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In the Footsteps of Death, pp. 576-579 (SH 286)

Even as Satyavan departs, Savitri now follows in the footsteps of Death. She must wrestle with the Shadow and bring back Satyavan. With this goal in view she starts a long journey along with Death and the soul of Satyavan that is being carried away.


5.6 Imagination

What is the function, the use of the imagination?

I have always felt that if one didn’t have the capacity of imagination he would not make any progress. Your imagination always goes ahead of your life […] Imagination opens for you the path of realisation.

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The Needed Patience and Faith (HH 246)

The path of yoga is not an easy journey. The greatest difficulties and obstacles here are not outside but within us. We take a look today at some of the things needed to navigate through this tremendous journey.

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)


Subtle are the ways in which our nature plays false with us […] We pretend to be what we are not; we really are what we pretend not to be. We know things to be wrong, yet somehow justify them to ourselves; we know things to be right, yet persuade ourselves against them.

's return to Pondicherry

The significance of 24th April Darshan Day (TE 130)

The 24th of April occupies a special place in the Ashram History. It was the day Her final arrival, which marked a new phase of Her Work with Sri Aurobindo for Earth and man. It marked a definitive change in the rhythm and scope of the Ashram life. The Mother has noted that it ‘…was the tangible sign of the sure Victory over the adverse forces.’

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Explorations in Savitri 108, pp. 272-274

A single law simplessed the cosmic theme,
Compressing Nature into a formula;
Their titan labour made all knowledge one,
A mental algebra of the Spirit’s ways,
An abstract of the living Divinity.

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Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 13

“Sri Aurobindo sat, silent and immobile, like Shiva in trance. Even now when I shut my eyes, his gracious, tranquil, luminous face swims up into my vision. I, had known him as a Jnana Yogi and a Karma Yogi. But on that day, as if in a flash of intuition, I beheld him as a Purna Yogi… “

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A Restricted Intelligence, pp. 148-149

The mind is a limited and limiting Intelligence. It can see things only in firm and fixed boundaries and distinct and separate from each other. This is the first step in the unfolding of various aspects and powers and possibilities of the mind.