PM 013 Nov 28 1913 1080

November 28, 1913

This prayer is like a daily prayer and shows us the right attitude and aspiration for praying.

The Tipping Point 1080cc

The Tipping Point

In a certain sense this whole virus affair is segregating humanity into at least two distinct parts. One that will introspect through this crisis and eventually emerge stronger and wiser. Another that will only end up with more and more fear and panic and loose the opportunity of reorienting its life.

GH 05

Some Early Experiences

This talk takes up certain early experiences of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and what we can learn from them.

PM 008

June 18, 1913

This prayer of the Mother reveals to us the real cause of suffering and its radical remedy.

The Healing Light 1080 fcc

The Healing Light (01)

Give them all, O Lord, Thy peace and light, open their blinded eyes and their darkened understanding; calm their futile worries and their vain anxieties.

52 Old Yogas and Our Yoga

Old Yogas and Our Yoga

A sadhak of integral Yoga who stops short at the Impersonal is no longer a sadhak of integral Yoga…. In the integral knowledge the realisation of the Self and of the impersonal Sachchidananda is only a step though a very important step or part of the integral knowledge. It is a beginning, not an end of the highest realisation.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

The Life of Men

As we step aside from the whirl and vortex of everyday life, it is a chance to go still deeper into our souls, a chance to contemplate this wonderful Earth and us humanity upon it.

PM 007

March 30, 1914

This is a prayer recorded by the Mother the very next day after She had met Sri Aurobindo. This prayer is unique in this sense and gives us immense hope and certitude of the future.

GH 04

Return to India

Today we touch upon Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s early life and their experiences around the time Sri Aurobindo returned to India (1910).

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Transmutation, pp. 231-232

Aswapati conquered the heart of Night and found the secrets of the Abyss. Thence he discovered the Wisdom working in the mask of Ignorance and the key to Nature’s change.

PM 006

November 28, 1912 & December 03, 1912

… the work must be long and slow even for the best and that striking conversions cannot be integral. They change the orientation of the being, they put it definitively on the straight path; but truly to attain the goal none can escape the need of innumerable experiences of every kind and every instant.