“A worshipped empress all once vied to serve,
She made herself the diligent serf of all,
Nor spared the labour of broom and jar and well,
Or close gentle tending or to heap the fire
Of altar and kitchen, no slight task allowed
To others that her woman’s strength might do.”

30 Oscillations in Sadhana

Oscillations in Sadhana

When my mind presses the vital and the ego for an inward turn, they start a revolt. The sadhana then becomes difficult and dangerous instead of simple, happy and safe.

There is no reason to accept their despair, depression or revolt […] There is also no reason why one should insist on the sadhana being simple, happy and safe and, if it is not, refuse to follow it.

TMV11 religihon

11.4 Spirituality and Active Life

But this very attitude of wanting to become identified with the Unmanifest and letting the world suffer, isn’t this selfishness?

Yes. And so what happens is very remarkable, the result is always the same: those who have done that, at the last minute, have received a sort of intimation that they had to return to the world and do their work.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

An Imitation of Truth, pp. 206-207

Evil works in dubious and diabolic ways. It seldom comes declaring itself. Rather it often appears in the garb of good. Falsehood deceives us by imitating truth. We can see how quite a few religious teachers and even those who claim to be spiritual fall into this category. It reminds us of the need for caution and vigilance.

Explorations youtube YT 1080

Explorations in Savitri 133, pp. 331-333

“Accepting worship as its single law,
Accepting bliss as the sole cause of things,
Refusing the austere joy which none can share,
Refusing the calm that lives for calm alone,
To her it turned for whom it willed to be.”


The Modern Economic View of Life

The thought-power of the society, almost its soul-power — if it has any longer so unsubstantial and unproductive a thing as a soul — is not in its religion or its literature, although the former drags on a feeble existence and the latter teems and spawns, but in the daily Press, primarily an instrument of commercialism and governed by the political and commercial spirit and not like literature a direct instrument of culture.

29 Sadhaks and the Lower Nature

Sadhaks and the Lower Nature

Many sadhaks here do not seem to care for any psychic or spiritual development. They prefer to give a greater importance to the intellectual pursuits.

It is quite true that hardly any try to lead a truly Yogic life […]