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Morality, Religion, Yoga (1)

Accept then all that takes you to the Divine. Reject all that takes you away from it, but do not say that this is good and that is bad or try to impose your outlook on others; for, what you term bad may be the very thing that is good for your neighbour who is not trying to realise the Divine Life.

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The Divine Mother Appears, p. 312

The Divine Mother now appears on the threshold in response to Aswapati’s aspiration towards terrestrial transformation. What follows in the rest of the Canto is this wonderful vision and adoration of the Divine Mother.

Healing System

Healing System and Faith

If only we could learn to be simple and humble and open like a flower to the Grace, then life would be so much wonderful. But the sceptic mind stands in the way and an aggressively selfish consciousness opens doors to fear and closes it to the Grace.

Bangla Rachana 2c


A poor man was sitting in a dark hut thinking of his miseries and of the injustice and wrongs that could be found in this world of God’s making. … Shyamsundar(Krishna) is very tricky; luckily he does not reveal himself to me, otherwise I would teach him such a lesson that he would stop playing these tricks.”

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The Two Goals, pp. 311-312

There is the goal of self-annulment into the silence of nirvana. But that leaves out the purpose of creation. Creation, on the other hand strives towards progressive perfection through a progressive divine manifestation. It is this secret that Aswapati is seeking.

To Love Man f

‘To Love Man’ (Manush Bhajan) by Nolini Kanta Gupta

This is an English translation of a Bengali article entitled “Manush Bhajan” by Nolini Kanta Gupta, a senior disciple of Sri Aurobindo, who once remarked, “If Nolini does not understand my Yoga, who does”.  The translation of this article was done by Satadal.