TE 332 Man as a Bridge f

Man as a Bridge (TE 332)

This webinar is based on the Mother’s prayer of August 29th, 1914 “OF what use would be man if he was not made to throw a bridge between That which eternally is, but is not manifested…”

2021 05 Collective Life at SASP2

Collective Life at Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham

Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham is a small residential Ashram in northern California, whose aim is to provide a place for those who, in The Mother’s words, “wish to serve the Divine” and offer themselves in all their parts and activities in a collective sadhana.

RE 099 Vaccines - Yogic Perspectives

Vaccines – Yogic Perspectives (RE 099)

We look into different yogic perspectives on health and healing, including natural and stimulated immune response, as follow from numerous passages from Their writings on these subjects. 

The Sunlit Path 1080 cover cr

The Value of Education (2)

Usually all education, all culture, all refinement of the senses and the being is one of the best ways of curing instincts, desires, passions. To eliminate these things does not cure them; to cultivate, intellectualise, refine them, this is the surest means of curing.

RH 051 Healing Systems

Healing Systems (RH 051)

In this Hindi reflection we try to understand the role of Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy in modern times by going to both their origins and roots.

Ayurveda and Allopathy

Ayurveda and Allopathy

We are living in an age of synthesis and any exclusive approach is not in sync with the demands of the Age. Instead of taking a confrontationist approach, it would have been more mature to call for a discussion as to how different approaches can help improve the quality of human life.

Bangla Rachana 2c

I. HYMNS — Hymn to Dawn

Lo, dawn, the Beloved, appears in her gleaming young body. She impels all Life on the path towards the goal. Fire, the Divine Force, is born to be kindled in man. Dawn drives away all Darkness and fulfils herself in creating Light.

SAP 027 One Day

One Day (SAP 27)

This beautiful poem is a promise and a way when all will be fulfilled for which creation has come into existence.