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O Soul, My Soul!

An essay on the goals of education as The Mother and Sri Aurobindo defined them. Dr Indra Sen also reflects on the Ashram School students answers to the question ‘What does your soul look like?’

The Other side of our Story

The Other Side of Our Story

So far we have played the game unconsciously. But a time comes when we become conscious and discover Them everywhere, in this body and other bodies and beyond all bodies, a luminous and mighty Presence, eternal, all-pervading, Alone.

The Mother's Work on humanity (in Hindi) 1080

Sri Maa ka manusya hetu karya (in Hindi)

Here, today we touch upon a very small but important aspect of Her Work which concerns mainly our humanity and how we can collaborate with it. There are many other aspects of Her Work that are not being discussed here for want of time.

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Divine Mathematics and the Number Twelve (HH 248)

Every human activity, including the Sciences and the Arts trace their origin to some celestial deity, according to the Indian mythology. There is a subtle truth to it when we look at the cosmogony of creation. Today we take up one such branch, that is mathematics, especially with reference to the number twelve.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Restless and Uncouth, pp.151-152

What has been summarily described here are the beings of the lower vital world and their action. What will follow is a detailed understanding of these creatures and their action in different spheres of earthly life.

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 15

… it was in the Alipore jail that He initiated him into the secrets of a long-lost Yoga and lighted the virgin way for his advance towards the supreme realisation of the dynamic, integral Union with Him, which is the eventual destiny of earthly evolution, and of which He had destined Sri Aurobindo to be the prophet and pioneer.

Explorations youtube YT 1080

Explorations in Savitri 110, pp. 277-279

Above the spirit cased in mortal sense
Are superconscious realms of heavenly peace,
Below, the Inconscient’s sullen dim abyss,
Between, behind our life, the deathless Rose.

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2.11 The Perfect Supramental Action

The perfect supramental action will not follow any single principle or limited rule […] Its sole aim will be the expression of the divine in us and the keeping together of the world and its progress towards the Manifestation that is to be.