Human Love (TE 127)

“Of all the powers that have gone into creation, the most powerful admittedly is Love. Without Love, creation could not be, without Love creation could not be pulled out of its darkness. But what really is Love, this most powerful lever that moves all things? It is the Mystery of mysteries, the Great Secret…”

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Emergence of Early Mind, pp. 146-147

We find here a most remarkable description of the early birth of mind in the animal kind. This description is not only consistent with the deeper spiritual truths but also with the current biological understanding of the evolution of life upon earth.

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The Master’s Ways with His Disciple (HH 244)

22nd January is Shri Dilip Kumar Roy’s birthday. His has been an interesting and tumultuous journey. But what one finds most interesting and striking through his journey is Sri Aurobindo’s Compassion and the Mother’s Love. On this day we share some of the letters exchanged between him and the Master.

Pathway to the Future 2

Pathway to the Future (TE 126)

We know that yoga is not a set of physical exercises, the meaning of the word yoga is a union, but union with what or whom? What are the way and process in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother? How can we build our relations with Them? These are the major questions each of us has to find an answer to follow the Pathway to the Future They have prepared.


5.4 The Vital (The Life Force)

The vital body surrounds the physical body with a kind of envelope which has almost the same density as the vibrations of heat observable when the day is very hot. And it is this which is the intermediary between the subtle body and the most material vital body. It is this which protects the body Read More

57. Knowledge and Mind

Knowledge and Mind

  The knowledge seems to be obstructed by the mental activity. Whenever a little of it descends the mechanical mind catches it and goes on chewing it endlessly. That is why sometimes I have to stop the flow of even the higher thought to guard my silence. That is always the difficulty with the mind. Read More

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Explorations in Savitri 105, pp. 266-268

Oneness was carved into units measurable,
The limitless built into a cosmic sum:
Unending Space was beaten into a curve,
Indivisible Time into small minutes cut