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At the Feet of The Mother

Connecting to the Divine in this Yoga

In numerous letters, Sri Aurobindo himself said that connecting to the Mother is enough. On the other hand, he does remind that connecting with him is not enough. How are we to understand this given that the two are essentially one and the same?

The subtle difference lies in the fact that Sri Aurobindo represents the stable immobile static aspect of the One Divine, generally known as the Lord, the Ishwara. The Mother represents the dynamic aspect of the same One Divine,  the Shakti. Hence without her direct impulsion, nothing would move. Without her creation could not be nor the stone evolve into a tree and plant grow feet and wings or the ape learn to think and brood and reflect and thereby transmute into a human being.

Quite naturally since this yoga is about the transformation of human nature into a divine Supernature rather than a static liberation, it is She alone who can accomplish it, with our collaboration of course. Unlike the evolutionary journey up to the animal and man which is largely an unconscious process, man has been given means to become processes of becoming self-conscious so that he can consent, collaborate and thereby hasten his evolution through minimum struggle and pain which entails any evolutionary leap. Of course, the Divine in His static aspect, that is to say, Sri Aurobindo is fully behind sanctioning supporting the tremendous process.  But it is given to the Mother to fulfil it. Hence the subtle difference.

Opening and connecting to the Mother automatically mean connecting with Sri Aurobindo though the reverse is not enough for this yoga. Here are three short answers from Sri Aurobindo revealing this profound truth.

Is it the same whether we write to Sri Aurobindo or to the Mother? Some say that both are one, so whether we write to Sri Aurobindo or to the Mother we are open to the Mother. Is this correct?
It is true that we are one, but there is also a relation, which necessitates that one should be open to the Mother.

Can it happen that one who is open to Sri Aurobindo is not open to the Mother? Is it that whoever is open to the Mother is open to Sri Aurobindo?
The Mother proposition is true. If one is open to Sri Aurobindo and not to the Mother it means that one is not really open to Sri Aurobindo.

Very often Sri Aurobindo says one should allow the Mother’s force to govern. Does it mean that there is a difference between the two forces?
There is one force only, the Mother’s force—or, if you like to put it like that, the Mother is Sri Aurobindo’s Force.

[The Mother with Letters on the Mother, CWSA 32: 104]

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