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8.6 The Domain of Death

The psychic being comes with a definite purpose to go through a set of experiences and to learn and make progress. Then if you leave before its work is finished it will have to come back to do it again under much more difficult conditions.

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4.1 Prayer and Relations with the Divine

Necessarily in the end prayer either ceases in the greater thing for which it prepared us, —in fact the form we call prayer is not itself essential so long as the faith, the will, the aspiration are there,—or remains only for the joy of the relation.

Notes and hints on the Path N

Notes and Hints on the Path

The more we compare Sri Aurobindo to various other similar or dissimilar thoughts, the more we get confused. We perhaps enter into a cocoon constructed by our ignorant receiving of the profound truths, that have descended from the plane of Truth into the realms of our mortal ignorance and its small, cramped up understanding of life.

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The Works of Life, pp. 181-182

Life has descended from its own true Home into the darkness, ignorance and unconscious inertia of earth nature. She has laboured long to find the key of her redemption and of matter along with it. All her labour is to discover the Power that is hidden in her own deepest core.

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Our Unique Difficulty and the Path (HH 105)

The Mother: “Everyone is born with … (what can I call it?) some special twist … that’s what remains last of all. With our idiotic human logic, we think, “That’s what should go first,” but it’s not true: it’s what goes last! Even when it all becomes clear, clear, even when you have all the experiences, the habit stays on and it keeps coming back”

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Purusha and Prakriti, p. 614 (SH 302)

Sri Aurobindo now reveals to us the truth behind man-woman relationship, their mutual attraction, which is the truth of Purusha and Prakriti, Soul and Nature, reflected in our ignorance.

The Luminous Future for Earth and Man

The Luminous Future for Earth and Man

This talk centers around the future envisaged and assured by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for earth and man. Evolution is not finished and man is not the last and final product of creation.

13 Learning Logic

Learning Logic

Would a developed mind help the sadhana?

It may or may not — if it is too intellectually developed on certain rationalistic lines, it may hinder.