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Mother, We read again Your ‘Notes on the Way’ (6)

Mother, if Sri Aurobindo’s power of action is now greater and his passing was an incident leading to such larger action, is Your own passing not of a similar character and would Your action too be not more powerful now? It seems to be already evident that it is so.

Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

The Courtyard Fence of Death, pp. 579-581 (SH 287)

Savitri follows Satyavan in his journey through the Night. She reaches the domain where strange subconscious moods and dream-like visages and phantoms stare at her. Death turns to her being and cries to her to return back and go no further than this.

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Perfection (HH 247)

Mahasaraswati is the power of the Divine Mother who builds Perfectionю But what is Perfection, what does it mean and how we can open to this Perfection that is trying to express upon earth and in humanity?

Gods and the New Creation cover

Gods and the New Creation

More and more souls are now ready or getting ready, having gone through the long process of evolution, to evolve under the direct sunlight of the Divine Consciousness. They need neither the brilliant veil woven by the gods nor the shadow that holds us back and strengthens our roots in matter until we are ready to climb further.

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2.10 Beyond Good and Evil

This thing which is evil now and in its present shape must be abandoned was once helpful and necessary to the general and individual progress. That other thing which we now regard as evil may well become in another form and arrangement an element in some future perfection. And on the spiritual level we transcend even this distinction