TMV18 Integral Yoga

18.2 The Individual and the Collectivity

You are fifty persons doing the Integral Yoga. If it is only one of the fifty who is doing it, then he does it for all the fifty. But if each one of the fifty is doing it, each doing it for all the fifty, he does it actually for one person alone, because all do it for all.

“The Mother of Dreams” — Some Experiences from 1973 (1)

Looking back at the stay in Bombay I cannot help seeing the Grace of the Mother in the series of dreams I had of her, such as had never happened to me in all the years I had known her. It was as if she showed herself close and intimate to one who was far away but needed her intensely[…]

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Collapsing House of Mind, pp. 285-286

This is a stage through Aswapati is passing in trying to find the true remedy to transmute the world into something divine and beautiful. But what he experiences here is the world imprisoned by mental structures surrounded by a vast Nothingness.

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On the Relation of Science and Spirituality

… everything in creation has a material side as well as a spiritual truth that upholds it. Connecting the two is a whole mass of subtle and occult forces that form a watershed area between science and spirituality.

SVH 33 The Birth of the Divine Mother B4C1

Birth of the Divine Mother (SVH 33) Book 4 Canto 1

Savitri arrives but unlike the ordinary human birth, this is a conscious birth. She is the Divine Mother who has prepared the body and mind that will be fit and ready to receive her. She brings with her the new possibilities for earth and men.

The Golden Path_01

The Golden Path: Jhumur Bhattacharya

Jhumur is one of the true swans of the Ashram. Tall, statuesque, regal and elegant she gracefully moves about the Ashram compound in beautifully hand-painted saris…

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Cultivating True Love

Love, like all beautiful things and qualities, is Divine in its origin.  But as these Divine powers enter creation they get conditioned by the medium and the state of consciousness of the person holding it. Love in matter becomes the binding force between atoms and molecules. This is the first Read More

TMV18 Integral Yoga

18.1 An Integral Transformation

You cannot say, “When I am meditating, reading philosophy or listening to these conversations I will be in this condition of an opening towards the Light and call for it, but when I go out to walk or see friends I can allow myself to forget all about it.” <>

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Mental Liberation and a Free Intelligence, pp. 284-285

The Self of the Mind, this vast impersonal, indifferent state in which the mind enters, is liberating in its effect. It frees us from all religious and sectarian belief-systems as well as ideological freezes and home for rigid dogmas and fixed opinions.