained all the time in front of the microphone, concentrated, trying to feel something. Naturally I did not see You like this, but Mother, I felt Your Presence vibrating. And after the programme I congratulated everyone for the success. The atmosphere was really charged, Mother. I saw things pass before my eyes and a little below, it was as if all had become vast and one could see the harmonious movements as a whole. It was like an experience.

It is good, my child. So you did not have an occasion to march to see whether your knee stood the test or not?

But Mother, like that the knee is all right and I can…

No, no, I do not want that you try something hard now.

But Mother, just walking is nothing.

You know, I do not want something that is not properly cured. It is not this that I want — that your knee does not dislocate. But what I want is that it should be completely cured, without the least trace, perfectly normal. You know, the doctors say so many things: that it is incurable, that it is finished for life. But I know of many cases of illness which the doctors had pronounced as incurable and they had completely given up, which I have cured by other means, totally cured and made normal. And when the doctors came to know of the cure they were completely stunned. This is a far more effective way. I tell you that, this, your knee, can be cured — but only, it will take some time, perhaps two to three years, to be completely normal, even if the doctors have said ‘no’. For I know of persons who with a will to cure have shown to the doctors what they could never believe.

I know that your knee will be cured, only you need to be prepared and you have to remain calm so that I may be able to work within you, without being disturbed. All the same, you must have faith, an unshakable faith, a faith that does not waver, that does not question, never, not even doubt in any way. Only faith, faith, faith — nothing but a total faith with an absolute confidence in the Divine as well as the certitude that the knee will be completely cured. If one has this, then it does not take long to cure. At the most it will take two to three years….

And what did you do with the prayer I gave you? [3]

Mother, I read the prayer after the March Past.

(In a teasing tone) In front of everybody?

Yes, Mother.

And how did you read it?

Why, Mother? I read it in front of the mike.

(Still teasing) How I would like to hear it! (Mother laughs)

You, reading a prayer? This is really… something… (Mother laughs and continues teasing) I would very much like to hear how you read it!

Mother, would You like to hear it now?

No, no, not now. I do not have the time. I was only teasing you.

Then, Mother, You could have recorded it.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking. If my voice were recorded and the loudspeakers were hidden, without any one knowing about them and suddenly it was played very loud during the programme, then everyone would be stunned and surprised to hear my voice. And they would run everywhere to look for me. But no chance! It would be good fun. They would tremble before the power and the grandeur they would perceive. And it would be very interesting because they would hear my voice but they would not find me.

Mother, that would be very interesting.

And if we did this in some place where one does not recognise my voice…. Here, everyone knows my voice, — it would not be so interesting; but there, where one does not know, it could be very effective, for the people would at once bow down to pray, hearing this voice — pure, grave, penetrating and solemn, which vibrates and rings in the very depths of the being. This voice shakes up and tears the past, drives away the ill-will, sanctifies and purifies the atmosphere all around. It is formidable! you know, my voice is heard in the soul. It comes from the Soul and expresses the Soul.

Mother; I had always the impression that your voice is exceptional. It is extraordinary. We have never heard a similar voice. It carries us up, shakes the whole being and gives an impetus to our aspiration. It inspires us to be sincere and conscious. It is marvellous, Mother. It kindles the psychic flame. It is sweet and at the same time powerful.

You are right, my child, it is exactly that. Similarly, in ancient times when one wanted to convince the people, they were assembled in the caves of the mountains and suddenly, from all the corners, one heard sonorous voices trembling with fury to announce the wrath of God: “If you do not act in such a manner you will perish.” And it had a formidable effect. For everyone obeyed without questioning. (In a jovial mood) If I too begin to proclaim like this, you will see that this would have a tremendous effect. If I announce with a deep, grave, clear and penetrating voice: “Be pure and faithful,” immediately the people will all be shocked and petrified to hear my voice, stunned. From where is this announcement coming? Is it from the sky which has opened up? or is it possible that the Mother is here among us? Why this proclamation? They will all be in an odd and uncomfortable situation: “What have we done?” — As if I know nothing! It would be very difficult for them to extricate themselves, for these words coming down from the heavens will goad them to make the necessary effort and progress. It will be very amusing.

Yes, Mother, perhaps it is only then that we will try.

I think so. Trembling and not daring to do anything, they will prostrate themselves on the ground, imploring: “What Thou wiliest, we shall do! What Thou wiliest, we shall do! Command!” All trembling and shuddering with fear on hearing my voice, they will have no other recourse but to follow my will: to purify themselves, to aspire sincerely and to abstain from following the falsehood. It will be a big shock.

You know, now my voice does not carry far, and does not resound as powerfully as before because I have difficulty in retaining the breath. Still… if you heard my voice, it is exceptional. I cannot speak very loudly but still it carries far.

It is unique because it… vibrates with the power to manifest.

My voice is not ordinary. This voice, clear, pure, tranquil, is filled with love and light and above all, an infinite compassion which extends towards all those who hear it. This voice is so convincing that it evokes an ardent aspiration in all the hearts. It has a supreme healing power and its vibrations remove the difficulties, and the obstacles vanish as by an enchantment. People feel relieved of a great burden. My voice tears the veil of ignorance and imperceptibly penetrates the heart to awaken the consciousness. This voice liberates the head of all mental influences and the anxieties which weigh upon us and torment us, and liberates in us the ardent power and the individual faculties lying dormant in inertia. It shakes up the physical tamas, drives away fear from our inconscience, removes the barriers that oppose us, strengthens the base and gives the energy for launching ourselves towards the goal.

My voice awakes the calm certitude in all hearts. This voice is consciousness itself, it awakens the consciousness in the inconscience. My voice comes from the Supreme and He expresses himself through me. This voice which has expressed only the Lord’s Will, which has pronounced nothing but the Supreme Truth, is charged with an extraordinary force to manifest the Divine Powers. It vibrates and gives an impetus to our aspiration, an assurance to our conviction and above all, dispels the clouds of ill-will.

This voice — tender, clear, pure, powerful, vigorous and energetic, — gives an amplitude and a calm lucidity which directs and transmits the powers of the divine will. It is like a gentle peace, a vivifying breath, a love that consoles the aggrieved hearts. The vibration that my voice transmits awakens in the heart the aspiration for the Divine. It creates a resonance which sounds and resounds like a note of music which penetrates and repeats itself and awakens the cells to this vibration to open the consciousness to the light in the beatitude of the divine communion. This voice comes from the infinite and merges into the infinite. You know, each element of the universe has its own voice. For some it is audible and for others it is silent. But still, each element expresses its own aspiration, and those who are open in these planes can hear it.

This voice which is so familiar to you, which is at the same time clear and very simple but extraordinarily convincing, — it gives an assurance, a will for launching towards the unknown. In the hearts of the cowards my voice instils an invincible courage. In ardent aspirants it awakens a sentiment of goodwill and mercy; in the thirsting souls it kindles the flame of aspiration or the purifying flame. There is in this voice an authority that commands. It is at the same time sweet and comforting.

Even for the ordinary people, my voice sends a thrill; it awakens a hope, a love and a feeling that all is not lost. For others, it brings out the splendours that lie hidden within, and for yet others, the key to solve the mysteries of the world.

It is a voice which is calm, serene and peaceful, but sovereignly strong and luminous; it expresses itself with a clarity and a precision, expressing the profound sentiments that are hidden behind the words. It widens and opens the horizons in a universal comprehension. This voice penetrates, floods, overflows, animates, regenerates and transfigures everything with a sweetness, a radiance, a force and a power that triumphs with a peaceful and a smiling benevolence. My voice is enveloped with an atmosphere which awakes in us an intense aspiration which strengthens the will to strive till the goal, and the sentiment of devotion and divine love. It penetrates into the hearts and awakes the central being, removes the screen which covers the psychic flame to lead the consciousness towards the Lord of our existence. My voice has an extraordinary power, it spreads a harmony, a peace, a light and an amplitude that resounds and shines brightly in each cell with a joy that exults to know Him. It gives an amplitude and travels in waves which ring through the atmosphere in the occult worlds. This voice can be heard in the spheres that constitute the universe, and even more in the immutable silence of eternity, beyond all manifestation — in the immobile beatitude of His power and His resplendent light. My voice recovers the divine presence which creates the Word which is the expression of His plenitude and His Illumination.

I can describe it indefinitely and as long as one has not attained a certain level of consciousness, one can understand nothing of what my voice is — the depth and the value of what it contains, — (teasing) it will be flat and ordinary like your voice.

(Still teasing) And I still wonder, what did you do with that prayer?

Mother, You know, if I tell You something, You will be astonished. You will be surprised.

Do you think that I do not know?

Yes, Mother, like that You know, but…

Know for sure that I know everything.

But Mother, You were teasing me as to what I had done with the prayer. So…

Oh! You do not like that I tease you? You still have some complexes and preferences?

But Mother, it was a revelation for me when I heard Amrita-da speak to me with assurance and he thanked me with a lot of goodwill. He praised me after hearing the prayer that I read in the Sports Ground, the one You had given me to read.

And what did he say?

He said with conviction and a lot of affection and also with a deep respect, that he was very much touched when he heard me read this prayer and that tears began to roll down his cheeks. He told me: “Mona, I was so happy to be there. After the March Past, as we stood, Nolini and I, suddenly I heard through the loud-speakers, the Mother’s voice, clear and distinct, reading the prayer. I was stunned and taken aback to hear the Mother’s voice, here in the Sports Ground. Then, as a flash, a thought came to my mind — but the Mother does not come out nowadays!… When I heard the voice of the Mother, I was so filled with emotion that I took a step forward, leaning in front to see if the Mother was standing there and reading it. Instead, I saw you standing and reading in front of the microphone and not the Mother. Yet the voice was the Mother’s without doubt, powerful, sublime and grand, which seized my whole being in rapture. I was so thrilled to hear that voice. I am sure it was the Mother’s voice I heard. But you have to pardon me, for I moved during that solemn hour. Nolini too reprimanded me for moving during that time. But I couldn’t help it. I was so tempted to see the Mother when I heard Her voice.” So, you see, Mother…

Do you think that I do not know? I know everything. In fact, Amrita had recounted everything to me and I had explained this phenomenon to him. That day, at the Sports Ground, I was present with all my force and a portion of me had manifested itself.

It is because of this that he heard my voice. It is natural. I exerted a strong force and this was the result. You see, I know everything. I know also what you had done with the prayer. That is why I was teasing you, to see your reaction.

Mother, if You give a prayer; we are going to record it so that we can hear Your voice. Everyone wants it, Mother.

But it is too late, we cannot do it for this time.

Naturally, Mother. Not for this time, but the next time You give us a prayer, we are going to record it right away.

Yes, my child.

(The Mother feels the fingers of my right hand) It is not this one,[4] Mother.

I know that, it is the other one, but there is a lot of difference between this one and the other one. (The Mother compares the two index fingers) Yes, this one is good and solid, but the other one is soft and without strength. One can easily feel that there is a lot of difference between the two. This one is weak and not yet normal, but the other one is strong. I had thought that it had healed, but I see that it has not. And moreover there is a bump.

No, Mother, it is the effect of Volleyball.


Yes, Mother. When we get hurt while playing Volleyball and the finger is not set all right, then a bump forms.

But this (the index of the left hand) has not progressed sufficiently. It is still weak. You know what you should do? You must forget completely that your finger is not all right. You must forget completely.

But, Mother, I have forgotten. When I work with this finger (the index) I never think that this finger is not all right.

It is mentally that you have forgotten, and that will not do; you must forget physically. You should never think that you had hurt your finger, but do the things normally without the slightest hesitation. As long as one does not forget, one cannot be cured. It has an immediate effect, as if something new has grown. When one can forget completely then be sure that it will heal. You should do the same thing for your knee. You should forget completely that your knee is not all right. From the very cells and all that constitutes your body, — you must make them forget in such a way that they do not react as they did before. Forget completely. If you can do this, your knee will be completely cured.

Au revoir!






“What Thou Wiliest”



The Transformation of the Body



Bonjour, Douce Mère.

…Your knee is all right, isn’t it? Yes, it should be all right.

It is better, Mother, but…

It is forgotten, what had happened. Past. No words, it is perfectly cured now. It ought to be. When you are reborn in the New Consciousness, it will be completely cured; it is the sign. You have understood? It should be normal, completely cured. Then it is the sign that you begin to live in the New Consciousness. So, it is understood. It is a fact… It is well… All right.

(After a brief pause Mother resumes)

You know, what you must do is to try to forget that your knee gets dislocated when you make a certain movement. Make it understand that the past does not exist for it, — all its habits, its responses, its reactions and their consequences… in such and such a circumstance, it should behave like this or adjust like that,… what could happen in these situations, and how it should react, — for all these decisions which the knee habitually followed as necessary precautions in order not to collapse, — how you reacted in certain situations, when you played, or while you exercised, — all this you must forget. Your knee itself must forget that in these circumstances it should act in this way. Nothing more. The past does not exist for the knee so that it awakens to a new process of consciousness, — of acting, of adjusting, of conducting, or of behaving, — by the infusion of the New Consciousness into the knee. All the past habits, the atavism, the essential nature of the cells, the mental formations, the ideas, the ways of conduct, the physical actions and reactions, the vital attractions and repulsions, all, all that constitutes the mode of action, the fear and the spontaneous shrinking, all that must be forgotten, leaving behind all the traits and habits. You must renew life, blossom into a New Consciousness. This is the only way to cure your knee.

In fact, this is what I am doing on myself and the results are convincing. The body follows an inner rhythm leading to a limitless blossoming. It is the influence of the all-powerful Consciousness, dazzling the comprehension, without words. This is what I have discovered. I have been able to change the very cells — what they are constituted of — by an ultra-terrestrial phenomenon, that is to say, that which is not to be found in the terrestrial evolution. It is of a new type with possibilities of endurance unknown to man, which could be extended to the immortality of the body; or the possibility of retaining the Supramental power in the cells leading to a prolonging of life with a constant and infinite renewal. With this, the body has lost the sense of time. The laws of Nature have lost their meaning for this body. The inexhaustible Force pouring perpetually, ceaselessly, or without diminution of the Supramental energy which gives the capacity to prolong life, — this is what I have arrived at by infusing this force into the cells. And the cells have not only forgotten the past which constituted them — the memory of these mutations of millions and millions of years in the terrestrial evolution, the habits of the old world, forgotten — but they have begun to accustom themselves to respond to the transforming light of the Divine Consciousness. They radiate with a perpetual splendour and a glow in a renewal of life which expresses only the Joy of existence, the Divine Ecstasy hidden in them. This is a new experience for me, with infinite possibilities of being reborn in the New Consciousness, in an eternally true blossoming.

This is life, this is the hidden mystery, this is the Divine Will unfolding itself in its terrestrial manifestation. This is a new discovery for me, an unforeseen discovery which I did not expect, and I knew nothing about its immense possibilities — as if innumerable horizons have opened before me and the things that were promised have been fulfilled.

Everywhere, everywhere there is this ineffable joy of expression which is the base, the foundation of all this existence, the first spark that the Divine has sown in all that He has created, — the Divine spark in all that exists, — and which by a mutation has assumed a visible or an invisible form. The whole universe vibrates with this Joy — the Divine Joy hidden in all things. It is this that I am now aware of, that I feel imperatively, a need to renew each cell by this ineffable contact, this inexhaustible Joy which the Divine has infused even in the cells, which lasts and lasts … which endures endlessly, infallibly, eternally, infinitely. This is the unseizable, the truth of our terrestrial, ultra-terrestrial and cosmic existence.

And we can have this knowledge only by identity, by a sort of enveloping, or one might say, a sort of englobing which gives one the truth without any resistance — as if one opened out into the Divine Consciousness pure and entire. Nothing is left out, nothing is neglected, but all is transformed by this Light, by this Ananda, by this Peace and by this Power. With this the whole cycle has changed, and in this New Manifestation nothing deteriorates — which means that nothing dies. There is no conflict because each one lives dependent on the other in a mutual interchange, knowing well that each has in him a right to the Truth; which means that decay, contradiction, suffering and pain disappear entirely; it means that the possibility to survive in this consciousness gives an impetus to extend life up to Eternity.

This is what I think; no, this is what I feel as the immortality of the body. This is what has touched here and there in the history of man in his terrestrial evolution to become immortal, and people have individually invoked their Adored One in an intense tapasya to make them immortal, each for his own self, — but this did not work out because each person wanted this for his own existence, for his own body and not as a terrestrial event. And also because they were still far from this Supramental substance about which, moreover, they were totally ignorant. But now that the Supramental Manifestation has taken place on earth and that the process of the transformation of the body — with all that is being worked out — can be done, one becomes the master of life, as one wants and be what one wants.

And yet there were quite a few attempts which failed completely in their results. It was evident, because the conditions were not right and the methods were not known. But I find this very interesting: there is an analogy in the Indian tradition which is very remarkable. The gods wanted to become immortal and did not want to share the elixir with the asuras, who, in fact, were very powerful. Then, a great battle followed for the control over the ‘Amrita’ — one who tastes this elixir becomes immortal — which the gods had hidden. Commonly it is known as the churning for ‘Amrita’. But it was only to draw the attention towards all those who tried to become immortal, but without success, as they did not have the key to launch towards the Supramental; and it is not at all a “churning”, for it is found without resistance. But now it is different…. Let us leave behind these childish things.

What I find interesting is what I am doing on myself, not for a particular result, but for the possibility that is opening up for the entire earth… for a new process which extends from here, with me as base, from my body, where I have been able to charge this matter with the Supramental substance, to those who are ready to open to the New Consciousness, who aspire for the transformation of the body. For them it will be so much less work, so many difficulties removed by the work that I have done on myself. What I have succeeded in doing in me as the forerunner, the first to trace this route towards the Supramental, is astonishing, it is marvellous. And I have begun to take a lot of interest in it, a lot of joy, with an enthusiasm which cannot be expressed in words. It has become an essential part of my existence. I find an extraordinary meaning in what I am pursuing, in what I am doing on myself. It is a new experience, a new life which has begun, with possibilities which go on and on and extend towards the truth of existence.

The why and the how do not exist in the domain of the Supramental Consciousness because the principles of division and ignorance have no place there. It is above the dualities of the mental substance and the mental movements. It is ever luminous with the full knowledge and a will that is instantly effective the moment one thinks or wants something, — without any intermediary whatsoever, — a knowledge by identity and a will that accomplishes. This is its power of execution, and I do not know what else… how to express it in a language which is so poor and which after all does not lead anywhere. And I am silent and I remain silent, knowing well that soon with the descent of the Supramental will emerge a language proper to its consciousness and its dimension, capable of expressing better all that one feels, all that one wants to say for communicating better. It will be born. Perhaps it will not be through the words or modes of expression that we now use, but by a sort of identity, a sort of concordance and a mutual exchange, without any exterior intermediary, like an extension of the consciousness, a wave that prolongs and becomes one. Or rather, one could say that it is by an expansion of the consciousness which stretches out towards the thing to be known and by identity absorbs the essence of what it wants to know and comprehend. It is a direct method, free and with a greater depth which surpasses our comprehension.

At last the body is experiencing the conquest of Matter… of inertia, of tamas, of this misery and suffering; and this kind of illusion disappears with the victory over death. The whole body is enthused, happy with the work, and overflows with light, joy and consciousness, splendour, goodness, happiness and beauty, — a sort of intimacy with the sovereign and all-powerful Consciousness.

It is a kind of illumination, a kind of revelation of the inner reality, of the secret of Matter which awakes from its torpor and reveals the Knowledge and Ananda of its existence. It is a delightful work I am engaged in, constantly, night and day, with more or less ardour, according to the circumstances. Even when I am outwardly occupied with some laborious work which demands a lot of attention, even then, this inner work of transformation of the cells continues unabated with a vigilance and an absolute concentration. It is true that at night when I am all alone, left to myself, the work of transformation proceeds faster. But it demands an enormous patience of a different kind, with an unparalleled tenacity and exactitude, to work minutely with a meticulous precision and without reserve.

I take up one cell (Mother makes a gesture with Her fingers), it is a very small cell, like this, microscopic, which one cannot see with the naked eye, but I possess that power and that vision. Like this, I take up one tiny little cell and I open it to the transforming light of the Divine Consciousness. Then in it I infuse this immutable Divine Joy with an unwavering Peace, and I charge it with the Luminous Power of the Divine Reality. In this way it becomes complete in all the aspects of the Lord: the Light with His knowledge, the Joy that brings the Divine Love, the Peace with its Perfect Serenity, and the Power to endure eternally until it dissolves itself in the Supreme Will. This is how I work. And I charge each cell with this Divine Consciousness and then I take up another cell, and then another, and then another. I continue to charge them in the same way.

These cells vibrate and radiate with a resplendent consciousness. The ones that are ready, I collect them and keep them aside and I observe the difference between those that are ready and the ones that I have not touched; it is so different, so unreal in comparison, and the others experience this state and the body smiles and has become conscious. The cells begin to realise the Unity, and what is most astonishing is when I see the difference between the cells that are transformed and those that are not. It cannot be compared! In the old cells, that is to say those in which the past still persists, there is only a faint glow, a spark of the Divine, whereas in the cells that are charged with the Supramental Consciousness, there is the perception of the Ananda of the soul, the soul of Matter which is awakening after thousands of years from its torpor of inconscience. It is so living, so real, so concrete in the manifestation of Matter that if one gave just a bit of this Ananda to someone to taste, he would forget the whole world in order to pursue this extraordinary phenomenon. Truly, how absurd everything seems, how dull and worthless, how absolutely insignificant before this quest for transformation.

In this state of receptivity the body makes its perfect surrender and repeats: “Only what Thou wiliest, Lord, what Thou wiliest,” — this is its constant prayer. It is His Will that acts, that works, transforms and guides, and the body just surrenders itself. It is so spontaneous, so total and so marvellously equal — like a perfect transmitter. Nothing happens except what He commands! The body thrills to an unknown Joy. There is nothing in it that resists, nothing that distorts, nothing that falsifies. All is pure, pure and limpid, of a purity without stain, a limpidity that seems transparent. When I look at my arm, my body, it is as if translucid. It is so light that it can move wherever I want to go. In this state the body does not get tired even after a day of hard work; and it does not end during the night, when I continue with the transformation of the cells. This demands a patience and an exactitude of precision and a concentration unparalleled in all the endeavours which I have undertaken in the terrestrial existence. The body looks at itself and perceives a vibration of joy: how happy it is with all that is happening! It has a sense of that which is all-powerful, infinite and eternal. Decay and death do not have any meaning for it, for they do not exist in this domain of Ananda. The body is aware of a kind of immortality; it feels that everything that exists is moved by His Will, that in the Divine Consciousness all is eternal and infinite, of a perfect Peace. The inconceivable Splendour! But how could it be otherwise? Always the body, that is to say this matter which seems to be luminous, repeats: “What Thou wiliest, Lord, what Thou wiliest”. Or sometimes, in response, it surrenders itself entirely with gratitude, it feels a sort of marvel and it repeats: “Make me worthy of Thy work, make me worthy of Thy existence”. All this and much more that I cannot express.

I have also begun the work of transforming the organs, the organs which are inside, one after the other. I began this work so that the outer means of subsistence by something will no longer be indispensable, — the needs of existence and the whole process will not be necessary any more, — they will draw energy from the Universal Force….

And now I know how I have been able to accomplish this formidable task. He who prepared and arranged the circumstances, He who has guided me constantly on the path, He who was beside me during painful moments to pull me out of the anguish and the miseries, the danger and the dreadful pain — it was as if my whole body were being torn apart …and it was always Sri Aurobindo who was there to guide me.

Since He left His body so many years ago, He has been working in the subtle physical to prepare the descent of the Supramental world. He has arranged everything so that this work of transformation is accomplished upon earth. And now I realise that without His help, how miserably the work of transformation would have languished. Without Him, what could I do? I do not know… but not much.

Earlier, fairly long ago, when I became aware of the possibility of the transformation of this body — however I knew well that this body would be transformed — but when I was given the indication and I saw the concrete possibility before me, then I began the work, and it was really a challenge against Nature who did not want to change, who did not want to be transformed. So She began to revolt, to resist in hundreds of ways — to block here, to remove something there, to oppose me in such a way that I would abandon this movement against Her. Nature is formidable in Her own domain. And She began to send all sorts of discomforts aimed at me. They would literally hit me, and the body would undergo acute anguish and suffering — frightful pain everywhere, everywhere…it was unbearable — it was as if the devil had been let loose with all his tricks to do mischief. And the poor body which was not accustomed to endure all these misfortunes, would groan, would cry out in pain and had all sorts of reactions against these attacks. And my only defence was to endure courageously, to try to cut the connection with my body; or else I tried to detach myself from the pain. But nothing would work. It was as if Death were staring at me. But I do not give up so easily. Thus a tremendous battle began, a fierce fight ensued, in which neither of us would give up. The effects and the consequences were disastrous. The poor body suffered, but like a conqueror it voluntarily endured, even if it meant that it had to perish or get dissolved.

At that time, when the attack turned very violent, I asked someone to play for me a piece of my music. At once, within a minute, the body became calm and the pain diminished considerably. The nerves became tranquil, as if a balming effect spread over the body.

It is true that my music calms the body. From it emerges a sort of compassion which envelops the one who is listening. It is like a harmony that neutralises the disharmony in the chaos and pacifies the resistances, a melody that purifies the aspiration…. My music brings down the original vibration from the Source; it engulfs you, and lifts you up to the unknown regions. So with this music everything would calm down.

My music comes from the absolute Silence where Sound is created by the original vibration with its waves and pulsations which sustain the worlds and the universe in a perpetual blossoming in order to rediscover the Self. It is for this endless pursuit of its immutable cadences which are at the origin of all, it is to discover the delight of pure intensity of Universal Beauty hidden in the creation, that the Divine casts forth from His ocean of manifested consciousness a stream of His movement, which, passing through the invisible worlds, become Symphonies. A flood of this harmony cascading down upon the earth could lift the whole of humanity towards the Supreme. This is the power of my music. My music evokes a soul-state by the revelation of the Eternal Truth. When you are calm and silent it lifts you up in an adoration of an endless ecstasy towards the delights of this unknown Beauty and Felicity.

My music liberates you from human pettiness and the narrowness of the ignorance, and it thrusts you up towards a communion with Eternity where leaps forth the flash of Light and an outburst of Ananda. My music purifies you with its waves of harmony surging up from the depths of the being like an aspiration, trying to bring forth an echo of the hidden harmonies in us which are the secret rhythms of Infinity… the fusion of all our spiritual substances into a single whole through a large and wide movement, gathering up all that is sublime and spiritual in us towards a divine exaltation and transcendence.

To better appreciate my music, you must be as calm as possible — calm and silent, the head empty; then the vibrations and rhythms of the harmony which is expressing itself will make an imprint of an expanding compassion and will establish peace, sweetness, the calm of perfect purity and the revelations of the Eternal Truth.

My music gives a power of certitude which seizes the soul.

My music brings down the unseizable secret of the divine harmonies, the miracle of eternal beauty, the irresistible magic of a universal charm that unifies and binds the worlds with rhythms that surpass our comprehension…. In fact, my music enters through the sensations into the depths of the being and drives away discomforts and sufferings.

It is this that I was trying out on my body… Peace… Peace (pause). My music is like a wave of harmony which seizes you by its intensity — a sensation as if the Divine were entering into you… very calm and very pure, descending into you very discreetly, very quietly.

My music expresses the harmony of the spheres, and gently, very gently, the felicity of its sovereign peace descends. My music dispels darkness and unconsciousness as the wind in a tempest chases away the clouds; and in that you put a bit of light here and there and you observe the formations that unfold. It is visibly perceptible.

To absorb my music, you must enter deep inside in an intimate communion with the worlds and planes of consciousness that open the doors of the psychic being. It takes hold of you and transports you into a limitless ecstasy by the power of its harmony. What my music expresses is Eternity seized by the Spirit. It is an action of the luminous Infinity which expresses itself solely by the joy of the Spirit in itself. The lucid simplicity and the direct and flowing cadence with a magnitude of power and grace bring the Light, the Peace and the Unity of harmony that express the Divine Nature.

It is an experience from beyond, it is of a completely new dimension… one must enter deep within… into the very depths of the being, to absorb the vibrations which emanate from this music…. And one must know how to spread out… to spread out… to spread out like this (Mother opens her hands and spreads out her arms). If one knows how to listen, truly listen, remaining absolutely immobile, allowing the music and its vibrations to penetrate into you, everywhere, letting the whole body absorb it, not only through the ears and the heart, but everywhere, through the cells, which absorb and resound with its vibrations and its harmonies, then the body relaxes and at once the discomforts vanish, and then the body becomes light, without tension, without crispation and the barriers collapse. The body remains in a state of suspension, as if it were flying. This is a new experience, this leads you or literally carries you towards the Source from which this music emanates. It is this, and much more which cannot be transmitted or expressed in words…. It has to be lived… one has to live it in order to have this experience… Voilà! (Mother remains silent for along time.)

Oh! the plenitude!…

But now I have found a method which is invincible. I open myself towards the heights and as soon as I utter: “What Thou wiliest, Lord, what Thou wiliest…” the miracle happens. It is no longer I who work to transform the cells, it is He who does all, who arranges everything, who opens the cells to the transforming Light and who infuses them with the Divine Joy. I only remain open to Him and repeat: “What Thou wiliest, Lord, what Thou wiliest”. It is so beautiful, so marvellous, and at once, all discomforts vanish. The body vibrates with joy, and an ardour to remain in this sovereign consciousness lifts me up towards all that is divine, purely divine, solemnly divine. It is fantastic! It is the New Consciousness — an identification, or rather a union with the Supreme. The body becomes vast and immutable, united with His Consciousness, with a vision of the whole, as if seeing through His vision, feeling through His perception of the whole. It is an absolutely different experience of the whole as well as of the individual…. But we human beings see wrongly and judge falsely. But the body had no sense of the mind or the vital — they did not exist. Instead, there is a divine ‘élan’ — the soul that acts, that feels, that perceives, that understands, that absorbs and directs everything that should be done, and what is necessary for this material existence in the process of transformation into the Superman. It is unbelievable, the possibilities which appear and open up….

Often I have been asked how far Sri Aurobindo had succeeded in transforming His body by the Supramental Force.

Yes, Mother; we wonder about it, but we do not really know.

But how can you know with your little mind? No, none can understand what it is, unless one has experienced something. But I tell you, He had amassed considerably the Supramental Force in His body. What a formidable work….

You remember, don’t you, that when He left His body, the body remained glorious for almost five days. Perfectly luminous, even though He had poured all His Supramental Force into me. He gave me everything, everything, before He left. But His body still radiated with the Supramental Splendour…. You know, at that moment, during the last few minutes, I was standing near His bed and I could literally see the Supramental Light entering into me, materially, with a friction it was entering into me. It was as concrete as that, through the pores, it was entering like this (gesture).

And for the first time I see how one can have faith in the Divine Grace, an unshakable faith, without the least anxiety about the work which He had accomplished. It was phenomenal, the consciousness He had accumulated in Himself. It was extraordinary — the level He had reached with diverse and unknown realisations.

And a single decision: that the work for hastening the descent of the Supramental world would be done faster if He left the body in order to work more effectively in the subtle physical. And at once He left His body behind and launched Himself to conquer this domain of the subtle world which still resisted. It was not the perception of the unreality of life that made Him leave His body, but it was the conviction of His faith that to win this victory He had to be free to prepare the ground in order to bring down the Truth upon earth, so that this work of transformation is done in spite of all the consequences. One word from above, and the decision was taken — like a decree. This is the most noble sacrifice that has ever been made. No, it is a total self-abandonment into the Supreme Ecstasy — which He alone could do — to annihilate oneself completely in order to exist in Him alone.

Formidable! What Power, what Consciousness, what Knowledge, what Compassion, what Light He had in Him…

And He commanded me: “You shall do My work of transformation upon earth…. My help is there”…. (Mother speaks in English)

So I did not think at all. I did not formulate anything, but with confidence I launched myself into this work which He had so laboriously undertaken and had now commanded me to do, to continue until it is done… I do not question. What He had wanted has to be done, and without Him I can do nothing.

At each step He is there to support my effort, to push me further, to guide me, to enlighten me if ever I hesitate. And what a formidable work we have accomplished together!

All that was conceived, all that was promised is now materialising. And the transformation of the body is no longer a vain mirage — it is a fact, a process that has taken root and is developing and moving steadily towards a luminous future. Already the body is responding so marvellously to the New Light. And more and more the body feels itself vibrating with a divine confidence. What it can accomplish I do not doubt at all. Nothing seems impossible for it, and its capacity has increased tremendously with an unlimited power and energy. The body is becoming vast, as vast as the universe. The body has already undergone a sort of transformation of the cells and it projects what one conceives of as that Eternal Form with the Eternal Beauty.

Evidently it is a thousand times more beautiful than what man can ever imagine. It has no age and will never be dissolved by time or its consequences…. I have become like an infant, but so prodigious! (gesture)

The body is luminous, transparent, plastic, malleable — and can take any form according to its need. Even the quality of its consciousness has changed so much that the past no longer exists for it, and so many other things that cannot be expressed in words. Oh, it is marvellous! It is extraordinary! It is unbelievable!

But… no one will be able to understand nor believe nor assimilate even a hundredth part of what is happening in me. This is the truth that surpasses all comprehension, (trance)


Yes, my child.

Mother, speak more about this extraordinary phenomenon that You are engaged in, the experience of the Supramental transformation of Your body. Mother, tell me more. It is so beautiful, so marvellous. Mother, speak more about Your experiences.

But these are no longer experiences, no longer realisations, not even living in the way we conceive of the highest, truest, and most vast. But it is rather ‘being’ — ‘being’ more than ‘becoming’. It is being divine; it is being the Supreme Consciousness; what He is and what He will be, more and more. And…

But no one will be able to understand me,… no one!… or grasp;… no one possesses this vision or has the knowledge to understand even a bit of what is happening in me. On the contrary, they will accuse me of creating absurd phantasmagorias which tend towards the irreality of things with false and illusory imaginations; or still more, that they are the mutterings of a child who has lost its head and such comments which have no real truth. And what more, I do not know. But it does not bother me at all, not at all. It does not affect me at all. If man in his ignorance, in his inconscience talks nonsense and heaps all sorts of abuses which he has the habit of throwing at anything that he does not understand, it is his foolishness. If he still denies the Truth, it does not touch me. I remain above, knowing well that the Lord knows everything and it is He who is guiding me. He is my refuge. I am one with Him.

…Yet there remains a problem which must be solved. How all this work that I have done on my body, — that I have accomplished and achieved in my body, — this work of the transformation of matter, (gesture) even of this body, — which has begun well, — how to perpetuate this movement in the terrestrial existence so that the nucleus of a new race can take root? How to convince the earth, the terrestrial consciousness, to accept this new process of realising the next step in terrestrial evolution,… to launch itself towards vaster and truer horizons? I am still searching in this thick inconscience which man in his ignorance wants to cling to, and does not want to change….

But I have not lost hope, for the Lord is guiding me and He knows better His affairs and will arrange whatever has to be done. I leave it to Him: “What Thou wiliest! What Thou wiliest…”

Mother, if I only knew what to do, or how to be useful, I would do everything, Mother.

Leave everything to me and abandon yourself in the current and you shall be guided. It is evident that the purpose of my descending here on earth, for the transformation of the body and eventually of the earth, by the transforming action of the Supramental, would be accomplished if I could sow a seed of this Supramental substance in the human species and which will then ensure its continuity on earth…. Even if it be only a thousandth infinitesimal part of what I carry, it will be sufficient to perpetuate this movement.

Otherwise… I would say that the earth and men were not ready, were not receptive enough to accept the descent of a greater Light, a greater Knowledge, a greater Ananda, were not ready to open themselves to the Eternal, to the Truth of existence.

Voilà! Now I must not speak further. I have talked a lot, revealed much, much more than I should have. Hurry up, it is very late. Au revoir!



What Thou Willest

(A portion of a longer conversation)


What more do you want to know?

Mother; You had also told me last time that for the transformation of the body, You had asked Sri Aurobindo how much time it takes for the transformation. Then He had answered: “It takes about three hundred years”. But Mother, now that the Supramental has descended, will the transformation not be hastened?


Yes, will it not take less time than before?

It is not my lookout to know if it will take 300 years or not, and moreover I am not curious. I do what I have to do. It does not interest me to know what is going to happen or how long it takes or what will happen in this body.

But Mother, You are transforming Your body — Your cells?

Yes, I am doing it, but I am not anxious to know how much time it will take. I do my work and I know what I am doing. I must do it as best as possible. That is what I know and nothing more. What is my work, I do that as best as possible. The other things, I am not bothered about. I have abdicated all to the Lord. And the Lord will do what He wishes. I have no will of my own. I have abandoned all to Him. All, all. It is He who chooses or decides everything now.

But Mother, You, You are the Supreme. Then what are You saying?

Yes, me, I am the Supreme. But the Supreme is definitely not this body which… He is completely different. You will not understand. I am the Mahashakti who animates everything and who is behind all things. But now I have abandoned all to the Lord. It is the Lord who does everything now. I have left everything in His hands. The Mahashakti has no separate will from the Lord. And what is going to happen does not bother me. Nor how much time it will take. I do as best as possible what He has assigned me to do, and the time has no importance. Moreover, time, it is man who has invented it. It is from man’s point of view that time has an importance. Not for the Lord. The earth, it is very, very old for man, it dates back thousands of years, but for the Lord it is not at all like that. That is why I am completely resigned as to what may come; it does not touch me. I have given all responsibility to Him.

But, Mother…

Yes, it is like that. I am here still only to help you all to climb towards the Divine. It is to facilitate the work. I have the key to bring down the Divine here below and also to raise up man towards the heights so that he meets the Divine. I am like the telephonic connection which receives the message from above and I transmit that here below so that man can receive it. I bind these two worlds and without me it would not be possible. You understand, I am like the telephonic connection. But I have no separate action from Him. The Mahashakti has become one with the Supreme.

Mother; this I do not understand. You say that You are the Mahashakti and that You have abandoned everything to the Lord and that You do not have a separate will from Him. You have become one with the Lord, and You say again that nothing touches You, that all the responsibility is with the Lord. Then is not the responsibility with You also? How? This…

My child, you will not be able to understand this by the mind. It is impossible for the mind to understand this. This is not its domain. The mind cannot, never can one know by the mind. And do not worry. Remain absolutely tranquil. Cleanse the mind of all the thoughts and suggestions. You know, when one has this inner contact, one can do anything and that will not make any difference for the Lord; this too the mind will not understand.

Ah! the light has gone. (There was a power failure.)

Do not try with the mind. What the Lord wishes, that this body will become.

Voilà, the light has come back…. What, why are you looking like that, phou! (gesture)

Mother, is there a difference between Your subtle body and Your physical body?

Seems to be. For the human eyes, it seems there is a difference. But…

Mother, once X saw You in a dream, in a luminous body…

Maybe X saw my subtle body which is transformed. The mental, the vital and also the subtle physical do not take so long to be transformed; but the physical, the material body takes a long time. It persists in following its habits and it is very difficult to get rid of them.

But Mother, if You want You can transform the physical when You want.

I do my work and I am not anxious about the results of the transformation. It will come when He wants. But something is in the making, it is advancing, the subtle body and even the physical. Yes, the work continues. It is not necessary that I announce it.








Bonjour, Douce Mere.

You have something interesting to tell me, some unforgettable experience, something which has touched you deeply? Yes?

Yes, Mother.

Then tell me, I am ready to hear you.

(I recount my experience)

Yes, my child, that is true. But you do not know that it is through my feet that I transmit the power of transformation into matter, into the inconscience of the inert mass of this anguished earth? Didn’t you know?

No, Mother, not like that.

I had a vague idea from what I had read here and there that your Feet are destined to change the fate of the earth. Something like that; I do not remember exactly.

Mother, I feel that there is a force being transmitted through your Feet. It is active or rather dynamic with the rays of light and a peace that settles down. It is as if your Feet give comfort to the being with a soothing love and sweetness. Mother, it is at the same time many things that one feels. But the most important thing is that the force is very active, it is really strong.

Yes, my child. It is exactly that; because it is the force of transformation, that is why it is dynamic. There is the light that penetrates to illumine the mass in the Inconscience, the force to stimulate the tamas, and the joy to make it conscious. This force must penetrate this solid, obscure, rigid matter which is obstinate in its perversion and engulfed in falsehood, in order to bring light into the very bottom of this mass of inconscience, of this eternal obscurity that opposes with its immense and impenetrable energies in their unrelenting dynamism. There is a Presence which is bound up in matter by millions of cords. It is imprisoned there by an occult power from which it is very difficult to be free. Immobile, it rests in matter, forced by a blind compulsion in the insentient depths where nothing moves, where nothing ever can, there where everything disappears in a resistance that opposes with an invincible force. That is why this transforming force must act with a sustained power till matter feels and is made more conscious of my presence, of the light that is spreading. I force it down until the light penetrates into the very heart of matter.

You know, each step that I have placed on the earth, everywhere, everywhere, I have thrust this force and this light of transformation into the atoms and molecules of this matter which are under my feet, to awaken them to the necessity of this work of transformation. Each step that I have placed deliberately on the earth has sent vibrations, like echoes that ring and resound, into the inertia of this matter which sleeps in a torpor of inconscience in order to awaken it to a rhythm of harmony and to a consciousness of beauty and truth. And how with a spark of light they awoke with joy and responded to my call by a tremendous stirring to participate in this effort towards transformation! It is unimaginable, how with a single movement they surrendered themselves to accept to participate in this miracle of the transmutation which will change the very nature of these elements. Not quite physically, but in the process of their subconscient formation, in their mental, in their dynamism, even in their actions and reactions, there will be a new guide — a light of the true consciousness to illumine them. It becomes something benign, something sacred where the past with its pernicious load will be effaced.

Men and Nature have utilised these elements and these atoms for their egoistic ends and have made them perverted, petty and mean. You know well the terrifying power which resides in the atom and which man has multiplied indefinitely to kill his enemies, to kill one another without considering the destruction and the imbalance created which multiplies itself endlessly without control in the terrestrial atmosphere. This has created a vicious circle in which the anti-divine forces have utilised man, have helped him to produce these destructive devices in order to have control over this kingdom where falsehood predominates.

The earth and the terrestrial atmosphere tremble at the ferocity of that devouring power. They remember with agony, how, in spite of their will, they were ruthlessly compelled to reveal the secret of the force that resides in the nature of the atom; from that arose this gruesome fatality of an unparalleled destruction that they witnessed.

It is a memory which does not get effaced.

It is a derisive act and of a global magnitude which is followed by sordid consequences and irreparable destructions in the consciousness of these atoms. They cannot forget. They too have a mind, a consciousness, an Over-soul, a spark of the Divine in each atom, (Mother speaks in English) which reacted against this brutality.

They invoked the Divinity to intervene and put an end to this carnage, to this unnecessary and baseless human holocaust, which moreover, could drag man to commit the ultimate and grave mistake — which in appearance is nothing but a petty quarrel over acquiring a piece of land, or the predominance of ego, or the superiority of power or wealth, or to avenge a war which could furthermore lead to the end of this distressed humanity, the annihilation of the human race as well as… of most of the animals and even of Nature. With this, the earth would be uninhabitable. On what an insecure plank humanity is balancing; almost on the brink of a disaster, — one false step… he is skirting the abyss! This is the fate of humanity which remains suspended in the hands of a dozen men who govern the world. The destiny of the world sealed with the caprices and the fantasy of those who govern — perhaps not more than my fingers. (trance)

Proclaiming in the name of the Peace Process, in the name of Religion, of Territorial Integrity, of Brotherhood, of Helping the Nations against Poverty and Disease, and of Education (Mother speaks in English) and what other maledictions that I do not understand, they are ready to declare war, kill millions of people in order to save the world, to save the nations and help the fate of humanity! I do not understand their intentions. They have no respect for others, no regard for their words, and the promises vanish into the past. They do what they like — what their fantasies dictate. And ordinary men and the poor earth suffer, agonise, torn by the contradictions, bear the consequences and complain without any response. People are assassinated, victimised by the circumstances, the results of which are not favourable to any. There are deaths and losses, destitutes, the wounded, the half-dead. Then they are attacked by famine and epidemics, by which Nature takes its revenge. But men do not perceive the damage they perpetrate. After the devastation one becomes aware of the futility of a war which causes innumerable misfortunes not only to men and nature but also to the atmosphere which is charged with this gruesome animosity and is shaken with fear and dominating anger. Haunted by this hostility the small entities which work for peace, sweetness and harmony in the world flee, because in these terrible hours the divinity that governs the world withdraws due to the pressure of the anti-divine forces. All seems lost, senseless and without value. Why this existence at all if it is to be annihilated in an irreversible nothingness?

In these terrible hours one hears a faint voice, one perceives a quiver in the earth, one feels a vibration of the divinity that awakes and a profound aspiration for the light surging up from the depths of the atoms.

What a benevolent Grace! What a sovereign Peace! What a solace for these tiny entities that reside in the atoms and who had been tortured. What a blessed hour! For these are the very particles of dust where I have placed my feet — which have been touched by the transforming light, by the power that triumphs, and first they try to bring an equilibrium, then to spread this compassion and they are active in changing their neighbours who are in turmoil because they had been disturbed by this chaos in the atmosphere.

You know, wherever I have walked, wheresoever I have placed my feet, wherever on the earth our feet have touched the ground, that place has become sanctified, pure and receptive to our touch, to the transforming Force that we have transmitted, that which has emanated from us, in order to act in the very depths of the inconscience. The light that has emanated from us has awakened these tiny particles from millions of years of torpor to a new consciousness, to the vibration of an unknown Ananda. They have retained this Consciousness and Ananda and have spread them all around to effectuate a change in their surrounding — as if to suffuse it through these molecules, by an influence impregnated with a divine sweetness…. I have touched the soul of the earth, of this matter which greets me with a gratitude that pours itself in an incomparable surrender and invites me further to liberate it from all bondage. I have kindled in the very depths a flame to burn all impurities and to make it pure. And what a work it is that is taking place!

Wherever I look there is a spark of my light that beckons me. Wheresoever I have placed my feet, there is an activity of the force of transformation which makes the earth-consciousness vibrate. How in this obscure and solid inconscience — this mass of ignorance, of impenetrable tamas, where never a light was seen — now one sees at last a clearing, a ray of light brightening up this tiny mass. In the very depths of the nucleus of these atoms I have kindled a flame which awakens with a quiver like a palpitation, in this inert mass of inconscience imprisoned in an immobile spiral of forces, as in the obscure eternity of ignorance. It reveals a world where nothing was. In these blind realms of matter where it lay inert and mute, in a deep slumber without life, there comes a vibration emanating from the Supreme Will and matter trembles, shudders and awakens in an ecstasy.

It is a mystic influence, a spiritual Will which has gone out from me and has penetrated even into the subconscient, into the inert inconscience, to act and to awaken the divinity which is hidden in this dark, obscure and black Inconscience. It is because it was there, hidden, — this divine spark, — that the world was saved; without that it would be the end of everything, of this universe. Then with the liberation of this force and light, the atoms regained courage to face this obscurity of the ignorance, the falsehood of the world imprisoned in the darkest inconscience. And with this emergence, we see everywhere sparks of this light which wants to establish itself. There where I have placed my feet on the earth it has been blessed and has become receptive to my force. With gratitude, the earth retains the effect of the transmutation that took place by the fact that I walked on her, that is why she expresses herself in an inexpressible joy.

And Nature gathers this energy which has emanated from me and sends it here and there to bring forth new plants and new flowers that have not been seen before, impregnated with the New Consciousness. It is astonishing — these flowers! They are distinctly different from what we find ordinarily, with characteristics and modes of another plane of consciousness. They are so beautiful and they symbolise an aspect of this New Creation.

There where I have placed my feet, there has been a formidable effect — various results of one kind or another. In some places I noticed that the atmosphere thrills with this unique vibration interspersed here and there; and those who are open and receptive, fulfilling the conditions demanded by these elements, have been able to awaken to this New Consciousness. They have had only a slight glimpse of what this substance is and they are astonished to find the effect it can bring about on the body, without knowing what it is. You see, these people who are concerned with the physical, purely physical, not mental, that means physically physical, — those who aim at the perfection of the body, and consequently the perfection in the domain of execution, of skill, strength, endurance, in whatever form of physical expression, those who have consecrated their lives to pursue this ideal rigorously with an unparalleled will and discipline, — these persons have felt something, have been touched by this transforming light. They express it in an ordinary way, a bit vaguely because they have not learnt to express themselves properly. They did not have a formal education. But in spite of it they express the essence of what they feel, of what they have found by following these rigorous disciplines, this sense of an opening that made them invincible, this sense of exceeding oneself, of going beyond all limits, as if projected into the infinite — of flying without restraint in this physical body — as if entering into another dimension, into another plane of consciousness, — this sense of immortality. I see them, how this New Force has seized them to transmute their life, their attitude and their self-giving towards this unknown power which they do not understand. It is a marvellous work that these athletes have been able to accomplish and they will be crowned with further perfections because of their will to find something new and their simple attitude.

Everywhere I see them, it is as if I have sown the seeds of the New Consciousness where these people are sprouting up who are able to absorb in the cells this joy that sparkles and awakens the consciousness to a light without form. It is in the atmosphere here and there, this element that is working to change the particles in the depths of the inconscience, in the nucleus where I have been able to light a spark of this New Light. And there, you see a life that throbs and aspires. Now it is pushing its domain into the atmosphere to bring about a change, a real work which has begun to expand into the atmosphere in response to that which I sent forth into the depths.

It is in this way that the work is being carried out: the Grace sends forth a light and a force from above and matter takes up this action in love and responds with ecstasy. And in this way everything seems to grow, to spring up, to open to an extraordinary phenomenon. How astonishing it is, the way these people who are engaged in physical culture, who work with the body, the athletes, have been able to catch hold of this thread, this vibration which comes from matter to express this consciousness, this New Force, in their effort towards perfection, because they are physically bound in matter, because they are linked to matter by a mutual interdependence where one helps the other by a fusion of consciousness to effectuate a change. One can say that these are the precursors or the emanations of the New Wave. What is interesting is how this force is working in Nature as well as on the physical aspirants to bring about a radical change in their life and they are convinced that there is some other phenomenon that governs their life. Perhaps it has not yet spread in the masses, but those few who have been seized by it are charged by an ecstasy to blossom into a new world.

They feel something new coursing through their muscles, nerves and cells, which gives them the energy and the force, the courage and the endurance to surpass all the physical laws and absorb a new process of this realm of universal power, and they have proved what one can do with the body. It is unimaginable, it exceeds all limits.

In this effort the earth invokes the Supreme to extend his reign everywhere in the world and remembers with gratitude in an adoration and an ecstasy the felicity of the memory of these footprints that I have left behind on the earth which transform the atoms. The earth, the rocks, the dust, the water and the air, all that constitutes this universe implores for a new rebirth to blossom in the joy of participating in the New Consciousness.

This is the work that I have done without anyone ever knowing it and yet without Him nothing would advance. (In a teasing tone) Actually, I have erred a bit, because I spoke only about myself, what I have done, like an egoist, like you, as you boast… without ever mentioning what He has done.

No, Mother, there is no doubt. It is true all that You have done. You are not boasting.

Yes, it is true! I was just teasing you.

And Mother, what Sri Aurobindo has done, is it the same?

Essentially yes. Sri Aurobindo has arranged everything so that my work becomes easy. Sri Aurobindo has the key to open this region of the Inconscience. He turns the key to open the door and illumines my way, and very gently I enter to infuse the Force, the Light and the Divine Ananda into the body of this inert and obscure matter. When it is touched by this transforming light, the atoms that constitute this matter awake to a New Consciousness. Like this the work continues and spreads or multiplies. You understand, Sri Aurobindo is the Soul of Matter, the aspiration of the whole humanity. He is the Light in Matter or the Spirit incarnated in Matter. Sri Aurobindo has separated himself from the Supreme and has plunged in this matter, in a body, with this load of inconscience and ignorance upon himself — to awaken them to the divine life. For this He has invoked the Supreme, the Grace, to descend here below on this earth to help in His work. That is why, having heard His call, I have come down here into matter in a physical body, into this world of pain, suffering and death. And it is in the union of both of us that the world will witness gradually this miracle of a divine life. It is because of Him that I have descended. It is this intense aspiration of matter from below that He has sent up and the Grace has responded by a descent. What a blessed hour for the earth. It is an occasion for a tremendous progress so that the whole universe may blossom in a great élan towards the goal of its existence. With Our help which will be at its disposal and a will to pursue, what could be there that would be impossible to realise! This is the moment.

You know, each vibration that emanates from us, each ray of light radiating from us becomes a beacon-light spreading in the being of the inconscience and illumining its path towards the truth of its existence. It is only because of Sri Aurobindo that I can accomplish this work. He does the major portion of the work. He invites me, He opens the door and I enter into the depths of this inconscience and I kindle the light to illumine the atoms in the torpor of inconscience. I put there a bit of force to awaken them and I give this Divine Love so that they may aspire more. I charge each atom in this way.

There where we have placed our feet and left our footprints behind, those atoms irradiate and influence others which are in their proximity and in this way the work of transmutation continues unabated.

You are right. There is a much greater intensity of force emanating from my feet because this force has to pass through the thick crust of the earth, through a great resistance in order to reach and touch the inconscience. It is for this reason that the force passes directly. Whereas when I bless with my hand, I control the flow of this force and give to each one what he needs when I give my blessings. But Sri Aurobindo had a different way: like this, from far, He could send the force directly either to heal, to uplift or to bless, — I have seen so many cases, — without even His touching. Whereas me, I restrict a little and I give exactly according to the receptivity of the persons and as much as they can contain and assimilate. I give according to the capacity of the individual, not more, not less, and they are happy. But sometimes I am obliged to give with a lot of intensity and energy, when there is a call to help someone from far, at the other end of the world, — from the other extreme. When I hear a prayer, I send a force and a will which goes with a lot of intensity either to do what is necessary or to save the person. It is a vibration that emanates from me and in a fraction of a second it acts with a determinism even at the other end of the world. At that moment, it is voluntary, direct and accomplishes the will which I have put into that vibration. Really speaking, it is a very strong force which I send and which acts on the person — it is to save him even from death. But it is not often that I send a force of this intensity. People cannot understand the value of what I have done, of what has been accomplished. Anyway….

(After a while) But you know, I am up there, like this (gesture) above your head, constantly, so that you open this door up there (gesture) so that I can enter into you completely for identifying myself with you. And then I shall do everything, everything in you. For that, you have to be pure and sincere, and the psychic should come to the forefront to govern your life. All your actions must be the expression of your deeper being, of your inner life. Then my light will be able to penetrate from above and communicate with your psychic and bring about a radical change in your consciousness. It is in this way that you could invite me and I could easily enter in you to unite with your consciousness in a perfect union. Then it will no longer be you who would do the things but I would do all for you. It is for this that I am waiting patiently, when I will see that day full of promise when the ego in you opens itself towards the Self, which is up here permanently, so that it descends in you and governs your life. In fact, for each one, I am inside him as well as above him. It is in this way that I govern. But you must make a connection with me, in order to find me up there also….

Each step that I have placed awakens Matter and resounds there like an echo. Each step is precious that awakens the consciousness in Matter. I am enclosed in each atom and my contact with the earth, at each step, bursts open the crust and awakens it to the light.

(After a while Mother continues)

Be courageous and resume with resolution and nothing can delay you. I am there to help you.

Move forward, my child, do not lose this opportunity. It comes once in a lifetime and life is not long. But the effort can shorten the route. And with me beside you as guide the path will be shortened considerably and it will become accessible.

Forward towards those regions, there where you will find me in a body without age, in a glorious form.

Good luck.

Au revoir.








Bonjour, Douce Mère.

Is everything all right?

Yes, Mother.

As it should be?

I think so, Mother.

(In a teasing tone) Oh, you think… you are not sure?

Yes, Mother, I think so, yes.

And are you progressing well?

That — that You know, Mother.

And not you?

Not yet, Mother.

Then you must hurry up, otherwise you will not be able to catch up with me. I advance very fast.

Yes, that is the difficulty. But do not leave us behind. We want to follow You, Mother.

Do you think you can?

No, Mother, never. This we feel, that without You, we can do nothing.

Then, it depends on you. You must make the effort…. But what I see within, the promise of what is there, (pointing to the heart) what you must do, the indications which I receive, it is these that I pursue.

But it seems that you are not yet conscious of all that is happening within you.

No, Mother, not yet, I am very far. But I am beginning to perceive something.

But for me, this is the indication, — what I see within, — it is this that I follow. It is this that I catch hold of, the light of this awakened consciousness, the progress in the aspiration. I do not see the dirt and the defects that are there all around, nor the clouds of inconscience that cover the being. All this, I sweep aside and I see the central being — the soul — which tells me of the possibility that is there, that is trying to express itself and to emerge. When I look, the screen which was covering it opens itself and the soul tells me all that is to be done. And it is this that draws one forward, so that there is a contact with the central being which expresses its will to act directly to make the necessary progress.

I am trying, Mother, but it is difficult.

And yet I am constantly pushing you forward.

Mother, we are still very far from what You expect of us, there is a gulf between what You see within us and what we are outwardly.

But you must build a bridge between the two. It is as simple as that. (Mother smiles)

Then build it, Mother.

And if I do it, will you be able to keep it constantly?

Mother, for You it is so easy. You have only to say and it is done. But for us, it is very difficult. You cannot compare Yourself with us.

I am not comparing. But you do not take the pains. The will and the ardour, the effort and the patience to progress and to sustain it — it is this that is lacking. With the help that is there at our disposal what could we not do! What could we not accomplish! Try, with a will, with humility, to acknowledge the help, without the ego intervening, — and then you will see. Not just trying for two minutes and Vroot falling flat the next moment. No, not like that. But steady, steady, with a constant aspiration to progress, and an unwavering patience. Always, at each step and on each occasion, try to feel the Presence, constantly and untiringly. Forget the results of all the actions, and find the lesson they bring for you. Each action has something to teach. Try to find that instead of being overwhelmed by the cause and effect. For each event, know how to stand back a little, detached, and find the clue that it gives for the progress — the Truth behind each action. One should use to the maximum the occasion that arises, without being externally involved. The external has no value. But also to recognise that it is He who is within, — the Truth of your existence, — who is doing everything for you. And evidently it can only be for the best. Leave everything to Him alone, do nothing, and above all, do not worry. Abandon all to Him. Then you will see the difference, how each step, each event, each word, each sensation, each vibration, in fact, each action, each sentiment, becomes the source, the means to perceive what the Truth is. My child, this is a game which is much more interesting than all others.

Yes, Mother.

This is the Joy which lies hidden behind life. Be worthy of the formidable help that is at your disposal, which is continuously pushing you forward. It is not to be found anywhere, but given only to those privileged ones who accept and take refuge in me and in Sri Aurobindo. Take the trouble to find it.

Mother, I have always thought, in what way could I show my gratitude, my gratefulness towards You?

(In a teasing tone) To whom?

To You, Mother.

To me!… Ah! This is a privilege to which I have no right. For no one takes the trouble. If there is a difficulty, an obstacle or an attack, at once they send a prayer to me, a supplication for help: “Please save me. Please protect me”; or even in order to surmount the difficulties: “Mother, come to our help. Stretch out your hands to protect us. Extend your compassion. Have pity on us.” And when the Grace has accomplished its work, the benevolent Power that She is… then, never a word of gratitude for the thousand and one things that I constantly accomplish for them. When I protect them, or surmount a difficulty for them, not a word after that…. When the Grace has done everything for them, — saved them, protected them, and has overcome all the difficulties, — not a word which goes up from below. Forgotten immediately. It makes no difference to them that there was a formidable force that had pulled them out of danger, without which how could they have been saved and how could they remain safe and at peace! Phew! Forgotten and gone without leaving a trace on them; the great miraculous phenomenon which had saved them, they do not remember…. The attitude of gratefulness is really neglected, an act that is not to be found in the world. At least, it is very rare…. Hmm! To be grateful! That is the difference.

But why do you ask me this? Why? (In a teasing mood) Have you been rewarded by the Grace? An act of divine kindness? A certain favour from heaven which has touched you deeply, that, moved by its generosity, you want to show your gratefulness towards me? Oh! how I am flattered, overwhelmed with surprises, touched by the very thought. At last there is someone who would like to show his gratitude to the Divine.

Mother, please do not tease me. I am serious.

Well, so am I! (smiling) I tell you that most people consider this to be the most natural act, — when God protects them from a misfortune or an accident, or He sends His Grace, His Help to comfort or to console or to bless, — as something quite evident, something which is their due, it is their legitimate right and the Divine must comply because by chance they have called for Divine help when suddenly they were in difficulty. The Divine should pay back his debt towards them. How wonderful is their logic! That is why they need not be grateful. They have already called the Divine, it is evident and very natural for them, then why all this drama after everything is over?

But let us see,… what do you want to know? How to show one’s gratefulness?… gratefulness?…

He who understands,… who admits the intervention of a higher power which accomplishes the things without our knowledge, — whether it be to save someone, to protect another, or it could be an act of generosity of the Lord towards the people, the help, the succour, and all that, which intervenes to assure man of the presence of a higher power, — he who in all humility accepts with goodwill, recognises with modesty that there is something beyond him, beyond the circle of his little ego, that gets the work done, something which one cannot even imagine, rarely know or witness, which accomplishes all the so-called miracles of our existence, of our terrestrial life. One has to submit oneself. Have the goodwill to recognise that after all it is Providence which acts according to a higher law, of which we can become conscious, and offer Him a word of gratitude, nothing more.

Do not forget that fate is not the last determinism, but there is a choice given to us; it is not the end…. Whether it is the invisible Hand that pulls you out of an imminent danger, that comforts you during the painful moments of your life, that gives us the assurance, the certitude, the happiness, that alleviates a fait accompli, or that gives you a new life, a renewed health or rather snatches you out from the jaws of death, — it is still His Grace. Whether it is the Hand that blesses, or the smile of a peaceful life, the joy without end, the riches of the infinite splendour, — for everything to be thankful to Him in a silent and unparalleled obeisance, to send a word in thankfulness, to render a silent prayer from the very depths of the being in answer to the acts accomplished by Him.

First of all, it is not an act of gratefulness that one must express towards Him, but an attitude of surrender in the peaceful depths of one’s heart. To submit oneself at His feet (Mother bows Her head in a gesture of humility), and accept that ‘It is He who has accomplished all this for me. For indeed it is He who does everything’…. Very quietly, to render a word of gratitude, a gesture of thankfulness towards Him, without forgetting the proof of His assistance. Then, this rises directly there (gesture), where the Benefactor is. This can take the form of a prayer, like that of thankfulness, like a gesture to the Adorable One in the depths of one’s being, to the Immutable Truth that resides within. To feel His Presence, to give everything to Him, to entrust all to Him…. We can arrive at this when we have surpassed our ego.

In fact, without Him nothing can move. Yes, it is like that. He is the Mover, that is why it is well to recognise the good that He does for us. For always He leads us and brings us closer to the truth of our being, always the very best we can conceive of, always for our good, even if in appearance it is the contrary. Without faltering, He invites us to progress more. He brings us into the sanctuary of Truth where is found the source of Peace, Light and Ananda, where the Lord resides — the Immanent Divine (Mother indicates the heart).

There, in that immense cave of the inner being, one must plunge to find the inner support; one must descend and descend further, more and more, plane after plane, consciousness after consciousness, leaving behind all imprints, and enter into the very depths to find the serene Peace. Within this immense quietude of the being, far from the exterior noise, far from the anguish and the pain, far from the thoughts and the imaginations, far, far away from the waves of sensations, one must enter very carefully, there where the ego does not exist, to feel the Presence. There is yet further to go, still more to discover, to turn the consciousness inwards where the Power vibrates, all-powerful, which accomplishes everything. One must go still deeper where there is no act, no impression, no ego, no separate self, nothing but waves of joy and a vibration which is at the origin of everything, like that, equal (gesture), and of a perfect equanimity. To feel and be united in this perfect and immutable peace… then to enter into that serene beatitude where the consciousness is completely identified with the central being. There, there is no duality anymore, no existence anymore, nothing at all — to be one with this spark of the Immortal Flame, the Immanent Divine, the Unique and the One, the Soul that resides in us.

And still deeper down in this purifying Flame resides Sri Aurobindo — Immutable Ananda, All-Powerful, the Invincible, the Supreme Lord of our existence, the manifestation of the Omnipresence in existence, the Omnipotence in His effectuations, the Omniscience of the Supreme Power manifested; one who is the Goal, the Master, the Beloved, — who is also the Supreme Lord.

When one truly calls Him, it is from there (Mother indicates the heart) that Sri Aurobindo answers. It vibrates by His Name, with His consciousness; there resounds the name of Sri Aurobindo because His imprint is there (gesture).

In the very depths, it is He who resides…. All existence lives by Him. It vibrates by Him. The whole universe vibrates by Him. He is there in everything, vibrant and animating by His Presence.

The delight of His Name penetrates and purifies all, rings and resounds everywhere in the sublime Joy, eternal and true. With His Name the existence takes on a meaning.

To rediscover the Immanent Divine hidden in everything in this whole universe…. To find Him is the eternal game. To feel Him is to feel the immutable Peace of perfect Purity. To realise Him is to find the eternal Joy. To call Him is to unlock the doors of Infinity. This is the power behind the name Sri Aurobindo (trance)….

This, then, is the meaning of gratitude: that the Divine exists and a sublime joy fills our being with a marvellous sensation of self-giving in an act of perpetual thankfulness, and we submit ourselves in a peaceful adoration to the Supreme Lord of our being.

But Mother, Sri Aurobindo has always said that You, You are within us.

Yes, it is true, perfectly right.

Me, I am there as a Presence in the Eternal Flame, the Power that animates and initiates the action, the Peace that renders all sweet and peaceful, the Joy that overflows and sublimates, the Light that purifies, and the Vibration that sanctions.

Sri Aurobindo is there as a sustaining Entity, and me I am there like a Guide. In fact, it is the same identity in two. One, who observes, — the Witness, and the other that effectuates, — the Shakti.

So long as one has not realised that, one cannot understand anything.

Anyhow, your gratefulness has been well accepted. He has heard your prayer and I give you my blessings.

Yes, my child, he who recognises Sri Aurobindo and me, — in fact, it is the same thing, the same identity, — for him all obstacles, all difficulties, all traps, all the so-called interruptions on the march towards the Truth, are swept away and removed for ever, — in this life, as well as after death and in the lives to come, — till Eternity.

Yes, for him, the Lord is all powerful.

Only to repeat:

“Ma — Sri Aurobindo, Ma — Sri Aurobindo” … (trance).

That is enough. (trance)








Bonjour, Douce Mère.

What is it? You have something to tell me?

You know well, Mother; what I want.

But why are you looking at me in that way? (In a teasing tone) Do you want to swallow me up? (gesture)

If only I could! — to absorb the essence of the divinity in its innumerable manifestations with all their qualities, and to retain them within me permanently, without losing anything of all that You are constantly pouring into us — this is what I am trying in a single effort of concentration, to take in like this (gesture) and swallow if I can…. In fact, I absorb much better like this.

Yes, that is what I see. But do you think you can frighten me (laughter)…

(After some time Mother resumes) What you should do, is to try to open yourself to me. Like this (gesture) — you enter within, in an act of submission, and you repeat to yourself with confidence: “Mother knows everything, I should not worry about anything. She will arrange everything.” Remain like this, without thinking of anything. Wait patiently and you will see that everything will be arranged as it should be without your mental or physical intervention. With this attitude you will see how the divine force works to establish peace and happiness in you as well as in the surroundings, and that part which was in revolt and was in conflict, becomes tranquil. You understand, you should not get agitated or irritated. The mind can do nothing. This is a very good means to solve the problems. Or you leave everything to the Mother by repeating: “Let the Mother guide me to solve the problem.” And you give the responsibility entirely to the Mother, without thinking of anything or asserting your ego. You will see how the things that were opposing, the persons, and the circumstances in question, abdicate by an intervention of forces that act on them to collaborate harmoniously in a mutual understanding. Without getting fidgety, without getting agitated, the solution is found. There are many other methods. This is to give you one or two examples, such as: “This is not my affair, why should I meddle in all this? Surely this is not what the Mother has assigned to me. This is not my work. What the others do does not concern me. The Mother is there to dispense judgement.” Or if you can remain detached so that nothing disturbs you, — you see, like the cyclone which rages outside and throws the things here and there into a formidable disorder, but you remain calm inside and nothing affects you, — then the decision will be revealed to you and infallibly it will be the right one, without discussion. The cyclone rages and destroys with fury and vengeance all that comes in its way. Everything trembles outside, but you, because you are turned within, it does not touch you. You do not even perceive it. With an unshakable faith — like a rock — so that nothing can disperse you, fully concentrated, calm and tranquil, you are turned within, and in an intense concentration you explore the world which unfolds within you, unaware of what is happening outside. In this way, you can be sure that you will have the answer to what you want to know. Above all, no tension. Remain calm and tranquil. This is the best way.

(In a teasing tone) What? You are again looking at me in that way. You are not satisfied? You want to pin me down? Can you? Just try. You will not be able to…

And if I bring down in me the aspect… the form of power, of might, on the contrary you will be transfixed, you understand.

What can I do, Mother? (We concentrate for sometime. Unfortunately an ant was moving on Mother’s cheek and as I pick it up, Mother asks:)

What is it?

It is an ant, Mother.

Oh! There are many here. People bring me flowers without washing them. That is the reason…. You see how this little ant has disturbed our concentration….

You know, if you could look straight into my eyes, concentrate truly, without moving, without thinking of anything, and with an intense determination to unite with my consciousness, to be in relation with this intensity of force which emanates from me through my eyes, then I can do much. If you are receptive, if you can absorb by remaining absolutely calm and concentrated, aspiring to identify yourself with me in an irresistible call towards this perfect union, you can be sure that silently I can lead you towards this unification with me, just by the intensity of the force emanating from this look.

You know, I work a lot, I do many things with these eyes which reflect the soul. These eyes communicate directly with your soul. It becomes like a bridge, and I transmit the force. It passes directly from my eyes, like a ray of light, invisibly, — invisible for those who have not developed the inner vision. But it is in this way that I communicate and work to change the consciousness, the attitude, and to illumine it and guide it for the total progress of the persons whom I see. There are all sorts of methods that I use according to the individual cases.

Sometimes when I hear from far a prayer, a call, a sentiment, an ardent devotion, even a mental formation, a sincere aspiration or a vibration, then I concentrate deep within myself to distinguish better and judge the magnitude of this aspiration or this vibration and when it appears in my inner vision — there, it is as clear as I see you in front of me just now — I hear everything, and I send the answer. It does not get formulated, it does not take time. It is spontaneous, aimed directly at the person who is calling me, and the work is accomplished. It is in a total comprehension that the work is done. You see, it is indirectly direct. But I would say it is more effective and total, because it is with the truth of his being that I communicate. There is no resistance there, I don’t have to pass through these mental, vital and physical layers (gesture), or the psychological formations, habits, the social customs or spiritual deviations, nor the resistance of matter, of ignorance, of inconscience or even of nature which resist my intervention. Like this, it is direct, in a perfect and mutual understanding, without an intermediary; the work of putting the peace, the light or the love is accomplished in an instant.

You understand, you are all tied to my consciousness, in my universal being, in my original Form which is more true and real, united by a spiritual interdependence where all the barriers crumble. I envelop you like this (gesture), in a big… or rather in an enormous sphere, I protect you all against any mishap or attack. I cradle you, I take care of you, I teach you and guide you constantly, so that you may live a pure and healthy life devoid of all pain and suffering, in a constantly progressive blossoming which leads to the New Creation. You do not know how much you are all a part and parcel of myself, that I consider all of you as the precursors of the New Race. My child, this is the truth that I see, the true sense of your existence, — there, the question of why or how does not arise. What a good fortune, my child, to be able to participate in this incomparable and unforgettable event; once one has experienced a little of this phenomenon, it is a complete redemption. My child, this is what all of you are for me, and even more, which I cannot describe in words. My child, this is what I see unrolling before my eyes, like a cinema, but as concrete and real as my terrestrial existence.

My child, I can gaze and gaze without wavering and my gaze merges into the immensity and eternity of space, where time does not exist; my gaze explores beyond all things, beyond all existence, beyond all known realities, and leads towards that inexhaustible vastness where Truth remains inexplicable, where nothing is formulated, yet everything emanates from there. It is the source and the origin of all terrestrial or ultra-terrestrial existences, even beyond the manifestation, — something that cannot be expressed; yet it is the essence of an experience that has been lived.

You know, when I look and concentrate intensely, it is no longer I who look but the Lord who looks through my eyes: then I do not see any outer appearance, any material thing, all disappears from my view except the soul of the things with which I communicate and that tells me everything in an instant. It is so clear, so precise, in a perfect perception, invariable, spontaneous and true. In His vision I see pass in front of me the things which have no real similarity to the things I usually see. But it is real and seized by the Eternal Will. This look can arrest the course of events, change destiny with an unforseeable power, annihilate the forces which oppose, create what is necessary for the New Creation, and preserve what needs to be transformed to collaborate with the Divine.

This gaze is the gaze of the Supreme, united by an interdependence, in a fusion, with the Consciousness which reflects the Beauty and Ananda of existence without deforming it. From this look emanates the joy of existence, the power of manifestation of the Eternal Truth, the divine Compassion, the love of perfect Union, the Benevolence without limit, as well as the wrath of God.

This look of the divine consciousness in which love pours itself in an unending flow to save the world by an infinite compassion towards men and creatures without distinction, in a self-oblivion which leads by waves of immortal joys, radiating the symbols of the Infinite which go back to the Origin, this look born on the borders of two marvellously astonishing worlds, between the Unknown and the Invisible, lives in the powerful light of the suns which shine within, in the deep caves. It sees beyond the worlds and these common things, communes with the powers that built the worlds and enters into the depths where secretly the aspiration is born, because this look has broken the hidden seals.

These eyes are like illumined mirrors seized by an unfathomable delight and love pouring in an interminable flow. This vision climbs back to the high summits where the spirit soars in the joy and harmony of the heavens of the Eternal Truth. The spirit of Beauty expresses itself in these eyes. This gaze full of divine compassion absorbs all the sufferings, pain and miseries of men and the creatures of this ruthless Nature dominated by the anti-divine forces, and renders them pleasant, loving, habitable, without which this world would be a veritable hell. (Mother goes into trance and then She starts speaking as if Sri Aurobindo were present.)

These eyes measure, survey, sense rather than see things as one sees them (trance). His gaze so loving, sweet, full of sympathy pours out a divine compassion which relieves and consoles the miserable and agonising earth that is trying to free itself from the clutches of anti-divine and hostile forces. There is in His eyes the love that transfigures, the light that gives life, the energy which is released to protect, and the power to bless, to sustain and to help in the progress….

You know, I do a lot of things with my eyes; simultaneously there are several actions that are being carried out. By this look I can transfix someone so that he does not deviate from the path, so that he speaks only the truth, so that he submits himself and does not revolt, so that he collaborates with me. If I want, I can hypnotise him… so that he comes out of his negative tendencies; but I do not do it. I can communicate by subtle means to see the soul of the person, the veiled aspiration of his nature, the subtle bodies which accompany him, the aura which protects him, as concretely as I see you now. I see all that goes on in the atmosphere, in Nature, all around, which people do not see.

My gaze which passes beyond, penetrates and sees into the very depth of things, brooks no obstruction or barrier; it sees the atoms and molecules in their detailed functioning. This gaze that extends till Infinity, projects Eternity in its vision, contemplates Immortality in its sight. This infallible look descends by a silent contact and awakens the secret power which resides in the depths of the inconscience of the being which sleeps in eternity. The past, the present and the future accompany the person to announce the possibility of his realisation and the progress he is capable of making in his terrestrial existence. In a single glance I see them before me and his past, his immediate present with the promise of his future are revealed to me. And if I find him interesting and capable, he becomes a part of my consciousness, and accompanies me in his quest towards the Truth. In this way I see many things simultaneously and nothing escapes my view, whether it is visible or invisible. All this unfolds itself in front of me and is projected in the terrestrial atmosphere only when I consent and give the order. I ignore many things which want to manifest and I assign Nature to make her own choice, and she has her impeccable way of bringing out in this universe all that wants to evolve. But when I see some things which want to transform themselves, I hasten their evolution.

You know, each of my eyes works independently: one projects itself in the infinite to discover the future, and the other scrutinises, sees, looks, surveys, explores and arranges so that nothing escapes its vision, in order to contemplate and to extend the Grace. In a single glance I know the history of the person who is before me. All the elements which constitute his being, all the movements of his thought, his impulse, his activity, his attitude, his aspiration, his development, his possibility, all, all that governs his life, I know in an instant, in a flash of time. For me this does not take time because his soul and his aura with his subtle body unfold and spread the consciousness wide open in front of me, so that I may see them as clearly as possible. I do not examine them but on his own he tells me everything that I want to know about him.

It is interesting that those who know me a little, perceive how one of my eyes overflows with love, spreads light, charges and illumines the atmosphere with the divine joy, expresses the Supra-conscious, changes and witnesses the course of events and circumstances, brings Peace and hastens the divine manifestation upon earth; how this gaze moves further and further and disappears in the eternity of time and space. Whereas the other one concentrates and sees all that goes on inside as well as outside, judges and measures the value of the person, his attitude and of course his possibilities of realisation and according to his capacities pours a bit of love, light, peace and power to prepare him so as to communicate with his soul. That is how I communicate with his soul. You understand, it is my gaze which sees, prepares the instrument, then consents to bless in order to pour the divine love. In a glance I do all this.

Well, you know, my eyes reflect the Soul, bring forth all the qualities of the soul in its divine purity. They are transparent and lucid, they radiate light and joy. They are filled with compassion and kindness, charged with a sweetness and a benevolence that spreads all around to bless and comfort creatures and men.

You see, it is very difficult to fathom the depth and measure the vastness of this look full of immeasurable wisdom which seizes the soul. These eyes which shine with the transparency of a pure crystal seize and inflame the hearts, burn and consume all the imperfections, dispel and get rid of falsehood, ignorance and so many other evils of the world, as well as hatred and pain, that it is impossible to measure…. It cannot be. It surpasses infinity. Not only that, this look radiates and transforms all that it sees, perceives and touches and triumphs with an ineffable Grace. These eyes full of love, intensely charged by a sublime presence, illumine the hearts in the clear radiance of their light, and the soul of the person is reflected in the eyes. That is not all; these eyes which see nothing but the beauty in the world, communicate with and express the supra-terrestrial or supra-cosmic beauty, have extraordinary powers to bring out beauty in ugliness, transform evil and suffering into divine joy, change ignorance and obscurity into wisdom and light, and unconsciousness into consciousness. Voilà!

My child, if you can concentrate deeply into my eyes, then you will get all that you want to know, all that you want to comprehend, all that you want to realise, just by an intense concentration, just by the power of your will which expresses itself through your eyes. You can have all that you aspire for, all that you need. You can see the whole world in my eyes: the whole universe unfolds in my eyes, all that is beautiful in nature as well as in the heavens. And you will not need to go here and there looking for the so-called attractions and revelations of this world. All is in me, and all expresses itself through me. Take the trouble to find me there (Mother points to the heart) and you will see everything, everything through my eyes. Voilà!

My child, I am the Unknown that is unseizable, yet I consent to be seized; I am the Unknowable, yet men pretend to know me. I am the Infinite but I am constrained to limit myself in a physical body by time and space. I am the Eternal who has submitted itself to be bound in evolution. I am Immortality which awakes in its innumerable aspects that perish, in order to climb back towards the One, and which has consented to a birth, in order to suffer the terrestrial consequences. I am the Nihil where everything disappears; the Inconscience that denies my presence, yet each atom of this mass of ignorance palpitates with my consciousness. I am the Mystery — the great paradox which has begun to unveil the innate secrets of this divine manifestation in the terrestrial and cosmic evolution. By the fact of this immense descent of the Supramental upon earth, we foresee the gradual dissolution of the duality, the contradictions and many other things which trouble ordinary men.

My child, I am the Cause, the great Creatrix from whom everything emanates. All that you can conceive of is created from me, by me and for me it exists. Nothing is which is not in me. You understand, it will take you hundreds of births to understand what I am. And yet I reveal myself to my devotees who love me; and still I shall remain unseizable….

Let us not speak of it any more because the words and the expressions are so lamentably poor, — one would say it is childish, — to express this state of grandeur and sublimity. One cannot. How can you conceive that I am more strong and powerful than all that you can imagine; yet I am more delicate and sweet than all that exists. You see, I can enumerate to you thousands of ways and attitudes of my existence and still you will remain where you are and the whole world will not understand. Voilà!

…Again you are looking at me in that way?

Mother, I am not… challenging You. It is my natural way of looking.

My child, I know, I do understand; (in a jovial mood) you know, if a portion of Rudra expressed itself through my eyes, you would be dissolved. You would not exist anymore. You would not be able to bear that look. So do not make me do it or else you will have such consequences that you will be no more!… completely dissolved.

But do you realise all that I can do with this vision? In the same way I have only to look at you and think: “Let Mona be transformed”, and immediately you will be transformed. Do you want that I should transform you?

Mother, You are only saying that, but why don’t You do it. I am ready. Transform me.

Oh! My child! (Mother laughs) Nonetheless you have to will and work assiduously to become pure and sincere…. Yes, one day I shall transform you. I alone have the keys, the means, the methods and the process. Wait, wait with patience and perseverance. But, if you want to be strong, perfect in your action, intelligent, clever, formidable in each sphere of knowledge and true consciousness, in an instant I can turn you into a formidable being. I have all the powers. Do not doubt it. Voilà!

My child, I do not reveal myself, neither do I declare nor show what I am. But I am the All-Powerful who has descended here below in a human body of flesh and bone, into the ignorance and inconscience, into a surrounding where no one recognises me, because nobody can, in order to raise up the world, the creatures and man towards a new level of this creation…

Do what I have assigned you to do. Work silently, and the goal becomes clearer, brighter and comes closer to you. Give yourself entirely to me.

Mother, make me worthy. (I bow down at Her feet.)

My child, I will tell you one more secret because you want to know what is in my look. It is not that you have asked me, but the way you are wonder-struck by my look, seized, and lost in the consciousness that emerges from my look…. My child, I am the One — the Permanent who is ever awake; I was, I am and I shall be; nothing can surpass me, yet the self renews itself at each moment to discover and again surpass the Permanent that exists in itself. It is a game, an enigma for those who want to know. It is not to be understood and known; but it is a fact that faith alone can find. As I am in Him and He is in Me in a permanent way up there, there is no difference; but for the terrestrial manifestation, we have chosen to be divided in two separate physical bodies here below, to help one another in the terrestrial evolution. It was the only way to hasten the evolution. We are the One and the Unique, the Essence of all that exists, that marches forward towards the truth of Existence. Do not forget, for it is the plan of the Supreme. It is He who has formulated it. So He knows what He is doing. Here is something to change you completely. Look straight into my eyes and follow the road that is being traced before you. It is a visible trajectory, an infallible guide. Be conscious.

Do you know, my child, the thing that I do through my look, without announcing, without anyone being disturbed, sweetly, very gently, full of affection and sympathy? Wherever I have looked, I have planted an aspiration of the Transforming Force, I have sent a vibration of the Divine Consciousness, I have transmitted the power of an Eternal Joy, I have enveloped these beings and things with an Immutable Love. Wherever I have looked, everywhere, whatsoever I have seen or this gaze has fallen upon, wherever my eyes have glanced, or have grazed the unfathomable horizons, or caught a picturesque moment, or traversed the skies, the stars and the suns, or directed a concentration of the consciousness towards all that is gathered by this Eternal Look, I have sent a state, a substance of the Supramental Consciousness, that which does not perish but works incessantly to change the contents of these elements to the New Consciousness. This look is filled with Love, Light, Grace and Divine Compassion. Voilà!

…What? Again the same look! (in a jovial mood) Do you think you can swallow me, now that you know what is there in my look? Do you still have any such intention?

Yes, Mother, I would like to, if I could; I want to identify myself with You, be united with You.

My child, even by identifying yourself with my consciousness you will not be able to measure the value, the true sense of what is there in my look. It is difficult, even with a complete identification. When you become the Divine even in your very substance, then there is the possibility of knowing what is there in my look.

Mother, I would like to look, just go on looking and looking at You and never stop. Even though I concentrate, it does not tire me. Your look is so sweet and loving that I am attracted as if by a magnetic force.

You are right, my child. There is a magnetic power in my look and many other things besides that you cannot explain. Voilà, my child. It is enough for today. If I speak more, you will not be able to digest.

Remember what I have told you. Take the trouble to find me. Follow the path that I have traced before you. Nothing is as important as this work. Nothing can be compared to this. Only the Divine. To find the Divine. This is life, this the aim, this the joy! To love the Divine so that He is always with you. Let it be Him who does all. He works with you. He strives with you. He guides you at every instant.

Au revoir, my child.


(I bow down at Her feet.)


  1. The message given by the Mother for the year 1958:
  2. I had undergone an operation of the knee about a year earlier.[]
  3. The prayer She had given for the occasion was: 

    (Be courageous, enduring, vigilant; above all, be sincere, with perfect honesty. Then you will be able to face all the difficulties. And victory will be yours.) []

  4. The index finger of my left hand had sustained a fracture the previous year.[]