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At the Feet of The Mother

AuroMaa Audio Content Distribution via Podcasts

We are trying to catch up with the technology, so after many requests from devotees (and some years in the making), we finally can invite you to experience Podcasting technology. A recent review of podcasting in India can be found HERE.

Podcasting starts with a free subscription to one of many distributors of the content, who typically maintain a friendly user interface for listening to the audio tracks on cell phones, including convenient resume function, keeping a log of already listened to tracks, and who notify subscribers of the arrival of the new content. 

Please visit the PODCAST PAGE to see which AUROMAA series of talks are offered now, and subscribe to those of interest. Please be aware that some series of talks are combined in a single podcast, to reduce the overall number of them.  

Right now we offer Apple and Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Other platforms can be added upon request. 

For the near future, the podcasts will be updated with new talks once a week, and if we see significant interest, it will be done daily together with new posts.  




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