TH 269 Sadhana, Sangh evam Satsang HD

Sadhana, Sangh evam Satsang (TH 269)

This talk takes up three important elements of yoga, the sadhana or the practice, the sangha or collective life, and the satsang. Q&A part includes (1) How to quieten the mind, and (2) How to understand the New Year message of 2021

The Sunlit Path 1080 cover cr

The Value of Education (1)

When a child is full of enthusiasm, never throw cold water on it, never tell him, “You know, life is not like that!” You should always encourage him, tell him, “Yes, at present things are not always like that, they seem ugly, but behind this there is a beauty that is trying to realise itself….”

Reading Savitri new cover

The Meeting Ground, p. 310

The seeking for nirvana and personal extinction celebrated as mukti cannot be the last word of all our search and endeavour and aspiration and hope. It is the last illusion born out of the separative ego that must be overcome to discover the great secret behind creation.

RE 094 Mind and Illness

Mind and Illness (RE 094)

Based on the following aphorism of Sri Aurobindo: “Disease is needlessly prolonged and ends in death oftener than is inevitable, because the mind of the patient supports and dwells upon the disease of his body.”

SVH 52 Towards the Black Void B9C1

Towards the Black Void (SVH 52) Book 9 Canto 1

Here we see Savitri entering the black pit of inconscience, the very home of Death from where he derives his strength. It is the realm where Death is all-powerful and for a moment it seems that all light is extinguished.

Bangla Rachana 2c

I. HYMNS — Hymn to Durga

A new weekly series – Sri Aurobindo’s Writings in Bengali, in English translation. This book contains numerous short writings of rare power and beauty, many of which are not well known (which doesn’t apply to Durga Stotra, of course).