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At the Feet of The Mother

May 28, 1914 (PM 133)

Nestling in the heart of the Divine.

May 28, 1914

THOU settest in motion, Thou stirrest and churnest the innumerable elements of this world, so that, from their primal darkness, their primeval chaos, they may awaken to consciousness and the full light of knowledge. And Thou usest Thy supreme love to churn all these elements in this way. And it is from Thy infinite, un fathomable heart that these inexhaustible torrents of love spring forth. Thy heart is my dwelling-place, Thy heart is the reality of my being. In Thy heart I have nestled and I have become Thy heart.

Peace, peace upon all beings.”

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What is important is not the star but the aspiration. The star is only like an outer demonstration, nothing else.