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Part 6: Death’s Tremendous Hour

In the death tremendous hour when Sri Aurobindo withdraws leaving the Mother in our hearts and Savitri in our hands, the Mother formally inaugurates the Sri Aurobindo memorial as a university center in his Name. Soon thereafter there is going to be the Supramental manifestation.

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2.05 Renouncing All the Inner Supports of Egoism

Nothing must be attempted for ourselves as a separate existence; nothing done for others, whether neighbours, friends, family, country or mankind or other creatures merely because they are connected with our personal life and thought and sentiment or because the ego takes a preferential interest in their welfare.

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Explorations in Savitri 099, pp. 256-257

The little Mind is tied to little things:
Its sense is but the spirit’s outward touch,
Half-waked in a world of dark Inconscience;
It feels out for its beings and its forms
Like one left fumbling in the ignorant Night.

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The Emergence of Life, pp. 139-140

Life emerges with difficulty in matter. Its evolution has been led by desire which is a construct of ignorance. This must change into a conscious aspiration for the True and the Eternal, for then only can life find the infinite Bliss that it is really seeking for.

53. Mechanical Mind

Mechanical Mind

I am much troubled by the frequency of mechanical thoughts.

Reject always without getting disturbed by the recurrences.

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Explorations in Savitri 098, pp. 254-256

Ascending from the soil where creep our days,
Earth’s consciousness may marry with the Sun,
Our mortal life ride on the spirit’s wings,
Our finite thoughts commune with the Infinite.

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Part 5: All Shall Be Done

[…] the Mother had already started working upon a new strategy for the Divine Victory. The coming of children during the war provided this opportunity and though the Ashram School took roots unofficially somewhere around 1943, it was officially made known to the world in 1952. Thus began the next phase of the Divine experiment in the Divine laboratory.