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At the Feet of The Mother

Beings of a Larger Life Kingdom, p. 183

Opening Remarks
A greater life awaits us beyond our struggling everyday life of dead routine and common acts. Though not yet Divine, it reflects some touch of divinity and awakens us to the higher truths above.

A consciousness lit by a Truth above
A consciousness lit by a Truth above
Was felt; it saw the light but not the Truth:
It caught the Idea and built from it a world;
It made an Image there and called it God.

Unlike the lower vital worlds that are largely under the influence of the dark subconscient and inconscient forces, the higher vital does feel a light of Truth touching it from above. Not knowing what this Truth is, it builds an image of That in its ignorance and calls it God. Many popular religions have their birthplace here and their conceptions of God derive from the beings and influences from this realm.

Something true and inward
Yet something true and inward harboured there.

Though still belonging to the realm of ignorance there is some touch of truth in this realm.

A deeper living
The beings of that world of greater life,
Tenants of a larger air and freer space,
Live not by the body or in outward things:
A deeper living was their seat of self.

Unlike beings of the lower vital, beings of this world had a deeper, larger and freer life that was turned towards higher and deeper truths and not merely for the body and outward things.

Objects dwell as companions of the soul
In that intense domain of intimacy
Objects dwell as companions of the soul;
The body’s actions are a minor script,
The surface rendering of a life within.

The sharp divisions that we create here between matter and soul, between the subject and objects begin to lose its sharpness. All is drawn towards a growing sense of oneness, an intimacy of the soul with the things around it. The very body and its actions are interpreted anew in the light of a deeper existence. They are not merely mechanical actions driven by instinct and impulse but by the sense of a higher idea.

Life’s retinue
All forces are Life’s retinue in that world
And thought and body as her handmaids move.

In this realm life-forces are freed from the strong clutch of matter and thought and actions serve as instruments of a greater life.

Instruments of cosmic might
The universal widenesses give her room:
All feel the cosmic movement in their acts
And are the instruments of her cosmic might.

The beings of this world embody a vaster existence. They act as cosmic forces with wide impacts.

A universe of their own self
Or their own self they make their universe.

They are endowed with a power that can create a kingdom, a world within the world where they are king.

Closing Remarks
This larger life which is part of the cosmic ignorance and corresponds to the higher vital in man is a link between our narrow, earthbound living that moves tied to matter and its needs and the higher Truths that lie in the higher hemisphere of existence.

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