5.2 The Subconscient and the Subliminal

Sweet Mother, is the subconscient stronger than the mind, vital and physical?

It has a greater power. […] There are many things which one doesn’t wish to keep and drives out from the active consciousness, but they go down there, hide there, and because it is subconscious one doesn’t notice them […] And then, when you are off your guard … it rises up and comes out.

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The Animal Experiment, pp. 142-143

Sri Aurobindo draws here a parallel between the animal life and the life of primitive humanity that is driven largely by animal impulses. It is a life driven by external stimulus and instinctive impulse. Self-reflection, self-knowledge, self-awareness are not yet there.

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Explorations in Savitri 102, pp. 261-263

Amid the heavy sameness of the days
And contradicted by the human law,
A faith in things that are not and must be
Lives comrade of this world’s delight and pain,
The child of the secret soul’s forbidden desire
Born of its amour with eternity.

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Moment of Crisis and the Strength Within, pp. 571-572 (SH 283)

We carry in our depths the strength to face any challenge that falls as our share of Destiny. In fact moments of crisis are also moments when we can discover some utmost source of strength within us. Thus is it for Savitri who in this moment of utter despair taps into her highest and deepest source of strength.

55. Two Essays

Two Essays

“Y when he was here asked for Yoga. I told him how to make his mind silent and it became silent. He immediately got frightened and said, “I am becoming a fool, I can’t think”, so I took what I had given away from him. That is how the average mind regards silence.”

LP41 The End

The End?

Till all is done for which the stars were made,
Till the heart discovers God
And soul knows itself. And even then
There is no end.

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Explorations in Savitri 101, pp. 260-261

For the spirit is eternal and unmade
And not by thinking was its greatness born,
And not by thinking can its knowledge come.
It knows itself and in itself it lives,
It moves where no thought is nor any form.

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The Animal Kingdom, pp. 141-142

After the prolonged early experiments with simple living forms, Nature started creating or rather evolving more and more complex forms. These animal forms had not only matter and life but also an early rudimentary mind that was at the service of the impulse to live.

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Part 7: Offspring of the Future

The 2nd December program, where the young and old, children and elders, students and inmates of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the SAICE participate together is to remind us of this tremendous work that we as children of earth in our bodies and children of Divine Mother in our souls have inherited.