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At the Feet of The Mother
A talk by Dr Alok Pandey (AUDIO)
The Divine Advent invariably brings upon Earth the Divine Compassion that reaches out to as many souls as possible to rescue them from the net of Ignorance.
The way to enter the inner atmosphere of the Ashram is through faith, sincerity of aspiration, true will to surrender and for these the outer Ashram becomes a royal doorway to enter and facilitate Sri Aurobindo's yoga.
Text in English
It has always been known that the original temple of the Divine is within us. The outer temples are symbolic representations of certain inner realities.
Video in Hindi
सावित्री मंत्र मणि" की इस श्रृंखला में आज हम सावित्री की कुछ विशेष पंक्तियों को पढ़ेंगे ।