PM 083 April 18, 1914

April 18, 1914 (PM 83)

This prayer is about the way sadhana proceeds sometimes through the inner day and at other times through the night of separation.

PM 080 February 15, 1914

February 15, 1914 (PM 80)

O THOU, sole Reality, Light of our light and Life of our life, Love supreme, Saviour of the world, grant that more and more I may be perfectly awakened to the awareness of Thy constant presence.

PM 079 February 14, 1914

February 14, 1914 (PM 079)

Lord, deliver us from all care for contingencies; deliver us from the ordinary outlook on things. Grant that we may henceforth see only with Thy eyes and act only by Thy will.

PM 078 February 22, 1914

February 22, 1914 (PM 078)

Words are poor and clumsy, O divine Master, and mental translations are always childish…. But my aspiration for Thee is constant, and, to tell the truth, it is very often Thyself and Thou alone who livest in this body, an imperfect means of Thy manifestation.

PM 077 February 21, 1914

February 21, 1914 (PM 077)

This prayer is a rare and beautiful treasure recorded by the Mother on her 36th Birthday before meeting Sri Aurobindo. It gives us a glimpse into how we should look upon life and with what poise we must meet its various challenges.

PM 072 January 5, 1914

January 5, 1914 (PM 072)

This prayer is about a certain state of consciousness through which one passes through in the course of yoga. It shows us the way as to how to turn everything into a conscious yoga.

PM 071 January 4, 1914

January 4, 1914 (PM 071)

This prayer is about the vigilance needed to keep the tide of material thoughts away from us.

PM 070 January 3, 1914

January 3, 1914 (PM 070)

This prayer teaches us true humility which is the first condition for knowing the Divine.

PM 069 January 2, 1914

January 2, 1914 (PM 069)

This prayer is revelatory of the Silence behind life and its power to regenerate and rejuvenate us.

PM 066 August 8, 1913

August 8, 1913 (PM 066)

Today we read this beautiful prayer addressed to the Divine in His aspect of Harmony.