Advent of the Saviour Light

Advent of the Saviour Light

Even as we step into the New Year, it will be good to remember that this Light that we take for granted, this Light that comes to us sweeping through the gates of Night and touches our body and heart and mind and soul, has been prepared by those who kept a vigil while we slept peacefully in our comfort zones. Even as we welcome it, let us also raise a hymn of gratitude.

A New Chapter in SA Yoga MOD

A New Chapter in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga

It was not just the descent of a plane of consciousness, the highest of the mind-planes that borders the empire of the Supramental Sun, but the descent of Krishna, the Avatara of the past into his very body. It was Sri Krishna tying Himself to Sri Aurobindo’s body, the Avatara or the manifestation of the Supreme in the past uniting with the Avatara of the Future, thereby becoming an irresistible power for the Future Work.

Mystery of the great Divine Descents w

Mystery of the Divine Descents in Humanity

“Quite unlike the great Masters and Prophets who come to show the way that man must follow, the Avatar becomes the Way. His mere Presence is enough and all that is needed on part of man is to have faith and open himself to the Grace and Mercy that the Avatar embodies.”

Experience and Experiencing Consciousness cover

Experience and the Experiencing Consciousness

“… when the Avatara and the Divine Mother take upon themselves the role of a Teacher, then there are no limits to the possibilities, no fixed term to our growth and progress, no hedges that constrain our experience. She lowers Herself to our puny heights and carries us in Her arms of Love and Light towards the boundless beatitudes that await our discovery. The limits of religions and ideologies, systems and theories, cults and creeds that tie us forever down simply vanish before the growing Light.”

Birthdays 3

On Birth and Birthdays, – A moment of the Eternal in Time

“[birthday] is our moment with the Divine, when we are once again face to face with the Creator who pours into the human vessel to carry us further in the line of evolution we have chosen. This is the first gift with which we are all born and each birthday is a renewal of this gift.”

Love the Mother

Love The Mother

‘Love the Mother’, these three words summarise in a way the key to Integral Yoga. It is the base of all our efforts towards self-perfection, the sustaining force through all the trials and tribulations of sadhana, as also, the grand culmination and the crowning movement.


The Two Approaches and the Central Secret

Yet if one were to ask what is the most fundamental word of yoga that Sri Aurobindo reveals to us, the answer would be very much to simply open to the Mother. With the Mother it is not words and intellect that comes into play but love and surrender. With Her it is as if the Divine Presence we seek within had stepped out in the forefront shedding Its mask of secrecy.

The Greatness of the Gita - AP essay

The Greatness of the Gita

“Where then does the Gita stand amidst all this stupendous mass of revelatory scriptures whose sheer size and of course the substance is mind-boggling? One may even ask what extra truth if any does this rather short treatise of just about 700 shlokas bring?”


The Ever-Living Presence (10) The Unfailing Help (conclusion)

“The inner fruit of the Avatar’s coming is gained by those who learn from it the true nature of the divine birth and the divine works and who, growing full of him in their consciousness and taking refuge in him with their whole being […] in whatever way men accept, love and take joy in God, in that way God accepts, loves and takes joy in man. ” [Sri Aurobindo CWSA 19:176]


The Ever-Living Presence (09) The Work Before us: Are we Ready?

“Nothing can replace that touch-divine and the thrill of contact in the very physical. However, the yoga in itself does not depend upon that. Krishna’s departure from Vrindavan released the streams of devotion in the human consciousness. Perhaps Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s physical withdrawal may well light up the fire of aspiration in the very dust that constitutes our physical body.”


The Ever-Living Presence (08) Towards the New Body 2

“I spent a good part of the night (almost the whole night till 3 in the morning) with Sri Aurobindo, and he not only showed me and explained to me, but he himself was what he was showing me: he was preparing himself for the new creation. And last night he told me, he showed me how this or that thing would be, how the body would be. ” The Mother.


The Ever-Living Presence (07) Towards the New Body 1

We see that She was simultaneously working on the transmutation of Her own body as well as working out the stages through which humanity would walk that path. The path was opened now in both directions but the actual process remained still an adventure.


The Ever-Living Presence (05) The Song of Victory

Part 5 of an article on different aspects of fulfillment of the Integral Yoga, including physical transformation of the body.
An audio recording of the Mother’s conversation in English and French, as quoted in the text, is included.


The Ever-Living Presence (04) The Promise and the Victory

“[where is] The new race? Wait for something like… a few thousand years, and you will see it! ….. man has thought of it and awaits it, so it will go faster. But faster means still thousands of years probably. We shall speak about it again after a few thousand years!” The Mother, May 02, 1956