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2.03 Turning Our Whole Life in a Conscious Sacrifice

All our actions, not less the smallest and most ordinary and trifling than the greatest and most uncommon and noble, must be performed as consecrated acts. […] Our commonest or most grossly material actions must assume this sublimated character; when we eat, we should be conscious that we are giving our food to that Presence in us; it must be a sacred offering in a temple ….

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Part 3: A Seed in Endless Time

The Ashram and the School are held together by the power of Her Love. This is the secret Power of transformation that is ever at work in this geographically small but psychologically immense field of spiritual evolution created by the Mother.

50. The Intellect and its Training

The Intellect and its Training

There is a great mass of necessary information about the world, one’s body, the evolution of the earth, the history of the human race that one ought to learn and then also the training of the intellect to deal rightly with facts. […] To neglect one’s studies as R and S have done is therefore a mistake.

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The Birth of Life, p. 135

Life emerges out of matter as if out of some dark obscure cave. Thus begins the slow ascension of life towards her divine home. In the process she carries matter transforming it into shapes and forms closer and closer to the divine Idea.

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To the lives sundered can Time bring rejoining,
Love that was slain be reborn with the body?
In the mind null, from the heart’s chords rejected,
Lost to the sense, but the spirit remembers!

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Prayers by T.V. Kapali Sastry (part 3)

Fourteen prayers were selected by M P Pandit from writings by T. V. Kapali Sastry, and are available as Sanskrit original and its’ English translation. The post contains prayers 9 – 12.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Ascent and Journey of Life, pp. 134-135

Life starts its journey through many pathways of ignorance, aided by its own instinct towards Truth and Freedom and Bliss. Now helped by the gods, now struggling alone she drives upon the pathways carved for her by Fate.

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Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 6

The greatest revolutions are hatched in silence by an inscrutable working of the Time-Spirit. The work of the prophet is more powerful, more creative than his words. And it is this intangible spirit with its irresistible force that moulds the destinies of mankind.

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Explorations in Savitri 092, pp. 243-245

Mind, life the playthings of a Titan’s babe.
As one it works who builds a mimic fort
Miraculously stable for a while,
Made of the sands upon a bank of Time
Mid an occult eternity’s shoreless sea.