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The Truth behind Chaos and Confusion, pp. 153-154

The earth we inhabit is built of heterogenous elements borrowed from all the different worlds. Among these are also the forces of little life and subconscient worlds that create confusion and disorder. The key therefore is to discover our soul and be governed by it.

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 17

After his release, Sri Aurobindo […] delivered his famous Uttarpara Speech, which was a revelation of some of the spiritual experiences he had in the jail and of his changed outlook on life and its divine potentials and destiny.


5.8 The Overmind

The Overmind, therefore, does not and cannot possess the power to transform humanity into divine nature. For that, the Supramental is the sole effective agent. And what exactly differentiates our Yoga from attempts in the past to spiritualise life […]

62. Self, Individual and Universal

Self, Individual and Universal

What is the difference between the cosmic Divine and the Mother?

It is a matter of realisation. In the Yoga of the Gita the Cosmic Divine is realised as Vasudeva (Krishna). The Vaishnavas realise it as Vishnu, the Shaivas as Shiva, the Tantrics (Shaktas) realise the Devi (Goddess) as the Cosmic and even as the Transcendent Divine.

Finding the Soul - Indra Sen m

Finding the Soul

Finding the soul is all the issue of life. One must be first what one really is. One must get right oneself first.

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2.13 God-driven Action

… even before that highest approach to identity is achieved, something of the supreme Will can manifest in us as an imperative impulsion, a God-driven action; we then act by a spontaneous self-determining Force but a fuller knowledge of meaning and aim arises only afterwards.

The practice of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo

The Practice of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo

The first and most indispensable element, its ‘central key’ as Sri Aurobindo succinctly put it, is to open to the Mother with a psychic attitude of faith, devotion and surrender. If this can be done with sufficient sincerity then nothing else may be needed. This alone is more than enough

The Yogic Approach to Life m

The Yogic Approach to Life

The yogic approach to life beginning as a little deeper poise of consciousness can, if pursued long enough, lead to such a marvellous realisation — a realisation of a Conscious Soul in a Conscious Universe, living as a master and a king, over the lesser manifestations of matter, life and mind.