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At the Feet of The Mother

Weekly Readings in Savitri

Since creation emerges from the Inconscience where it had plunged, there is the pull that the Inconscience exerts on the ascending soul. The tackling of these subconscious elements is important at some stage in the yoga.
Aswapati has come all the way with an aspiration for the redemption of the world. He is fulfilled and overwhelmed by the marvellous vision of the Divine Mother.
She is the Supreme Power that alone can change the course of Time and transmute this life of ignorance and pain and mould it into a life of Truth and Bliss and Immortality.
The Divine Mother holds the key to terrestrial transformation since She is the origin, the womb and the cause of it. In Her all opposites are reconciled in a manifold unity.
Aswapati now comes in contact with the Divine Supernature that is concealed in the Unknowable. It is the heart of the Unknowable and it is only through Her that the Unknowable can be known.
The Divine Mother now appears on the threshold in response to Aswapati’s aspiration towards terrestrial transformation. What follows in the rest of the Canto is this wonderful vision and adoration of the Divine Mother.
There is the goal of self-annulment into the silence of nirvana. But that leaves out the purpose of creation. Creation, on the other hand strives towards progressive perfection through a progressive divine manifestation. It is this secret that Aswapati is seeking.
The seeking for nirvana and personal extinction celebrated as mukti cannot be the last word of all our search and endeavour and aspiration and hope. It is the last illusion born out of the separative ego that must be overcome to discover the great secret behind creation.
Aswapati, the seer and yogin has arrived at the doors of the Unknowable where all must be either dissolved and abolished or new-built and transformed. It is here, as he stands at the threshold, that he is blessed with the Presence of the Divine Mother.
This Canto describes the ultimate experience of the Vedantin. It is said that if one enters there then all lines of return are closed and one vanishes as in the sea a wave. But Aswapati waits upon Its threshold and returns but not before seeking the ultimate boon for earth and men.
Aswapati has now entered the penultimate experience of Adwaita, the experience of the sole Reality that is beyond all constructions, definitions, forms and conceptions we can build out of it.