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The Mighty Mother Awakes, pp. 572-574 (SH 284)

In that moment of deep crisis, the mighty Mother awakes in the being of Savitri. She takes charge and control of her body and mind, thought and will. She is now prepared to confront the enigma of the Night embodied in Death.

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Descent of the Superman (HH 243)

The Mother confirmed the descent of the Superman in Jan 1969. It is a landmark event, the missing link between Man and the Supramental Creation, if one may say so. On the 50th anniversary of this rather lesser known event which is nevertheless of a capital importance to the fulfillment of the Supramental Yoga we dedicate this first talk of the year 2019.

LP42 Silence is all

Silence is All

I shall hear the voice of the God within me and grow wiser and meeker;
I shall be the tree that takes in the light as its food, I shall drink its nectar of sweetness.

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Supermind and a Spiritualised Humanity (TE 121)

This world is not what it appears to be. It is a distorted appearance of a reality, and we are playing with this distorted appearance. Because we don’t perceive it rightly, therefore our responses are also not right responses.

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Explorations in Savitri 103, pp. 263-265

All things are real that here are only dreams,
In our unknown depths sleeps their reserve of truth,
On our unreached heights they reign and come to us
In thought and muse trailing their robes of light.

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Mother, We read again Your ‘Notes on the Way’ (1)

Mother, you have left us a testament, a large and an intimate testament and we now read it with a keen desire. You have spoken there of Yourself, of the deepest mystery of Your inner aspirations and longings, of marvellous contacts and communions, of great transformations and transmutations, of enormous risks and hazards …

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A Primitive Humanity, pp. 143-144

Sri Aurobindo describes this primitive humanity that still continues to exist and yet goes unrecognised since it has learnt to hide itself in the garb of dress and a group behaviours that only ensure and strengthen its survival rather than any deeper search.

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)


How long shall I allow my temple to be defiled by those forces of darkness and falsehood? At my present rate of progress, I shall never be able to rid me of their evil influence completely. With my unaided strength, I shall never be able to conquer them finally. Come then, Mother, with Thy mighty violence smashing all obstacles in me, snapping all the chords of desire and attachment

Footprints (new)

Part 8 (concluding): The Last Long Stretch

All that is needed now is to have faith and endurance and go on until the victory that has been won in principle is generalized in each and every detail of the individual existence and the collective life of humanity.

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A heaven of creative truths above,
A cosmos of harmonious dreams between,
A chaos of dissolving forms below,
It plunges lost in our inconscient base.
Out of its fall our denser Matter came.