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Closing Remarks for the Canto XIII

This experience is perhaps the precursor for a turn towards nirvana or moksha. Creation seen from this state seemed a futile waste without any sense or purpose arising somehow out of Nothingness and dancing upon this vague unstable base of the Inconscient Void. 

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Veg or Non-veg?

Our choice of a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet depends on four main factors. The first is a matter of habit, conditioning and taste. Generally, the body responds best to those things to which it has been habituated since childhood. Hence generally unless the situation demands it, such as a change Read More

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Two Firmaments, pp. 287-288

Creation seemed, from this state a vast ocean rolling aimlessly below an indifferent sky. An irreconcilable opposition is thus experienced between world and God, creation and the Creator.

What is the Divine

What is the Divine (TE 298)

Human beings start their journey with some kind of a working conception of themselves and the world. Those with a little more awakened thoughts also form some conception of the Divine.

TMV18 Integral Yoga

18.3 The Spiritual Hierarchy

…. the Divine is everything. You can’t take a piece of the Divine and say, “This is the Divine.” And yet, in his spiritual consciousness each one has a perfect relation with the Divine

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

A Passage and Not the Last Step, pp. 286-287

This state which yogis may take for a final liberation is but a passage towards a yet greater Beyond. The sense and purpose of creation are missed out. The Force that built the worlds and the ecstasy of creation is not found there.

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My Time with Champaklal – Bob Zwicker

When I arrived at the Ashram in 1971, Champaklal was a rarely-seen, almost legendary figure. He had come to Pondicherry from Gujarat as a young man, worked closely with the Mother from the beginning, attended Sri Aurobindo personally for twenty-five years and then the Mother for nearly as long. I Read More

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The Golden Path: Anurakta

Anurakta, whose name was given by the Mother, and means Lovingly Devoted — One Enamoured, is a sensitive man with a round face and fair skin. His eyes are deep blue and though he speaks with a slight stammer he has great inner strength and possesses a highly developed capacity for mental concentration.

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On the Law of Karma and Karmic Relationships

The sole purpose of the law of karma is to perfect ourselves and through us the world around us. The more we are attuned to the higher and highest state the more we engage and collaborate in fulfilling this purpose.  On the other hand, the more we deviate from this truth, the more we add up to the chaos and confusion.

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‘The Mother’ – Chapter 6 (b) Four Great Aspects of the Mother (text in Hindi)

माता इस विश्वब्रह्माण्ड का जो परिचालन और जगन्नाट्य-संबंधी जो कार्य करती हैं उसमें उनके चार महारूप विशेष रूप से सामने प्रकट हैं, ये उनकी प्रमुख शक्तियों और विग्रहों में से चार हैं। प्रथमा हैं उनकी विग्रहभूता प्रशांत विशालता, सर्वव्यापिनी ज्ञानवत्ता, अचंचल मङ्गलमयता, अशेष निःशेष करुणा, अतुल अद्वितीय महिमा और विश्वराट् गौरव-गरिमा।

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Yoga of the Body Part 16: The Role of Will (HH 056)

Will is the switch that turns on the other members giving them force and momentum. It is the power that runs through the warp and woof of life. Of course to be truly effective, we must learn to distinguish it from wishful thinking, wants and desires. These are ‘willings’ that come to us from the atmosphere and not the true will, not the will of our being. <>

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The World as a Shadow, p. 286

The world appears as a cinematic shadow without any substance. But how it came into being and what is its purpose remains concealed. This is what most yogis prize as nirvana. Yet it is more a reflection in the mind of a still higher state.

TMV18 Integral Yoga

18.2 The Individual and the Collectivity

You are fifty persons doing the Integral Yoga. If it is only one of the fifty who is doing it, then he does it for all the fifty. But if each one of the fifty is doing it, each doing it for all the fifty, he does it actually for one person alone, because all do it for all.