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The Secret of Our Journey

The time for anything is both fixed and fluid. What this means is that there is a certain kind of fixity of fate in everything, including the moment when it will happen. But this fixity is not absolute. It belongs to the cosmic determinism and can be changed by the Read More

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The Junction, p. 298

Aswapati saw the puissance and the calm and the powers that stand above the world and the supreme Idea that brought forth all into existence. He has ventured far and deep into the Beyond in search of the Almighty Power that can change all things.

TMV19 The Supramental

19.1 The Supramental (2/2)

Q: What will be the altitude of the superman towards man? A: What is the attitude of man towards the animal? No, let us hope that he [the superman] is a little more kind! (Laughter) <>

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Doors of the Unknowable, pp. 297-298

Aswapati now stands at the doors of the Unknowable from which all starts its journey and to which all seems to return. If one passes into this Beyond then all the weavings of fate are dissolved and the chain of karma broken.

RE 068 The Sunlit Path

The Sunlit Path (RE 068)

In this brief talk Dr Alok Pandey reflects upon the Sunlit Path of the Yoga that ancient yogis have spoken of and The Mother has explained with great details.