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Sincerity and the Middle Path (HH 089)

Evolution of man and of sadhana is from the gross to the subtle, from the small and limited to the vast and universal. For each stage of human evolution there is a yoga appropriate to that stage. The Middle Path is avoiding both extremes in our application of the Yoga.

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The Cosmic Dance

… death and life, destruction and creation are seen as two sides of a single truth, and the dance becomes conscious as we attune ourselves consciously to the rhythms of the Lord and His mighty footsteps and rejoice in the ecstasy hereafter.

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The Story of the Rasa

The Maharasa is an eternal truth, the truth of the New Creation wherein each and every element, movement, being and forces are fully surrendered to the Divine and have Him rather than our ego at the centre.

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Four Lines of the Healing Process

Mankind has followed four main types of interventions with regard to the healing process. The first is focused mainly on the physical aspects of illness and drugs that modify these.

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Records of Yoga (CWSA 10-11) Pt 1

In this talk, we take up a joint volume CWSA 10 – 11, which consists mainly of Sri Aurobindo’s Records and Notes that he kept during his individual practice.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Joining the Ashram

When the great journey of life just begins, in most cases it is better to have some experience of life before thinking of joining the Ashram permanently.