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The Inner and the Outer Guru

Since the Divine dwells within man, the Guru also dwells within man. All Gurus in fact derive from this aspect from the Divine and are His conscious or half-conscious representatives. However, since it is difficult for man to discover the Divine Master within, He comes to us in a human form.

SAP 20 The Infinite Adventure

The Infinite Adventure (SAP 20)

This talk is a summary of Sri Aurobindo’s sonnet, written on 11 September, 1939. At the end there is also a brief reading of another poem, To the Hill-tops of Silence (1934).

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The Edge of Creation, pp. 299-300

Aswapati now stands on the very edge of creation. One step further and he would enter the realm from where none is known to return. This is the border that Aswapati must cross to find the perfect remedy for a world besieged with evil and pain.

SAP 16 Rebirth

Rebirth (SAP 16)

This talk is woven around Sri Aurobindo’s poem Rebirth, written between 1900 and 1906.

SAP 15 Shiva

Shiva (SAP 15)

We dwell upon some of Sri Aurobindo’s poems on Shiva.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Soul, Psychic Being and Evolution

The soul is a seed of the Divine that has come from the Divine into this world of ignorance and pain where darkness and unconsciousness and falsehood and death presently reign. The purpose of this implantation is precisely to change this world into a world of Truth and Light and Bliss and the marvel it is meant to be.

What the Mother Endured and Achieved for the Earth in 1962 (1)

The Mother was not well for some time in early 1962. But she kept on working. She even came to the Balcony now and again to give the morning Darshan as usual. But the 18th of March was the last day. After that, she fell seriously ill and did not come down from her room on the second floor.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Peaks and Summits, p. 299

Aswapati stands at the apex of creation from where he can see and experience all the peaks that climb towards the Unknowable. We are now given a glimpse of his experience at those unreachable summits.