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At the Feet of The Mother

Human Beings Touched by the Greater Life, pp. 183-184

Opening remarks
Human life is also touched and uplifted by this world. Sometimes beings of this world of greater life incarnate upon earth. These are spaces of Time when something new is being done and earthly life is stirred by greater movements that leave a mark upon it.

Voice of unborn things
In all who have risen to a greater Life,
A voice of unborn things whispers to the ear,
To their eyes visited by some high sunlight
Aspiration shows the image of a crown:
To work out a seed that she has thrown within,
To achieve her power in them her creatures live.

All who are awake to the touch of this greater life feel the drive and push towards higher things. They have risen beyond mere bodily needs or the cry of desire self in us. They are moved towards things that are not yet but which must be. Their eyes behold something of the powers and vision from the greater planes and their hearts are crowned by an aspiration that is not yet common in earthly beings. They are born with a purpose, their mission is to awaken others to the powers and possibilities of a greater life.

Each is a greatness
Each is a greatness growing towards the heights
Or from his inner centre oceans out;
In circling ripples of concentric power
They swallow, glutted, their environment.

These beings moved by a greater Life bear a stamp of royalty and expand their sphere of influence all around. Their greatness moves towards greater heights than humanity has ordinarily achieved. Their power spreads, influences and absorbs everything around.

Small greatness
Even of that largeness many a cabin make;
In narrower breadths and briefer vistas pent
They live content with some small greatness won.

Some cast their influence in smaller circles and narrower breadths. These are content with a limited greatness.

A steward of the Person
To rule the little empire of themselves,
To be a figure in their private world
And make the milieu’s joys and griefs their own
And satisfy their life-motives and life-wants
Is charge enough and office for this strength,
A steward of the Person and his fate.

Wherever they may be these beings build up an empire, big or small around themselves. Since their consciousness is wide and not limited to their own little self, they absorb the joys and sorrows of those around and make it their own. Thus they act and influence the life of others helping them satisfy their wants and in other pursuits of life as if they were playing an important role in their fate.

Transition line
This was transition-line and starting-point,
A first immigration into heavenliness,
For all who cross into that brilliant sphere:
These are the kinsmen of our earthly race;
This region borders on our mortal state.

It is with this domain, this kingdom of greater life reflected in us with the appearance of central and higher vital that we see a transition towards humanity proper. It is a borderland passing through which we begin to look up towards a heavenlier state.

Closing Remarks
The beings of this greater life are wider in their consciousness and have the ring of a greater vision and power around them than ordinary human life. The circle of their influence is large and the sphere of their action extends beyond their little personal life.

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