The Present Reality, pp. 201. End of Canto Six.

This canto is about an intermediate stage through which evolution passes. It is a life no more centred around just food and mating and sleep. There is here a cry for change and glimpses of a higher and more beautiful life. But these passing glimpses do not endure nor have the power to transform our earthly existence.

The Hope, pp. 200-201

There is in the heart of life a hope that one day it shall indeed be transfigured by some miraculous tough. Until then she must strive and suffer and toil. Such is the predicament of life upon earth and of man tied to creation’s fate.

The Prayer and Invocation of Life, pp. 199-200

Life refuses to give up. She waits for the extended and uplifting arm of God to save. This is the hope that Life carries within her heart, a hope and a longing to be freed in the spirit and taste once again her lost glory and delight.

A Greatness Yet Unreached, pp. 198-199

Life is a greatness not yet realised. It carries within it the seed of Divine Perfection and hence there is within us an urge towards Perfection. The seed within us drives us eventually on the roads of life looking for and seeking what we carry within.

A Changeless Change, p. 198

Changing in appearances, life continues to be a field of suffering. New hope awakens and then fades away, new practices and ways of living come and go while life continues to linger shackled by the chains of Ignorance tied to her feet.

A Deeper Yearning, pp.196-197

Not for long can the energy of life remain in this locked realm. She is bound to seek something beyond. She is destined to go further in her quest for the Ultimate, the ever-lasting, the limitless since she is secretly driven by the breath of the Eternal.

The Missing Piece, p. 196

The sense of dissatisfaction that haunts all life can be solved only if we discover the missing piece of the human puzzle. It is the Divine. Without discovering this central piece, life will continue to swing between joy and sorrow

The Limits of Life, pp.195-196

Vast and powerful though this domain of greater life is, it falls short of the ultimate Truth. It still moves in the encircling sphere of cosmic Ignorance. Its cry is unable to pierce through the veil that holds us back from God and Light and Truth.

The Joy of Life, pp.194-195

Life carries in its core the delight that built the worlds. It runs as a sap of existence and is felt in all its activities. It is this divine music lost to life’s ears and screened from her inner hearing that Life is seeking.

Splendour of a Dream, pp. 193-194

This realm builds a dream splendour, which lasts only as long as a dream lasts. A time comes when the illusion is over and one discovers the fugitive nature of what one had hoped to have found. This is a very beautiful description of our life as it stands at present.

Reading the Script of God, p. 193

As with every other power, this realm too tries to understand the ways of God through its own limited abilities. Though it feels a distant glimpse and a call, it is still a realm of Ignorance and the veil is not yet lifted without which the real sense is lost.

A Window Glimpse of Truth, pp.192-193

The domain of Greater Life whose centre lies in our heart, allows a window glimpse of Truth. It lets us see Reality through a veil. A first hint of divinity and the distant call of the Divine is felt here as one enters this plane.

The Mystic Script of Life, pp. 191-192

Life runs along two parallel streams. The one with which we are more familiar is the surface life of man, its surface seekings, temporary satisfactions and sufferings. Behind it all there is a deeper yearning that one finds sometimes in this greater life, a glimpse of the deeper truth of Life.

The Two Faces of Fantasy, pp. 190-191

The world of fantasy and imagination has its own reality. It is not just an escape door but a dwelling place for some. It is important therefore to choose carefully what kind of imagination we shall dwell upon. These creations can give us temporary satisfactions but not the ultimate release or the transformation that our souls seek.

A Dream-real World of Fantasy, pp. 189-190

As Aswapati begins to search with a spiritual fire and intuitive beams, he discovers a world of fantasy and imagination drawing its substance from some hidden reality. It is the world that painters and musicians and artists are in touch with as also some poets.

The Book of Life, pp. 188-189

Aswapati is now set to read the book of life. It is a mysterious script full of signs and gestures that are rapidly changing like costumes that disguise the actor.

In the Trails of Life, p. 188

Aswapati now moves deeper along the trails of life to see where it is leading our journey. Is there a purpose at all in its movements or all is a chance caprice? He shares his discoveries with us.