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2.06 The Yogin’s Aim in All Activities

For all must be done as a sacrifice, all activities must have the One Divine for their object and the heart of their meaning […] The Yogin’s aim in the practical sciences … should be to enter into the ways of the Divine and his processes […] The Yogin’s aim in the Arts should not be a mere aesthetic, mental or vital gratification, but, seeing the Divine everywhere…

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)

Mystery of Life

… by real surrender we do not cease to be individuals, but become subtly identified with the Supreme Divine […] We become one with the divine Mother, yet perfectly our own selves. This is the supreme mystery of existence.


5.1 The Origin of Individuality

“…whereas the origin of individualisation being in the Supreme Himself, the ego is only a passing deformation, necessary for the moment, which will disappear when its utility is over, when the Truth-Consciousness will be established.”

54. Study and Sadhana

Study and Sadhana

If I start studying, it must be taken up as seriously as I did with the sadhana.

Study cannot take the same or greater importance than sadhana […] If the sadhana were active then study can be done in the spare time i.e., in times not given to work or meditation.

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The Divine Strategy, pp. 140-141

There is a purpose in this slow and random start. There is a reason why the soul is perennially tied to creation and its fate. It is not an accident but a choice, not a purposeless game but a conscious Will that has gone into creation.

LP40 Theother of God

The Mother of God

The Mother of God is mother of our souls;
We are the partners of his birth in Time,
Inheritors we share his eternity.

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Explorations in Savitri 100, pp. 257-259

Our ignorance is Wisdom’s chrysalis,
Our error weds new knowledge on its way,
Its darkness is a blackened knot of light;
Thought dances hand in hand with Nescience
On the grey road that winds towards the Sun.

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 10

Though, as we learn from his confidential letters to his wife, he was being led by the Divine within, he had arrived at a stage when a crucial experience alone could clear the way for further advance.


4.3 Animals and Men

There are animals with very developed senses, aren’t there?

Ah! yes, there are animals which are much more advanced than we.

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)

Jiva, the Individual Soul

Every individual is an infinity in himself, a concealed godhead, an eternal portion of the supreme Divine. Every jiva represents a particular phase, a particular mode of the cosmic play, and in and through every one the divine Mother is unfolding the infinite universe