WR 63 Our present State

Our Present State pp. 68

Ignorance too is a mask of the Divine that He wears upon Himself for the play of multiplicity. The individual soul must go through it, until, growing from depth to depth of its own being, it discovers that We are That and that our individual Self and the Universal Self are one.

36. Food and Forces

Food and Forces

… when an impulse — desire for food or sex-urge or anything else — arises, should not one let it spread in full in oneself so that one might offer all of it to the Mother and aspire for its transmutation?

If you do that, the impulse may spread so far as to take hold of you and master you. If a wrong impulse comes, you must reject it as soon as you become aware of it.

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Chapter 9 Pt 1: Ancient Indian Tales

“A colloquy between the god of death and the spirit of Nachiketas, forms the quintessence of ancient Indian thought on the subject. It is symbolic that even Death can be persuaded to yield, even its inflexible law can change and its secret revealed if we know how to persist and persevere against the dark denial.”

Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

The World of Rule and Line, pp. 495-496 (SH 253)

Savitri passes onwards beyond the vital worlds concealed within us to the world of mind where rule and measure predominate over the wild freedom and passion of life. The Spirit does not find its freedom here since it is tied to rule and norm.

35. Letters of the Mother

Letters of the Mother

When you give us the red lotus which is the symbol of Sri Aurobindo, we receive from you the consciousness of the Supreme, don’t we?

I cannot give the consciousness of the Supreme, for who would be capable of receiving it? — When I give the red lotus I establish simply a relation between the sadhaks and Sri Aurobindo — or rather I renew this relation.

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March 31, 1917

… all earth sings a hymn of gladness, the grasses shudder with pleasure, the air is vibrant with light, the trees lift towards heaven their most ardent prayer, the chant of the birds becomes a canticle, the waves of the sea billow with love, the smile of children tells of the infinite and the souls of men appear in their eyes.

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On “The Rishi” (HH 218)

This remarkable poem was written before coming to Pondicherry and is set in the period when one Age has vanished and the other is about to begin. King Manu encounters a Rishi who gives him the knowledge necessary for all times.


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Last week we completed posting video clips with recitation of all 74 sonnets by Sri Aurobindo. Today we are starting a new collection – “Lyrical Poems”.