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At the Feet of The Mother

Four Lines of the Healing Process

Mankind has followed four main types of interventions with regard to the healing process. The first is focused mainly on the physical aspects of illness and drugs that modify these. Ayurveda and its modern version, allopathy, are examples of this kind of healing process. Since it acts directly on the physical its effects are often astounding and convincing though they do not tackle the roots of the illness or the subtle factors operating behind it.

A second line is subtle aspects of an illness such as energy imbalance and psychological manipulations. Among these, we have things like changing attitudes, guided imagery, cognitive manipulations, homoeopathy, pranic healing (the last two act mainly on the energy system). Homoeopathy is of course much deeper than pranic healing and reiki. The last two are often temporary in nature whereas homoeopathy works much more permanently by causing the shift in energy fields within at a more radical level.

The third line is broadly occult which is where forces and means of countering them through crystals and astrology etc come in. These things have always been a part of human knowledge. Though they were partly lost due to the focus on outer material processes we see an interest in them being revived through these means and under new names.

Finally, there are spiritual means such as mantra, meditation, prayer etc. To an extent, these can be combined except for occult practices that need special expertise. Besides it is a very mixed domain (and that includes things like crystal gazing, pranic healing and Reiki) and depend a lot on forces and beings of the vital world. Even certain mantras used in occult tantric practices invoke certain lesser deities of the vital world which may be detrimental to our spiritual progress. Such practices and special tantric poojas and practices can put us in contact with and under influence of the vital world that keeps us trapped and tied to its endless maze.

The choice of the best system of healing depends on the circumstances and available options in each particular case, but whatever system is followed, it is essential to keep praying and invoking Her Grace in our own and everybody’s life.

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