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At the Feet of The Mother

March 14, 1914 (PM 110)

This prayer reveals to us the Omnipresence of the Divine in essence and the manifestation.

March 14, 1914

IN the immutable solitude of the desert there is something of Thy majestic presence, and I understand why one of the best means of finding Thee has always been to withdraw into these immense stretches of sand.

But for one who knows Thee, Thou art everywhere, in all things, and none of them seems more suitable than another for manifesting Thee; for all things that exist — and many others that yet do not — are necessary to express Thee. Each thing, by virtue of Thy divine intervention of love, is an effort of life towards Thee; and as soon as our eyes are unsealed, we perceive this effort constantly.

O Lord, my heart is athirst for Thee and my thought seeks for Thee constantly. In a mute adoration I bow to Thee.

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One question which often arises in the mind of those exposed to traditional yogic practices, is that since the first step is finding the Divine why not find Him by any means and later return to the integral yoga.