This was the closed mute and burning source
Whence were formed the worlds and their star-dance;
Life sprang a self-rapt inconscient Force,
Love, a blazing seed, from that flame-trance.

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Book One Canto 4 Summary

Aswapati seeks and discovers the Master plan of this universe, its occult cause and moving force, the far-off goal towards which creation moves. This knowledge is secret because we cannot find it through the mind or the senses but can discover it through other faculties and powers which have now awakened in Aswapati.

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1.1 What is Illness

Disease is not just an absence of physical or even mental signs and symptoms but a state of disorder and disharmony, a state of imbalance if we like, that can manifest at any of the levels of our being—physical, psychological, social.

42. The Vital and Subconscient Dreams

The Vital and Subconscient Dreams

Is it helpful to study one’s own dreams, unravel them and find out their meaning?

Unless they are really significant dreams it is a waste of time. I don’t think it is necessary to make the effort to remember unless you feel that there has been something of special importance.

08 Mystic Horse n

The New Music: “Mystic Horse” by Lucette Bourdin

“The closer, Mystic Horse, is altogether unlike anything else on the album: percussive echoes in deep space; a slow, primitive, ritual drumbeat; bits of wooden flute, triangle, claves, but the drumbeat has the last word. The ritual remains, taking us out but bringing us back into the body, leaving us so much richer for the journey.”

41. The Subconscient and Sleep

The Subconscient and Sleep

I am quite unconscious of my nights. I do not remember any dreams even though there is a recollection of having seen something.

It does not matter much. The sleep consciousness can be effectively dealt with only when the waking mind has made a certain amount of progress.


The Bird of Fire

O marvel bird with the burning wings of light and the unbarred lids that look beyond all space,
One strange leap of thy mystic stress breaking the barriers of mind and life, arrives at its luminous term thy flight;