TMV17 Yoga and Meditation

17.4 Experiences and Visions

One must always be greater than one’s experience. […] no ambition, no vanity, no pride. A sincere self-giving, a sincere humility, and one is sheltered from all danger. There you are, this is what I call being greater than one’s experience.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Design of the gods, pp. 269-270

Sri Aurobindo in his own characteristic way shows to us the greatness of these gods and the beings I contact with them and yet he also reveals their limitations. Each has its own place and station and working in this vast and complex creation. But the ultimate secret, the last secret is not found here.

Selected Essays and Talks of Nirodbaran

Nishikanta: Poet in Crisis

Since childhood, he had been brought up in Shanti Niketan. Poet and artist, he became at once Tagore’s favourite. Tagore initiated him into the subtleties of Bengali literature with care and affection. In Art, Abanindranath and Nandalal were his masters.

SVH 18

The Paradise (SVH 18) Book 2 Canto 9

Here Aswapati is moving through the Paradise of Life-Gods. It is a state of perpetual joy. To such a warrior soul this comes as a gift and a temporary rest and release.

The Path of Bhakta

The Path of a Bhakta

A bhakta is someone who takes delight in the Lord. Bhakti comes from the root bhaj which means to enjoy. He does not approach the Divine to know about Him as the seeker does. He rather knows Him in a way having seen and felt Him through the eyes of faith and his heart. He Read More

TE 279 The Integral Transformation

The Integral Transformation (TE 279)

The touched questions include what is transformation, why is it needed, how does it happen, when and where it is to be done, what is the the Power that would execute it, how to participate in the process.

The Mother Hi 1080

‘The Mother’ by Sri Aurobindo in Her Voice, Chapter 2 (with text in Hindi)

Chapter 2 is a piece written by Sri Aurobindo after he had finished replying to a series of questions asked by Motilal Mehta, a disciple living in Gujarat, in a letter dated 30 May 1927. Sri Aurobindo concluded his reply as follows: “Calling on God to do everything and save one all the trouble and struggle is a self-deception and does not lead to freedom and perfection.”

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Our Youth and the Drugs Problem

Deprived of love which is the only true authentic source of joy these children are turning to drugs and partying to find outside what lies concealed within their own heart.