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On Relationships

People do not touch upon such core issues of life as relationships largely because of ignorance and fear. They hardly invest time and energy in anything beyond their little area of work.

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The Workings of Truth, pp. 271-272

This Divine Presence hidden in the depths of creation, working even in the depths of the Inconscience is the hope for all things. The seed-idea has already been sown in the soil of nature and with passage of time it must bear fruits and flowers and disclose the divinity that is latent within it.

TE 281 Two Early Sonnets of Sri Aurobindo

Two Early Sonnets of Sri Aurobindo (TE 281)

Sri Aurobindo wrote these poems in Baroda in 1901-1902 in a notebook, which was seized by the British police when Sri Aurobindo was arrested in 1908. This made it impossible for him to revise or publish them later.

TMV17 Yoga and Meditation

17.5 The Right Attitude

Is it really the best that always happens?… It is clear that all that has happened had to happen: it could not be otherwise — by the universal determinism it had to happen. But we can say so only after it has happened, not before.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Intuitive Mind, p. 271

Aswapati’s steps now lead him to the intuitive mind where intuitions and revelations pour in freely as fire-intimations from the Truth Above. The intuitive mind is the realm where the rays of the Supramental Truth enter first and spread out as the many seed-ideas.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

The God’s Ways

…to understand His play we must first free our minds of all conceptions and notions and even systems of beliefs and philosophies and ideologies that have imprisoned Him in cages of thought, painting the bars with colours of our fancies and desires.