The Path of Yoga (video)

The Path of Yoga (TE 124)

Spiritual evolution can be very disorienting. We live our lives according to certain set patterns, ideas, beliefs, which are appropriate to the humans. But as we enter into higher levels, experience touch of the limitless vast, these ideas and patterns must fall away…

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

A Slow Evolution, pp. 145-146

We see a slow progression in the animal world, creation moving slowly through millenniums for one small step. It is a crude start and yet one that prepares for the next evolutionary step.

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 11

Sri Aurobindo spoke, or, to be more exact, was made to speak, of God being the leader of the manifold renaissance in India and her mission of giving the spiritual light to humanity. His politics had become one with his Yoga. He was a unique phenomenon in Indian politics — a Yogi-politician, who was at once a God-directed prophet and preacher of spiritual nationalism and an inscrutable but consummate political strategist.

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)

A Vision

Remove the clouds from me, Mother, for good; let me see Thee by the side of Thy Divine Beloved for ever within my heart; let me see and recognise and share in Thy play of love in every object, in every event in the world, so that the glorious vision may last for ever…

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A Humanity Closer to the Animal Life, pp. 144-145

What follows is a remarkable passage that reveals an early prototype of primitive humanity that yet may linger in us, raw and unregenerate. It is a humanity driven by the herd instinct. Tribe and clan is all they know and the bodily self is for them only true reality.

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2.07 Emergence of the Psychic Being

“Its action is like a searchlight showing up all that has to be changed in the nature; it has in it a flame of will insistent on perfection, on an alchemic transmutation of all the inner and outer existence. It sees the divine essence everywhere but rejects the mere mask and the disguising figure. It insists on Truth, on will and strength and mastery, on Joy and Love and Beauty…”


Beyond Religions, Sects and Cults (TE 123)

The age of religions is over. When a great Master comes and releases certain teachings, they have to be expressed in a body of words, which we understand in a human way. Every great teaching has an eternal element, the Sanatan Satya, but to receive it we have to go beyond the customs and external things in which it is trapped…

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A Titanic Race, p. 144

In early humanity, the soul was just a little spark buried deep within dense rings of Matter. Such a humanity was more like the titans whose memory is preserved through myths and legends. These intermediary species paved the way for the coming of modern man that is a little farther than an animal even though its body is still of an animal make.


5.3 Matter and the Body

Why is “each spot of the body symbolical of an inner movement” ?

Because the whole physical world is the symbol of universal movements. So our body is the symbol of our inner movements.

56. Knowledge


I describe certain knowledge in my letters to you. When the letters come back to me, I just cannot believe that it was really I who wrote them. Why is this so?

The knowledge comes from above, — it is not yours in any personal sense.