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A Student of Herself pp 477-479 (SH 245)

The very first step towards the discovery of our soul is to observe our nature as a witness and a student. What do we find there? A constant restless movement of Nature in different domains of our being. It is the surface of our life. Here we cannot find the soul.

Man and Other Beings

“Man and the Other Beings” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

Man is Nature’s laboratory. If a point in man’s consciousness changes, the change will be carried over in the whole of the universe. Inevitably, because man is the point of concentration on the earth as the earth is a concentrated form of the universe.

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Message to America (HH 212)

One hundred and twenty five years ago on the 11th Sep 1893 Swami Vivekananda awakened the people of America with his speech at the Parliament of Religions. In 1949, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother also gave a message to America. These wonderful messages have a universal and perennial appeal about them.

Light Mandala

Light Mandala

Light Mandala and meditation at the Tibetan Pavilion, Auroville, on 31 December 2001. Camera and realization by Olivier Barot.

1914 03 01 cover

March 01, 1914

To live in Love, by Love, for Love, indissolubly united to Thy highest manifestation [….] Ever more of light, more of beauty, more of truth!

58 I


“This strutting “I” of human self and pride
Is a puppet built by Nature for her use”

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Chapter 4 Beyond Death Pt 2

To fully understand the mystery of death and rebirth we need to understand the mystery of life. In his awakened consciousness man innately aspires for terrestrial perfection, searches after true love and unmixed bliss. He hopes to bring infinity down in finite terms. Is it vain chimera or a deeper possibility for which the whole adventure of space and time stands justified?