TE 271 Vital Education

Vital Education (TE 271)

This talk focuses on education of the vital and the ways and means to help change this recalcitrant part, sources of energy that we use and character of the changes. Followed by several questions and answers.

TE 270 The Ideal Healer

The Ideal Healer (TE 270)

This talk by Dr Alok Pandey takes up different aspects of healing that exist within us and activating them in life.

TE 269 Savitri meets Satyavan

Savitri Meets Satyavan (TE 269)

This short talk picks up a beautiful leaf from Savitri (p. 393) when Savitri following her quest for the perfect partner who would share her work and mission meets Satyavan.

Perseverance cover

Perseverance (TE 268)

A webinar on Perseverance, a much needed quality for the yoga. A question on obstinacy is also taken up in the end.

Perspectives on Life and Death yel

Perspectives on Life and Death (TE 267)

This talk by Dr Alok Pandey takes up the subject of life and death as seen from a spiritual perspective. Followed by questions ‘Practical means to find the soul,’ ‘Physics and metaphysics’, ‘Buddhist and other perspectives of the individual soul’.

Q&A onlife

Q&A on Life (TE 262)

Questions include (1) who created the Creator, (2) achieving unity from within outwards, (3) physics, science and spirituality, (4) imagination and reality, (5) our role in the various challenges and threats to the earth.

TE 261 The New Spirituality SC3 f

The New Spirituality (TE 261)

This talk by Dr Alok Pandey focuses on different changes we see in the world, which are signs of an emergent new creation and progressive spiritualisation of the human race. 

TE 297 Man and his Quest for Reality (SAS BO 2018)

Man and His Quest for Reality (TE 258)

This talk is centered around the inner methods of understanding human nature. It was the process undertaken by ancient Indian mystics whose records give us such profound insights into human nature.

Be like a flower cover ccs

Be Like a Flower (TE 255)

Given at the inaugural session of a flower exhibition in Savitri Bhavan, Auroville, this talk touches upon symbolism and spiritual significance of flowers as revealed by the Mother.

The Divine Mother in Savitri 1080

The Divine Mother in Savitri (TE 254)

The 10th Dr M. V. Nadkarni Memorial Lecture, recorded on Feb 19, 2020 at Savitri Bhavan, Auroville. The talk is based on the story of the Divine Mother as it unfolds in Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem Savitri.