Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

Creation as a Divine Play, pp. 623-625 (SH 308)

Savitri is revealing to us what we do not see since Death’s darkness blinds our eyes. Yet when the eyes open, we see that was this not the obvious truth hidden for so long! She reveals to us that creation is not an unfortunate accident but a play of the Divine.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Missing Piece, p. 196

The sense of dissatisfaction that haunts all life can be solved only if we discover the missing piece of the human puzzle. It is the Divine. Without discovering this central piece, life will continue to swing between joy and sorrow

TH 037 1080

Power of the Word and the Aryan Way (a talk in Hindi TH 037)

Sri Aurobindo released the power of the Word through the Arya and various other writings that are now available in the form of books such as ‘The Synthesis of Yoga’, ‘The Life Divine’, ‘The Human Cycle’ apart from his commentaries on the Vedas, Upanishads and the Gita. The word Arya itself has a profound meaning.

TE121 Supermind and the Spiritualized Humanity cover 1080

Supermind and a Spiritualised Humanity

This world is not what it appears to be. It is a distorted appearance of a reality, and we are playing with this distorted appearance. Because we don’t perceive it rightly, therefore our responses are also not right responses.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Limits of Life, pp.195-196

Vast and powerful though this domain of greater life is, it falls short of the ultimate Truth. It still moves in the encircling sphere of cosmic Ignorance. Its cry is unable to pierce through the veil that holds us back from God and Light and Truth.

TMV10 free will

10.1 Freedom and Fatality

This precisely is the aim of Yoga, — to get out of the cycle of Karma into a divine movement. By Yoga you leave the mechanical round of Nature in which you are an ignorant slave, a helpless and miserable tool, and rise into another plane where you become a conscious participant and a dynamic agent in the working out of a Higher Destiny.

A Pilgrimage AM 1080

Chapter 8. Learning English with Sri Aurobindo

Every day I talked with Sri Aurobindo from five-thirty to six-thirty and returned home. I played the role of the speaker. I poured out to him everything without exception. He would hardly ever put in more than a word or two. In this way days passed into weeks, weeks into months.