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2.15 Practice with Faith without Despondence

Our faith, persevering, will be justified in its works and will be lifted and transfigured at last into the self-revelation of a divine knowledge […] At the end, the flickerings of faith will cease; for we shall see his face and feel always the Divine Presence.

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Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 19

Sri Aurobindo […] left the country what he called his last will and testament. The “Open Letter” is a very important document, as it contains almost all the essentials of Sri Aurobindo’s political thought and action, and we give below long extracts from it.


6.1 What Is the Psychic Being? (part 2)

You must not mistake the feelings for the psychic, you understand! — these two are absolutely different things. People always think that when they have emotions, feelings, they are entering the psychic. These things have nothing to do with the psychic, they are purely vital. […] It’s not through the feelings that one goes to the psychic, it is through a very intense aspiration and a self-detachment.

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Explorations in Savitri 112, pp. 281-284

In God’s supreme withdrawn and timeless hush
A seeing Self and potent Energy met;
The Silence knew itself and thought took form:
Self-made from the dual power creation rose.

64. Old Yogas and our Yoga

Old Yogas and our Yoga

It becomes clear now that I had some fundamentally wrong ideas about the old Yogas and Yogins.

I have heard that people from outside often find the sadhaks here full of an insufferable pride and arrogance, looking on all others as outsiders far below them! If it is so, it is a most foolish and comically ridiculous attitude.
… I have said that this Yoga is “new” because it aims at a change in this world and not only beyond it and at a supramental realisation. But how does that justify a superior contempt for the spiritual realisation which is as much the aim of this Yoga as of any other?

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Dance of Energy, p. 156

Behind it all one can sense the dance of a stupendous Energy whose footsteps throw these whorls and patterns giving birth to the elements of creation. This is the story of the great unfolding of the universe which is ever in motion and constant progression.

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The Gleam of Hope, pp. 584-586 (SH 289)

Even in this utter darkness, this dense cloak of emptiness and desolation there is lit in the heart of Savitri the undying flame of Hope. The gleam of Hope is felt like a torture to the Night. But Death confronts Savitri now with a questioning scorn.